Where Do Seagulls Nest? Everything You Need To Know

Where Do Seagulls Nest

Seagulls are birds that usually have the reputation of being fearless. They raise their young ones away from the predators and prying eyes.

However, when it comes to their nesting habits, they generally prefer cliffs, dunes, and inaccessible islands. Even some herring gulls and lesser black-backed gulls go for nests on roofs.

They do nest in trees but they mostly prefer nests on grounds or cliffs. However, the nesting habits of gulls depend on the predators in the local areas and at the locations where they feel the safest. 

So In this article, I’ve explained all such details about the seagull’s nesting. 

How do seagulls build their nests?

Seagulls make their nests with the help of twigs and grass. It is similar to that of other nesting birds. There can also be the occasional toy that they pinched from a child.

They proudly display them outside the arcade. Their nests are relatively small but they are big enough to safely protect 2-4 eggs. 

When do seagulls nest?

The mating season of the seagulls is usually between March and April. Seagulls usually lay their eggs in May and this gives about a month to find a suitable location and build a solid nest ready for their young ones.

The little gulls stay in their eggs for about three weeks and they leave them after six weeks. The parents protect their babies throughout this period and one parent leaves the hot dog or chips or finds natural food when needed.

Generally, the nesting for the seagulls begins in late April or early May and they finish in the middle of July. 

Where Do Inland Seagulls Nest?

The inland seagulls and herring gulls often make their nest on a safe roof. Seagulls want to have long ranges of sight to spot danger and rely on each other to see the danger.

Even inland seagulls often nest with other mating gulls to help each other keep an eye out for danger. They even use the same nesting sites each year.

Therefore, you can expect these birds again if you have seagulls on the roof making lots and lots of noise throughout the month of May, June, and July. 

Can I remove A Seagull’s Nest?

Removing a seagull is legal if it is not an active nest. If you will try to remove the seagull nest from your roof then there are high chances that you may get the parents angry for the same during the breeding season.

The parents may bomb you or shout at you or make you injured for touching your nest. Even under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1919, it is against the law to disturb, move, or destroy any active seagull nest. 

Do seagulls sit on their eggs?

In this bird species, both the parents sit on the eggs throughout the gestation period. It is generally about 30 days.

Once the chicks get hatched, both the parents feed their chicks and keep on feeding them for about six weeks. The care and attention of the young ones are also split among the parents. 

Do seagulls use nest boxes?

Seagulls won’t use nesting boxes as they have like to have long ranges of sight when they spot any danger coming their way.

It is rare to see a seagull mating couple investigate the nesting box. Most nesting boxes are built for smaller bird species and it becomes difficult for seagulls to go into them.

They may get stuck in a nesting box if they try to use them. 

Do seagulls nest in gardens?

Seagulls are extremely noisy when they are nesting. They like to have peace and they listen to their partner’s screams.

They also have a good vantage point to spot any danger coming their way. Due to this, seagulls like to nest on roofs and cliffs.

Seagulls won’t find it too appealing to nest in the garden. If you see seagulls in your garden throughout the nesting period, then there are chances that they are nesting either on your roof or a neighbor’s roof. 

What month do seagulls lay eggs?

In the month of May, seagulls lay their eggs and 2-4 eggs are normal for them. After three weeks, the eggs will hatch.

The chicks are active and they grow very quickly. But they often are not seen until June when they leave the nest. 

Are nesting seagulls protected?

Seagulls are considered migratory birds and they are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

This act was set up in 1918 and it makes it illegal to hunt, kill, or sell gulls at all times of the year. In terms of nesting gulls, it is illegal to disturb or destroy their nests. 


The nesting habits of the seagulls are generally similar to that of other birds. They keep their chicks in a protected area and both the parents fulfill their duties of feeding and caring.

They generally lay 2-4 eggs and the chicks are often active and grow very quickly. 

At last, I hope this article might have helped you in some ways. Thank You For Reading!

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