What is a Group of Eagles Called? Explained In Detail

Group of Eagles Called

Eagles are large predatory birds that have unique flying styles as well. They hold the topmost position in the food chain.

There are many different species of eagles but some are solitary and some are sociable. However, most of the eagle species are solitary.

We all know that eagles are aggressive but this is not always true. These birds become aggressive only during the breeding season.

However, do you know what is a group of eagles called? And How do they behave? 

So In this article, I’ll explain all the facts related to the group of eagles in detail. 

What Is A Group of Eagles Called?

The two most common terms are used to refer to the group of eagles. This includes a soar of eagles and a convocation of eagles.

A group of eagles got the term a soar of eagles because eagles are mostly spotted soaring through the skies. While the convocation term means large gathering.

The usage of terminologies varies highly as per the country. However, some more collective nouns are used to refer to a group of eagles.

It includes an aerie of eagles, a colony of eagles, a brood of eagles, a nest of eagles, an eyrie of eagles, a jubilee of eagles, a spread of eagles, a tower of eagles, and a stooping of eagles. 

What is a Group of Baby Eagles called?

A group of baby eagles is referred to as eaglets and sometimes they are also called nestlings, juveniles, and fledglings. These terms purely depend on the life stage of the eagle. 

What is a group of Bald Eagles called?

There are two specific terms used to refer to the group of bald eagles. This includes a comeback of bald eagles and a toupee of bald eagles. 

When Do Eagles form Groups?

The time when eagles are seen in groups is during the migration period or outside the breeding season.

During the breeding season, you will see young birds hanging around the adult birds for some time after fledging the nest.

However, the amount of time may vary as per the species but it generally lasts for a couple of weeks. 

During the migration time, the birds are not cooperative with each other. They form large flocks as most of the birds are heading to the same place and therefore they share a similar route.

This allows these birds to use the same wind current and thermals to help them during their flight.

The migration groups of these birds may include hundreds of birds and sometimes they are even in thousands. 

During the breeding season, these birds become territorial and aggressive towards other birds. They protect their young ones and territories from being caught by the preying birds.

When it comes to golden eagles they aren’t very social and can tolerate only their mate.

But bald eagles can tolerate other species of birds and can stay around them happily. However, they can not tolerate another bald eagle. 

Interesting Facts About Eagles That You Must Know

Eagles are large predatory birds that possess great predating skills. The different types of eagles do have different prey.

For instance, bald eagles mostly fed on fish. They can also feed on different other animals such as rabbits, waterfowl, and squirrels. However, eagles do not hunt cats and dogs. 

An eagle can fly up to 12000 ft. high in the sky. Eagles tend to carry their prey while flying high in the sky. The eagles flap their wings as it increases their altitude. 

However, when it comes to migration, many people think that these birds are migratory but it is not true.

These birds are not migratory but they can fly far in search of prey and water. But sometimes, bald eagles migrate in groups.

During the wintertime, these birds often go in the search of food and water. These birds migrate to the south in the autumn seasons. 

Many people think that eagles are aggressive but a pair of eagles are said to have symbols of renewed life, dawn, rebirth, and spring’s direction.

But eagles become aggressive when it comes to becoming more territorial during the breeding season.

Often people also get confused between eagles and hawks. Hawks are small and have smaller wingspan while eagles are huge. 


Eagles are predatory birds that can fly up to 12000 ft. high in the sky. The group of eagles has often referred a soar of eagles and a convocation of eagles.

At last, I hope this article may have helped you in some ways. Thank You For Reading! 

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