What do Seagulls Eat? Here’s What Their Diet Look Like

What do Seagulls Eat

Seagulls are scavenger and adaptable birds that have almost 54 species distributed over most of the world. These birds can steal the food within minutes.

However, when it comes to the diet of these birds, is very diversified. These birds require a high protein diet to grow quickly.

And In this article, I’ll explain all the details about the diet of the seagulls in detail. 

What do seagulls eat in the ocean?

Seagulls can eat fish, mollusks, krill, plankton, gastropods, and crustaceans. They are fond of shellfishes such as small shrimps.

Seagulls are also excellent at hunting food from both land and water. But they do not dive beneath the water itself. They can consume sea creatures both alive and as carrion. 

What do seagulls eat in winter?

Seagulls are opportunistic scavengers throughout the year but these species tend to move toward warmer environments during the winter season. At this time they mostly consume terrestrial food.

At this time, they become more scavengers and get food from farmer’s fields, human leftovers, and rubbish inland. 

What do seagulls eat inland?

There is a high proportion of scavenged food in the terrestrial diet of seagulls. It includes carrion, waste, and human leftovers.

They are highly spotted flying over freshly plowed fields and watching for carrion, insects, invertebrates, and small rodents. 

What do baby seagull eats?

Soft and palatable foods are regurgitated by the seagull’s parents into the mouth of the baby seagulls. The chicks of seagulls grow quickly and leave the nest after mere days.

These chicks fledge after around 6 weeks but some species of seagulls stay with their parents until they become 6 months old. 

Do seagulls eat insects?

All the species of the seagulls happily consume insects, invertebrates, beetles, flies, earthworms, mollusks, and arthropods. Seagulls can hunt insects whilst flying, on the wing, or by picking them off the ground. 

Do seagulls eat bread?

Yes, seagulls will consume any bread that is offered to them. Bread is nutritionally incomplete and doesn’t offer gulls which is important for the growth of this bird.

Many passers throw bread to whilst gulls but is not an ideal staple food for them. 

Do seagulls consume worms?

Certainly, seagulls eat worms. They can hunt any disturbed worms or other disturbed insects or animals from the harvesting places or other farming machinery. 

Which fish do seagulls prefer to eat?

Fishes are the top food that is on the priority list of the seagulls.

These birds can eat all fishes that can fit in their mouths and commonly includes herring, sculpin, mackerel, blennies, sardines, smelt, candlefish, and anchovies. They are also fond of shellfishes including crustaceans and mollusks. 

How long can seagulls live without eating?

Seagulls require a high fat and high protein diet to maintain their dense muscles and they eat around 20% of their body weight daily.

Most of the seagulls get weak without having food for just around 24 hours or so. They are flexible eaters and they usually don’t struggle to find food. 

How do seagulls eat?

Seagulls are adaptable hunters and scavengers who can catch their prey while flying as well as from the ground.

Young seagulls flock together in small groups that help them to watch and learn the feeding and human behaviors of adult birds.

With their large and unhinged jaws, they can easily swallow the whole food. Even they are capable of consuming vast quantities of food. 

Why do seagulls like human food?

As per one study, 79% of the seagulls opted for the food that is handled by humans. These birds are very observant and watch their predators learn their behavior and movements.

Seagulls can affirm the safety and quality of human food and this makes them prefer this food over others.

These birds consider human food as an easy target and with their scavenging abilities in the wild, they can easily get this meal. 

Do seagulls eat crabs?

Yes, seagulls eat crabs and they regularly hunt for both live and dead crabs. Seagulls possess extraordinary skills that are necessary for hunting live crabs and they can eat and swallow crabs up to the size of five inches.

They can’t break a crab’s headshell. To get the inside of these crabs, these birds fly the captured crabs high up in the sky before dropping them enough times. This makes it crack open for the fleshy meat inside. 

Are seagulls aggressive?

Seagulls have a reputation for being aggressive and bloodthirsty birds. Even in some cases, these birds attacked dogs, other pets, and even humans for their food.

However, these birds are highly adaptive species and due to the change in the urban populations over recent years, these birds becomes this aggressive.

If a seagull is doing opportunistic hunting then it means that there are few feeding opportunities for them. They are large and strong birds that can easily carry 2 kg of prey.

This makes them easily hunt small dogs and other mammals. They have large jaws and flexible throats that enable them to swallow the whole in one go.

But seagulls attacking pets and humans is still rare. In the wild, seagulls are not more aggressive and territorial than other birds. 


Seagulls are birds that have a diverse food diet which includes plant and meat foods. These birds aren’t very aggressive but they are opportunistic which makes them attack pet dogs or other small pets.

However, these birds are omnivores and include crabs, insects, plants, fishes, etc. 

At last, I hope this article might have helped you in some way. Thank You For Reading!

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