Wolf Symbolism And Meaning: Here’s What These Fierce Animal Mean

Wolf Symbolism And Meaning

Encountering with a wolf is not a common thing if you are living near plains. But if you are living near mountains and wolves have their habitat near that location, then encountering one is not difficult.

However, no one wants to have an encounter with a wolf. This animal is known for its violent nature towards humans and is not friendly. Wolves are iconic predicators in the animal kingdom. 

This animal can be found in the Northern Hemisphere regions of the world. Usually, this animal roams in the group, hunts in a group, and even plays together.

But do you know wolf also symbolizes various aspects of our life? If you encounter a wolf suddenly, then there can be various meanings. This is what symbolism is all about.

There are many beliefs related to the symbolism of wolves. However, there are both negative and positive beliefs related to wolves. With this article, we’ve explained wolf symbolism and meaning in detail.

Understanding Wolf Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a wolf is a symbol of protection, teamwork, friendship, instincts, and loyalty. In western culture, a wolf represents creator, guide, protector, and threat. While in eastern culture a wolf symbolizes a divine being, darkness, greed, and cruelty.

The symbolism of the wolf has included both aspects, be it positive or negative. Many beliefs say that wolves can symbolize darkness and aggression.

While others believe that this animal can be a symbol of intelligence, pack allegiance, protection, or playfulness.

In the past time, this animal was closely related to spirit, moonlight, and sun. The symbolism of the wolf include:

  • Many people believe that the appearance of the wolf at the door symbolizes the fear of starvation and hunger. 
  • It is also believed that the appearance of the phrase wolf at door symbolizes an attack on wealth and poverty. 
  • Wolf also symbolizes male aggression. 

Wolf Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilizations

What Does Wolf Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

Native Americans have many beliefs related to birds or animals. They have many stories and instances that lead to the symbolism of these animals and birds.

Among these animals, the wolf is no different. As per the Native Americans’ beliefs, the symbolism of the wolf is related to reverence and respect.

The Cherokee Indians have major songs, medicines, and stories related to wolves. 

They even have a group that is known as Wolf Soldiers. The Native Americans also had a Wolf Dance that act as the marker of belief and culture.

It is believed that this dance enables a group of people to connect in numerous ways. Even the warriors of the Cherokee tribe used to wear the wolf’s skin to have the strength and power of this animal. Therefore, the symbolism of wolves as per the beliefs of Native Americans is positive. 

What Does Wolf Symbolizes In Eastern Culture?

The symbolism of Wolf in the Eastern parts of the world is also visible. There are many instances in Japan that shows the relevance and symbolism of wolf in their culture.

Many artifacts in Japan contain the symbol of a wolf on them. Even in Buddhism and Hinduism, the wolf act as the vehicle of deities. 

It is believed that Lord Krishna created hundreds of wolves from his hair to scare the people of Vraja. However, the symbolism of the wolf as per Hindu Vedic Literature is darkness and night.

The creature mentioned on the inauspicious symbol vrika is also a wolf. Even as per Northern China beliefs, the wolf symbolizes cruelty, rapacity, and greed. 

What Does Wolf Symbolizes In Christianity?

In the Christianity religion, there are stories and beliefs related to wolves. There are many instances where wolves are directly mentioned in the Bible. There is a story of Wolf at the Gate.

This story narrates a situation where Saint Francis Assisi saved the lives of Gubbio people from the wolf menace.

When it comes to the symbolism related to the wolf as per this religion, the symbols like intelligence, compassion, cunning, and sociability are highly associated with wolves.

However, in the Christian tradition, wolves are symbolized as the devil or spoiler of the flock. 

What Does Wolf Symbolizes In Celtic Culture?

The belief related to the wolf in the Celtic religion is of a valiant warrior. It is believed that the head of the wolf is familiar to heroic poetry and the basis for providing personal names.

This animal symbolizes an outlay that preys on society. But it hides in the forest to attack at the right opportunity. They act like a warrior.

There are many other instances in Celtic history that showed the relevance of wolves. This includes:

  • Celt hero Sigmund and his son wore wolf skin and used wolf voices to avenge dead Kinsmen. 
  • It is believed that Scandinavian berserks also howled like wolves.
  • Even the Roman Gods are associated with wolves. 

Are You Seeing Wolf In Your Dream? Here’s The Meaning

Dreaming about a wolf can be a common thing if you are experiencing changes in your life. This can be true for women whose child is going to start their college life.

Such life changes may lead to dreams of wolves. The symbolism of the wolf in dreams is related to the actual nature of this animal.

This animal is predatory, emotionless, and cold which symbolizes that the dreamer is going to be in danger.

It can also mean that there is a possibility of harm to a dreamer’s physical and emotional well-being. 

The symbolism of wolf dreams is hard to generalize. The situations of a person in real life and the emotions felt in dreams can constitute a major part of this symbolism.

Wolf dreams can be a symbol of protection as well. If you are worried about your family and see a wolf dream, then it can symbolize protection. 

Therefore, to know the actual meaning of the wolf dream, it is important to analyze the emotions that you are feeling in the dream.

It can be anxious, fearful, fascinating, or happy. Every dream can have different symbolism. 

Wolf as a totem animal represents a love for the family. They hunt in some groups and use all their energy to hunt their prey. After hunting the animal they never waste anything.

These characteristics of the wolf totem ask the person to learn the trust the Inner Wisdom and use the senses. 

A person with a wolf totem animal can calm this animal when they are feeling low.

This totem animal encourages the person and offers warmth in the cold phase of life. This totem will also show up if someone is planning to cheat you. 

When it comes to encounters with wolves, there are very few chances. It can happen only if you visit a wildlife sanctuary or wildlife park.

However, if you are encountering with wolf through magazines or TV, then it can be a sign of being careful. But when it comes to omens related to wolves, many beliefs say it good or bad omen. 

As per the Native Americans, encountering a wolf is a good omen and it symbolizes strength. In Norway, it is believed that if you see a wolf, it is a good omen and you are lucky to see a wolf.

But many other beliefs suggests that wolf can be a bad omen. It is believed that the wolf omen represents the dawning of light in one’s life. The Comanches also believe that encountering with wolf means danger. 

Is Wolf Your Spirit Animal?

Wolf as a spirit animal of a person can help a person in many ways and teaches different lessons. The teaching that a wolf spirit animal may provide you include:

  • Learn to trust your instincts
  • Secure your emotional attachments
  • Wolf will help you to listen to your Inner Guidance. 
  • The cold winter will pass and keep your spirit up. 
  • Listen to your inner thoughts and words. 

These signs and teaching from Wolf spirit animals can be provided to the person with this spirit animal. 


Wolf is an animal that is considered to be a danger for humans. But there are many beliefs related to this animal that it offers a positive symbolism. With this article, we have mentioned the wolf symbolism.

Many beliefs consider it to be a symbolism of strength while some beliefs consider this animal to be a symbolism of danger. The knowledge of symbolism is necessary to have decisions and get the signs of God. 

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