What Is The State Bird Of New York? All Facts Explained

State Bird Of New York

Like other states, New York also has state animals and state birds. When it comes to the state animal of New York, then Beaver is the answer. But what is the state bird of New York? 

The state of New York gets its official state bird at the last. In 1970, New York got Eastern Bluebird as their official state bird. 

However, why Eastern bluebird is the official state bird? What do these birds look like?

There are some other questions related to this bird. And With this article, I’ve answered all such questions related to Eastern Bluebird.

Why is the Eastern Bluebird became the state bird of New York?

The Bluebird must have been declared as the state bird much earlier. On April 2, 1915, Bird Day was organized for the first time to celebrate the lovely avians of the state.

For more than a decade of bird appreciation, an information ballot was done to determine the favorite bird of the state.

On April 13, 1928, bluebird won the information referendum. Bluebird became the unofficial state bird for 42 years as the legislation was not forthcoming. 

In the spring of 1969, Mr. And Mrs. Allen Christopher approached the assemblyman, George M. Michaels to introduce legislation to give official status to the Bluebird.

The wait kept on going until 1970 for the introduction of the bill. After which, the legislature voted yes and Bluebird got the official status of state bird of New York. 

When did the Eastern Bluebird Become the state bird of New York?

On May 18, 1970, Eastern Bluebird got the official status of being the state bird of New York.

The New York legislature passed legislation to name the Eastern Bluebird as the state bird. The Bluebird is also the official bird of the state of Missouri. 

What does the State Bird of New York look like?

The length of the Eastern Bluebird is about six to seven inches when measured from head to tail.

These birds have light blue, glossy plumage on the upper body, and their breast is cinnamon red during the spring and summer season but it turns into a rust hue during the autumn season.

The female bluebirds have a leaden tint on the upper body but the neck and side appear to be yellow-brown. The coloring of the females is duller than that of the males.

While the stomach is pure white and the feet & bill are black. The wingspan of the bluebirds measures 10 inches while they weigh between 0.84 to 1.09 ounces. 

How does Eastern Bluebird behave?

The migratory Eastern Bluebird resides in New York from Spring until late November. They build their homes in open fields, meadows, and large yards.

They sing cheerful songs regularly and are generally non-aggressive. However, these builds do not build a new nest and often nest in old woodpecker holes.

It is common to their nest in dead oak or pine or trees. They prefer to make their home nearly 50 feet in the air. 

These birds are often non-aggressive but when nesting season starts they become aggressive. If these birds are approached by the other birds, they will attack instantly.

They can also attack the birds that are much large than themselves, such as roosters and chickens. Bluebird couples begin their tender and affectionate courtship in March.

The male bluebirds signs to his potential mate and impresses her with various manly poses. 

The male bluebirds flutter before her by showing his wings spread and tail feathers spread. The couple will perch closely and preen each other’s feathers. They will also feed the female birds.

However, when their children are born, both the parents forage for food for them. They bring food for their chicks.

If they have other broods that still live at their home, then older children help them to feed the hatchlings. 

Do Eastern Bluebirds form communities?

The monogamous Eastern Bluebird couples may become anti-social when the breeding season arrives.

The Bluebird flies in a flock of about 100 other birds, but when it becomes amorous, the couples stay with each other only.

The breeding season of these birds arrives at different times of the year and it depends on the location. The female bluebird takes the lead when the couple starts building their nest.

They search for nesting boxes or holes for convenient nesting. Bluebirds usually breed two or three times per year and lay between four to six pale blue eggs. 

What do Eastern Bluebirds eat?

Eastern Bluebirds usually forage on the ground and dine on a mix of insects, seeds, and fruits.

Even their diet consists of caterpillars, Coleoptera, and many other types of insects. While doing insect hunting, these birds alight on the bark of trees.

The habit of eating insects is beneficial for the farmers as otherwise, they can attack the crops. These birds dine on a large fruit and have a love for grapes. 

While in the fall season, they usually prefer a meaty diet from the numerous grasshoppers in the area.

During the winter and spring, they prefer to eat the insects from the farmyards. These birds do have favorite bugs but they usually prefer insects unearthed by the plow. 


Eastern Bluebirds are tiny songbirds who are known for their musical quality. This bird is the official state bird of New York. They are social birds but become anti-social during the breeding season.

Overall, this bluebird got legal status because of the votes given by the New York residents. At last, I hope this article might have helped you in some ways. Thank You For Reading!

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