What Time Of The Day Do Birds Eat? Explained In Detail

What Time Of The Day Do Birds Eat

Bird feeding is an activity that is often adopted by bird lovers. This activity is often adopted to see the beauty of nature and see birds feeding at the feeders.

But sometimes we miss the opportunity to see the birds feeding. Due to this many bird lovers ask when we can see them feeding. 

I’ve created this article, to solve all the queries related to bird feeding timings. 

When Is The Best Time To See Birds Feeding?

The best time to see birds feeding is early in the morning between 7 am to 11 am. At this time the sun fully rises and at this time more birds come to feed themselves.

During the spring and summer season, birds are out earlier in the morning as generally, it is lighter earlier on in the day.

But during the winter and autumn season, it can be a bit later as days are shorter at that time. 

However, this can vary as per the surroundings and location. For instance, busy urban areas have more birds during the daytime when it is less busy.

The wild birds that rely on ground feeders tend to drop off mid-morning. They return later on in the afternoon.

However, it varies as per the time of the year. It is often to find the same birds coming back multiple times throughout the day. 

One of the good indicators to know that there are plenty of birds out is the noise levels. The noise levels of the birds can usually be a sign that there are plenty of birds that are close to finding food.

In the morning and early evenings, it is the best time to hear birds as there is less noise from traffic. 

Do Birds Feed-in Dark? 

In the dark, it is rare to see any bird feeding except Owls. Most of the bird species stop feeding at dark but Owls mostly hunt during the nighttime. It is because most of the owl species are unable to see in the dark. 

Should we Keep the Birdfeeder Full?

Keeping the bird feeders full of fresh and highly nutritious food is important to ensure that the birds keep on coming back throughout the day.

This will make you able to attract a wide variety of bird species who will continue to visit the backyard for months. 

What affects the timings of birds feeding?

Some factors affect the bird feeding process. Three major factors affect this which include:


The weather is the main factor that affects the time the birds feed. During the heavy rain season, a few birds may come to grab the food from the feeder.

Similar to it, there can be fewer birds during a certain feeding time.


The season is another factor that affects the timings of birds feeding. Birds tend to feed when sunlight is there. But during the winter seasons, days are shorter and so is the daylight.

Due to this, the bird feeding timings are less frequent. On the other hand, during the summer season, the hours of daylight are longer and birds can spend a long time feeding. 

Bird is Diurnal or Nocturnal?

Whether a bird is diurnal or nocturnal, the bird’s feeding timings are highly affected by this. When a bird is diurnal, it stays awake during the day and hunts for food at that time.

Most of the bird species fall in this category. While some birds are nocturnal and hunt during the nighttime.

What Time Do Birds Feed In The Morning?

Although the bird feeds throughout the day or till the time there is light. But at around 10 AM, the birds are often seen to be feeding.

However, they feed mostly during the late mornings. But the timing of the feeding can vary as per season, weather, and bird species. 

Do Birds Use Feeders throughout the day?

Yes, birds use the feeder throughout the day. But at around 10 AM you will find more birds at the bird feeders.

However, the bird feeders are less used during the evening and nighttime. But the timings of feeding can vary as per the season, weather, and bird species. 

Do birds feed throughout the day?

Yes, birds feed throughout the day. They feed less during the evening and nighttime. But the time of the birds’ feeding can vary as per the seasons, weather, and bird species. 

What should be fed to the birds?

The diet of the birds varies highly as per the bird species. This includes all sorts of nuts, seeds, and insects.

Some birds also eat cooked brown rice or cat food, but they are not good for all the birds. Bird lovers need to know that the food is safe for the consumption of birds.

It should be hygienic and healthy for the birds. Birds can eat certain nuts or seeds and it is difficult to tell how safe the food is for the birds. Therefore, it is always recommended to purchase prepared bird food and seeds. 


Birds feeding is a routine activity that a bird lover adopts every day. However, sometimes people miss seeing the birds feeding at their bird feeding station.

Therefore, it is important to know when birds feed. Generally, the birds feed throughout the day but it is common to see them feeding in the early morning. 

At last, I hope this article might have helped you in some ways. Thank you For Reading!

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