Why Are Ladybugs Considered Good Luck? Explained

Why Are Ladybugs Considered Good Luck?

Ladybugs are adorable little creatures that are always a delight to see.

Most commonly known for sporting their wonderfully fashionable coat of red and black spots, the sight of one brings you joy, even if you have no spiritual intentions behind it. 

How animals get to be a sign of good or bad luck is always a mystery as what one culture sees as a sign of good times is someone else’s bad omen. 

But the ladybug is a symbol that stays relatively positive all over the globe, and that has got us curious as to why that could be. 

So today we will explore all the symbols and meanings behind them and Why Are Ladybugs Considered Good Luck?

Reason Why Ladybugs Are Considered Good Luck

The primary reason is easy because of all the good they do for farmers and their precious crops. 

Especially back in the days, when whole villages depended entirely upon their harvest of the year for survival, a pest attack meant poverty and sometimes even death.

Ladybugs thus came to be known as saviors as they feed on so many bugs as well as their larvae, without causing any issue to the crops themselves. 

Ladybugs feed on a variety of destructive pests such as aphids, chinch bugs, mealybugs, whiteflies, mites, leafhoppers, and so on. 

This helped ancient people have a good harvest, thus receiving their high and almost godly status.

Other reasons include its connections to different religions, like its name that comes from an alternative term for the Virgin Mary, ‘Our Lady’. 

It is also said that the Virgin Mary had sent ladybugs down to protect the crops so that the people could have a surplus harvest and thus have a good year.

We will get into the religious and cultural symbols in just a minute.

Different Color Ladybugs And Their Symbolism

Red and Black-Spotted Ladybugs

The most classic and common of the 10,000 species of ladybugs they are, Red ladybugs are very auspicious and symbolize personal freedom, personal power, empowerment, and protection. 

Orange Ladybug

The color orange has its own denotations in the spiritual community and represents aspects related to our vitality, creativity, and our overall health and wellbeing. And so, an orange ladybug has similar powers of healing and increasing fertility.

Yellow Ladybug

The color yellow on a ladybug has the refreshing, renewing quality of something new! It is believed that seeing a yellow ladybug can thus be taken as a symbol that something new and exciting is coming to you.

Different Cultures/Religions And Ladybugs Symbolism

Culture/ReligionLadybug Symbolism
Native American CulturesMany bugs and beetles are associated with good luck, prosperity, and fertility.
Celtic CulturesThe red color is a prominent symbol in many Celtic myths. And so ladybugs can be associated with mystery, things kept in the shadows, spaces between worlds, and so on.
ChristianityIn ancient myth, the harvest is said to have prospered because the Virgin Mary sent ladybugs to protect their crops. Thus, they represent prayer, protection, and the tender love of Mary.

What Does The Bible Say About Ladybugs?

Though not outright mentioned in the Bible, ladybugs are held in high regard in Christian myth. 

It is seen as a sign of good fortune and is known for bringing gifts and such to various religious figures. 

It is believed that the term ladybug itself is derived from the Virgin Mary, who is also referred to as ‘Our Lady’.

A common tale goes that the poor farmers prayed to the Virgin Mary for abundance during a particularly harsh farming season. 

She sent down these scarlet-colored beetles to protect their precious crops and award them a good harvest. 

The red color of the ladybug is also meant to denote the red cloak that the Virgin Mary is often depicted wearing, while the black spots are meant to represent Mary’s sorrows.

Thus these bugs are said to represent the protection of Christ, the power of faith, and the love and sacrifice of Mary.

What Does It Mean When A Ladybug Lands Next To You?

When a ladybug lands on you, it is a sign that good fortune and luck are coming your way. 

It is also believed to be a sign of protection and resilience and is often advised to be taken as a sign of assurance of your personal strength.

The ladybug also symbolizes a myriad of other things in different cultures from fertility to true love. 

It is often believed that it denotes the rejuvenation of an old love lost as they are also symbols of healing. 

Some even believe that the number of spots on their body denotes the number of good years coming for you.

What Does It Mean When Ladybugs Are In Your House?

Spotting this adorable little bug in your house is meant to represent love, abundance, and growth in financial pursuits. 

The role that ladybugs play to provide abundance to farmers marks it as a sign of business growth. 

It is also considered bad luck to squash these little critters so to preserve the good energy, it is recommended to safely take the bug outside and gently place it on a leaf or tree if you have some greenery in your backyard.

What Is The Superstition About Ladybugs?

There are many superstitions where one animal that is a sign of well-being in one culture becomes a bad omen in another. 

But it is not so for ladybugs. Historically and across many cultures all over the globe, ladybugs are considered talismans of good luck. 

Some even recommend counting the exact number of spots on its back to see how many years of good fortune are coming your way.

In Conclusion,

That was all about these curious little creatures and their symbolism in different cultures. We hope you had fun exploring this fascinating world of spiritual and cultural history, and that you learned something new.

Thank you for reading!

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