Woodpecker Symbolism And Meaning: Do They Bring Good Luck?

Woodpecker Symbolism And Meaning

Woodpecker is a bird that is known for its constant drumming on the trees. This bird constantly drums on the bark of the trees to find the insects in that bark.

This bird can be easily found worldwide except in the regions of New Guinea, Australia, Southeast Asia, and South America.

Most of the woodpecker species feed on insects, but some woodpeckers used to feed on fruits and berries as well.

But do you know that if you encounter a woodpecker suddenly, then it may have a sign for you? 

Yes, encountering any animal or bird indeed possesses some kind of symbolism and it is true for woodpeckers as well. And with this article, we have explained the woodpecker symbolism and meaning in detail.

Understanding Woodpecker Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a woodpecker is a symbol of prosperity, healing, hard work, and good luck. In western culture, a woodpecker symbolizes intelligence, perseverance, and strength. While in eastern culture woodpecker represents wisdom, Attentiveness, Communication, and friendship.

The constant drumming of this bird on the trees has various beliefs in different cultures and tribes. The nature of this bird possesses some symbolism that is usually common.

Generally, the symbolism of the woodpecker is associated with the new opportunities that are going to come to the doorstep of a person.

But many times we avoid this sign as we don’t know this symbolism associated with this bird. The symbolism of a woodpecker include:

  • It represents the time to march the rhythms and to head towards the opportunities that are coming to you. You should not let yourself get distracted by worldly interference. 
  • It also symbolizes the necessity of securing your pursuits from other threats.
  • Overall, the woodpecker symbolism includes return, balance, initiation, signal, opportunity, communication, progress, attention, and protection. 

Woodpecker Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilizations

What Does Woodpecker Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

In Native American tribes and culture, there are beliefs related to various animals and birds. The symbolism of woodpeckers is not different from that.

In this culture, it is strongly believed that the woodpecker symbolizes the home meaning and protective instincts of this bird. It is so because a woodpecker keeps its nest from any predator danger.

Apart from this, there are some other beliefs related to woodpeckers in this culture. This includes:

  • It is believed that this bird symbolizes intelligence and knowledge. This can be inferred from the habits of this bird which include pecking and digging habits. 
  • It is believed that this bird teaches a person to protect the progeny, tireless quest to seek knowledge and discoveries. 
  • Native Americans have a belief that birds are the heartbeat of nature. 
  • It is believed that if you adorn a woodpecker feather, then it enables a person to communicate with natural things. 

What Does Woodpecker Symbolizes In Christianity?

In Christianity, there are many beliefs related to the symbolism of each bird or animal. There are instances in the Bible that teaches us the symbolism of various birds and animal.

Woodpecker is no different from them. The symbolism of this bird includes the existence and might of God. There are some beliefs in Christianity for the woodpecker which include:

  • It is believed that the thick, sturdy beak of this bird defies the rules of evolution. It is so because no ordinary bird has such a strong beak that can hammer any tree even the toughest one. But the woodpecker has a strong beak that has a unique design and can hammer even the toughest trees. 
  • A woodpecker has industrious strength, and they can secure themselves from the shocks of constant drumming. It is believed that this unique characteristic of a bird can only be made by God. 
  • The symbolism of the woodpecker as per Christianity includes humility, constant struggle to have wealth in Heaven, obedience, no greed, and perseverance. 

What Does Woodpecker Symbolizes In Celtic Culture?

The beliefs related to woodpecker have the base of woodpecker spirit guide or totem animal in the Celtic culture. As per Celtic mythology, it is believed that animals and birds represent fertility & vitality.

In the Celtic culture, it is believed that the woodpecker symbolizes how a person can be opportunistic & build their lives in a way they want. 

This symbolism can be inferred from the quality of the woodpecker who finds value in every tree, even in dead trees.

Therefore, a human should also follow this ideology in their life and can capitalize on every opportunity.

Apart from this, as per Celtic, it is also believed that this bird asks a person to trust their gut feelings and to reconnect with their roots. With these practices, they can uncover secrets and sense danger. 

Are You Seeing Woodpecker In Dreams? Here’s The Meaning

Dreaming of a bird or animal can be common, but the signs or inferences from each dream are different.

Yes, there are many instances where we dream of a bird in a particular situation but fail to interpret the meaning behind it.

It is true for the case of the woodpecker as well. It is believed that woodpecker dreams can be a positive sign for the dreamer. 

If you see a woodpecker in dreams, it is believed that it has a connection with magic. It may foretell a person about the upcoming opportunities to use wisdom & creativity. The symbolism of the woodpecker dream may include:

  • It is believed that a woodpecker dream can symbolize either positive or negative aspects that may happen in the upcoming time.
  • One interpretation of this dream can be a good fate ahead.
  • The other interpretation can be some financial loss. Though this interpretation is highly believed. 
  • Therefore, the symbolism of seeing a woodpecker dream includes opportunities, aggression, love, and danger ahead. 
  • If you see a symbol of a woodpecker in a dream, then it symbolizes the fact that you may have overlooked something important in life. 

Encountering with a woodpecker in woodland can be common. However, encountering them at the park is quite rare. Now, when it comes to the question that whether it is a good omen or bad omen?

Then it is considered a good omen. In other words, it is a sign that is telling you how you need to connect with others. 

If you encounter a woodpecker, then also implies a level of awareness. It symbolizes that the person takes careful note of all the opportunities coming to him.

However, as per the beliefs of the Slavic traditions in the East, encountering a woodpecker is a bad omen and it means bad luck to the person.

These people consider the drumming of the woodpecker as a bad omen and the sign of death that the bird is communicating to the person. 

Is Woodpecker Your Spirit Animal?

Every spirit animal symbolizes different aspects of the person. The same stands true for the woodpecker spirit animal as well.

People with woodpecker spirit animals are usually deeply committed to their loved ones, friends, or family.

This spirit animal represents a sign which shows that how a person seeks the validation of their love in how others accept them. 

People with this spirit animal tend to be sensitive to the needs of others. They can instinctively sense the emotions of their loved ones. They believe in nurturing true satisfaction and happiness.

They believe in the power of communication and peck the tough shells of people tirelessly until they reach their desired want. 


Woodpecker is a bird that tends to struggle constantly for finding food for itself. The drumming on the bark of trees is part of that struggle.

With this article, we have mentioned the symbolism of the woodpecker. Many beliefs in various cultures talk about the symbolism of woodpeckers. 

The knowledge of symbolism is important for a person because it can help them to make better decisions in life.

When it comes to woodpeckers, they symbolize strength, attention, danger, and progress. Therefore, whenever you encounter this bird, analyze your situation and the message conveyed by this bird. 

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