What is a Group of Pelicans Called? Explained In Detail

What is a Group of Pelicans Called?

Pelicans are striking and easily recognizable birds because of their enormous bills, stout body, and huge feet.

These birds are gregarious and social and are often found in colonise islands and coastal areas. There are various species of pelican but Dalmatian pelicans are the largest species.

They have a colossal wingspan of up to 3.5m and they are the world’s largest flying birds.

However, when it comes to birds, we often see them in groups and the same stands true for pelicans.

But how to refer to a group of pelicans? Many terms can be used for referring to a group of pelicans. And In this article, I’ll explain all the facts related to it. 

What Is A Group Of Pelicans Called?

The most common collective nouns for a group of pelicans include a squadron, scoop, pouch, or pod of pelicans.

Squadron term refers to their line formation while pouches or scoop refers to their large bills with underslung pouches. 

Why is it a Pouch of Pelicans?

Pelicans have large and distinctive pouches slung under their bills. These pouches help these birds to hunt for food in the water.

It is large, flexible made from gular skin, and can hold some 3 gallons of water. Due to this reason, the group of pelicans has often been referred a pouch. These birds can scoop up animals and swallow them whole.

Do Pelicans flock together in groups?

Pelicans are sociable birds and they are known for their cooperative fishing abilities.

Most of the pelican species also feed together in flocks, hunt at the same time, and share their quarry. In the breeding season, they often form monogamous pairs and remain close to their flocks. 

When do Pelicans flock together?

When a group of pelicans establishes a colony, they remain in their colony throughout most of the year. But this depends on the species of pelican.

For instance, the Dalmatian pelican is a solitary bird and they tend to stay in pairs rather than in flocks.

When it comes to nesting, these birds break off into isolated areas to create nests but they remain close to their flock. Most of the pelican species remain in their flock throughout much of the year. 

Why do Pelicans flock together?

Pelicans flock together to locate a mate during the breeding season and to have safety. These birds are seasonally monogamous and they find a new mate among their flock each year.

They generally gravitate towards the areas that have an abundance of food. This includes isolated islands and coastal areas.

Generally, these birds flock together as they get a better ability to hunt fish.

For this purpose, some pelicans play the role of hoarding while others take up the role of catching the fish. This allows them to catch more fish as compared to fishing alone. 

How many Pelicans are in a flock?

A flock of pelicans can have thousands of birds and it is true for the Brown pelican & its 5 subspecies and the American white pelican.

The Brown pelicans may maintain their colonies over several years and tend to migrate in large groups. They return to their same historical colony for the breeding season. 

What is a Pair of Pelicans called?

There is no specific term that is used for referring to a pair of pelicans. These birds are seasonally monogamous and they find a new mate in every breeding season.

Pelicans’ parents share nest building and chick feeding and it is true for most of the pelicans’ species.

The pelicans act as pairs only for nesting and rearing chicks, else they are independent and spend their time in the flock. 

What is a Group of Baby Pelicans called?

A group of baby pelicans does not have any specific term and it is rare to see a group of baby pelicans together.

In the breeding season, the pelicans’ pair tends to isolate themselves and nest together. They rear their chicks who can become ready to fledge in around 12 weeks.

When baby pelicans come to the flock, it becomes difficult to differentiate between adult pelicans. Due to this reason, it is rare and difficult to spot baby pelicans. 

What is a Group of White Pelicans called?

A group of white pelicans is generally called a squadron, pod, scoop, or pouch. However, they are also referred to as a rookery because white pelicans flock together on rocky islands and coastal areas.

The species of white pelicans include the Great White pelican and the American white pelican. 

Do Pelicans hunt together?

Pelicans are good hunters and they can swallow a large prey completely. Pelicans can even eat all sorts of animals alive.

They use their pouches to scoop animals up and swallow them. When it comes to hunting fishes, they have another trick.

They can hunt collectively in small groups of 5 to 20 by first herding schools of fish into shallow water. After which they form a semi-circle formation and enclose the fishes.

As the semi-circle moves across the school of fish, the pelicans scoop them up using their long necks. This strategy is considered more efficient as compared to individual hunting. 


Pelicans are water birds that often prey on fish. These birds are known for their collective hunting behavior. Pelicans forms group to catch or hunt fishes.

They form a semi-circle to enclose the fish and after which, they scoop them up from the water. The group of pelicans has often referred a pouch or scoop. 

At last, I hope this article was of any help to you. Thank You For Reading!

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