What do Peacocks Eat? Here’s What Their Diet Look Like

What do Peacocks Eat

Peacocks are the most beautiful birds on the planet that have the most colorful & beautiful feathers. Their dance during the rainy season is a treat for any human.

Peacocks are large birds with having 1.5m wingspan. They require a large dose of nutrients to keep their plumage maintained.

There are three species of peacocks which include Green peafowl, Congo peafowl, and Indian peafowl.

Generally, peacocks are referred to as male peafowl from any of those species. While peahens are often referred to as female peafowl. 

Peacocks have impressive plumage and their feathers are extremely long. But the colors are exceptionally iridescent and bright.

However, people often think what do these birds eat? Can they eat rats or snakes? Such questions are often asked and in this article, I’ll explain all such facts related to peacocks in detail. 

What Do Peacocks Eat?

Peacocks are non-fussy omnivorous and can eat both plants and insects. This includes seeds, grains, berries, vegetables, fruits, arthropods, small lizards, rodents, snakes, and frogs.

However, they require a high-protein diet to keep their feathers healthy and they have strong appetites. 

What is the diet of different species of peacocks?

BasisNative CountriesDiet
Indian PeafowlIndia, Sri Lanka, and PakistanGroundnut, Tomato, Paddy, Chill, and Bananas
Green PeacockCambodia, Vietnam, and IndonesiaFruits, seeds, reptiles, frogs, invertebrates, and rodents
Congo PeacockCentral AfricaFruits, insects, and other invertebrates

What Do Wild Peacocks Eat?

Peacocks or male peafowls are omnivores and they are not fussy eaters. They can hunt a variety of small animals with their short and powerful beaks.

It can include snakes, lizards, centipedes, rodents, millipedes, scorpions, and a variety of insects. Peafowl can also consume seeds, berries, plants, grains, and flower plants.

Peacocks maintain their plumage with a high-protein diet which primarily includes insects. Peafowls are not afraid of hunting and killing small snakes, frogs, arthropods, and rodents. 

What is a peacock’s favorite food?

Peacocks are relatively large birds that need nutrient diversified and quality diet. The vegetation diet like vegetables and legumes are the favorite food of peacocks and they can easily consume ample beans, peas, and leafy greens.

Berries and fruits have a sweet dose of vitamins whereas meat such as dried mealworms and larvae adds protein. They can also eat kitchen scraps. 

What do peacocks eat in the winter?

Peacocks usually have a stable diet throughout the year as they don’t migrate. Plenty of nutritious protein-rich foods keep them healthy.

People think that peafowl is harder and doesn’t require warmth during winters. But these birds need to be kept warm and well-fed in the colder winter climates. 

Do peacocks eat snakes?

Peacocks spend most of their foraging on the ground and are aware of any predators including snakes. But peacocks can kill snakes with their short& powerful beak and large & sharp talons.

Even in India and Sri Lanka, peacocks are used for killing King Cobra. Peacocks are quite aggressive and are ready & willing to fight.

They deliver a nasty peck with their strong necks and have powerful talons for foraging, and gripping snakes. 

Do peacocks eat rats?

Peacocks are non-fussy omnivorous birds and eat easily eat whatever is presented to them. This includes rodents as well.

Rats are agile and can become alert to dangers. But they may get face to face with peacocks and peacocks will definitely have the upper hand. 

Can peacocks eat bread?

Bread is not good for the birds but they aren’t even bad for them. But if bread is overfed to birds, then they will not get encouraged to consume more nutrient-rich foods.

Peacocks require a protein-dense, and nutrient-rich diet. These birds even appreciate a wide choice of food that changes throughout the week. 

What do baby peacocks eat?

Baby peacocks or peachicks are offered food by their mothers until they become able to forage themselves.

Generally, soft food is offered to the babies and when they are in the growing phases they tend to avoid confronting and eating snakes, lizards, and large insects until they become bigger. 

In captivity, peachicks can be offered game bird mixes. They will largely consume a lot of soft insects such as ants, and larvae.

Generally, the peachicks grow quickly but it requires 2 years to reach maturity. Even the peacock feathers require 4 years to get fully grown. 

Do peacocks eat meat?

Peacocks are omnivorous birds and they prefer meat. With a meat diet, peacocks get protein and maintain their magnificent plumage. They generally prefer insects and can eat lizards, frogs, and rodents happily. 

What do peacocks drink?

Like any other bird, peacocks also require water and they only drink water. Peacocks are large birds and require a clean water supply to keep themselves hydrated. They cannot get adequate hydration from the food alone. 


Peacocks or peafowls are beautiful birds that are unfussy omnivorous. These birds can eat anything presented to them.

Even they can hunt snakes, rodents, or invertebrates with their large and sharp talons. When kept captive, it should be remembered that their diet is protein-rich and full of nutrients. 

At last, I hope this article may have helped you in some ways. Thank You For Reading!

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