What Is The State Bird Of Kansas? All Facts Explained

State Bird Of Kansas

Every state has its state bird or animals which makes the place different from the others. In this article, we are going to mention the state bird of Kansas.

Kansas is also known for its rivers, large plains, and state parks. When it comes to the state bird, then it is Western Meadowlark. Kansa got its state bird in 1937.

Meadowlark is a medium-sized, brightly colored, streaked bird that usually perches in the state’s open grasslands. The diet of Meadowlark consists of bugs, seeds, and berries.

There are many other facts related to this state bird. And In this article, I’ll explain all the facts in detail.

Why is the Western Meadowlark the state bird of Kansas?

Kansas is the sunflower state which chose Meadowlark as its state bird as this bird settled down in the sunflower fields of the state.

They also resounded with the children of the state. Meadowlark has a bright yellow stomach and chest which matches the sunflower field.

The Kansas Audubon Society conducted a survey where 121,000 school children gave their vote to the Western Meadowlark. The meadowlark received 43,895 votes and it became the state bird of Kansas. 

When did the Western Meadowlark become the state bird of Kansas?

Until 1937, the state of Kansas didn’t have its state bird. The decision for selecting a state bird was done through school children’s votes.

In 1937, a contest was organized and once it got completed, the legislature of the state named the birds their state bird.

With this decision, Kansas shared its state bird with Oregon, Wyoming, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Montana. 

What does the state bird of Kansas look like?

Meadowlarks have yellow-breasted feathers and they also feature some unique characteristics that include a V-shaped band of black.

They have black & grey beaks and possess tan and brown feathers with black and white markings.

The length of these birds is 6.5 to 10 inches in length and a wingspan of 16 inches. They weigh between three and four ounces. 

How Do These Birds Behave?

Meadowlarks are active during the daytime but at night time, they move into their cover quietly and remain quiet. Hearing their songs at night is not possible.

When it comes to their nesting habits, these birds make their nests on the ground in shrubs and grasses. Meadowlarks can live stealthily at night time. Find them in forests or even in thick shrubs. 

The male western Meadowlark establishes their breeding ground before the female arrives. They even defend their territory for up to a month before the females arrive.

The mating behavior and process of these birds are similar to that of other birds. Meadowlark makes use of mating calls to meet.

Their tweeting is similar to a flute or sounds like a whistle. The female birds have a tee-tee-tee call while she builds the nest and lays eggs. 

The female bird gathers nest materials and the couple construct the nest and breed. The male meadowlark breeds with two females per season.

The male meadowlark brings food to their nests and spends time with both of their families. When the chicks hatch from the eggs, both the parents protect their babies.

However, if a human tries to disturb the nest or appears near the nest, the parents abandon their nest with eggs. These eggs get left behind.

Therefore, you should never approach a meadowlark’s nest and should never allow the child to do either. 

The male meadowlark can noisily chase the predators regardless of their size. The duty of guarding and protecting the nest and young ones stays with the male bird.

They perch on high areas to observe the large area and spot predators that can attack the nests. 

Do Western Meadowlarks from Communities?

Generally, the meadowlarks form nuclear families even though males have two families. These birds are monogamous but they don’t mate with one female for their whole life.

They have two separate families and provide them the equal attention and food. The males of these species constantly hunt.

The male meadowlarks drop the food to each nest and the female bird can feed the baby birds. 

The incubation period of the eggs of these birds is about 13 to 16 days. The babies of these birds can mature at the age of two weeks old and they leave their nest at this age.

At this age, the babies are not able to fly and their parents continue to look after them. At the age of five to six weeks of age, the babies start flying. This helps them to explore and establish their feeding area. 

When it comes to the migration in the winters, then these birds do relocate. They spend their winters in the southern US states and Mexico.

In the summer months, the birds fly as far as north of Canada. The Meadowlark can travel as far as the breeding grounds of the eastern meadowlark. The two sub-species of these birds mate when needed. 

What do Western Meadowlarks eat?

The diet of the Western Meadowlarks rotates as per the time of the year. These birds like to have grain seeds and berries.

The Kansas residents of this bird generally eat grasshoppers while in other states, they prefer other insects. 


Kansas is a state in the US that is known for its sunflower fields and the match between Meadowlark’s plumage and color makes this bird best suitable for its state bird.

In 1937, the school children selected this bird as their state bird after which the legislation passed the law for giving this bird this status. 

At last, I hope this article might have helped you in some ways. Thank You For Reading!

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