What Do Crows Eat? Here’s What Their Diet Look Like

What Do Crows Eat

Crows are the bird species that belong to the Corvus genus. Other birds in this category include ravens, crows, and rooks.

These birds are also considered intelligent as they are often seen using tools for preying or offering gifts to humans.

But what do crows eat? We have often seen them eating eggs, but do these birds eat other birds as well? Do they feed on plants as well? Can they catch an adult rabbit?

These are some of the questions that are often asked when crows’ behavior, habitat, and feeding habits are discussed. And In this article, I’ve explained all the aspects related to crows feeding habits in detail. 

What Do Crows Eat?

There are almost 45 species of crows and the habitat of each species can be different. However, when it comes to the feeding habits of crows, the crows are versatile and flexible feeders.

For instance, the Carrion Crow often consumes carrion as well as different types of insects, small mammals, plant matter, and worms. While some crows like Hooded crows prefer fish and shellfish. They can even grab and eat crabs.

Therefore, these birds consume seeds, nuts, legumes, eggs, vegetables, bulbs, flowers, lizards, amphibians, rodents, insects, earthworms, invertebrates, human scraps, leftovers, mollusks, shellfish, and fish. Crows can even hunt for their food.

The Large-Billed crow can hunt lizards while the American crows and New Caledonian crows can prey on grubs. 

Crow SpeciesDiet of Crows
American CrowSeeds, fruits, carrion, insects, and invertebrates, 
Australian RavenSmall Rodents, lizards, shellfish, insects, invertebrates, and small mammals
Carrion CrowCarrion, small insects, mammals, rodents, invertebrates, plant matters, and worms.
Pied CrowSeeds, peanuts, birds eggs, carrion, tortoises, garbage, and mollusks
North-western CrowBirds eggs, garbage, carrion, seeds, berries, fishes, nuts, crabs, insects
Cape CrowChicks Amphibians, dung-beetles, fruits, seeds, and bulbs
Fish CrowGarbage, turtle eggs, bird eggs, berries, nuts, crabs, fish, carrion, shrimp, crayfish, and insects

What do crows eat in the winter?

During the winter season, the crows shift their diet from insects to plants.  It is so because insects become more scarce in this season and they spend their time digging up from the dirt or grass.

The diet of crows includes fruits, nuts, vegetables, and grains. Even the scavenging human leftovers are also important. Crows also choose bird feeders and bird tables in the winter. 

What do baby crows eat?

Baby crows usually prefer soft foods in the first two or more weeks. During this time, the parent crows regurgitate the food into the chicks’ mouths which is common among all omnivorous birds.

After one week, the chicks are offered some soft grubs, maggots, and partially digested food. 

Are crow omnivores?

All the crow species are omnivores but some are leaner towards herbivorous and vice-versa.

For instance, the fish crows prefer a meaty diet and usually feed upon living or stranded or dead fishes, shellfish, and crustaceans. While the Cuban crows prefer nuts or fruits. 

What should not be fed to crows?

Crows should not be fed bread, processed foods, or moldy food. Even food that is rich in sugar and salt is not ideal for crows or any other birds.

Bread should be fed in a very minimum quantity. Instead, offer grains, seeds, vegetables, or plant foods to the birds. 

Do crows like peanuts?

The unsalted and unflavored peanuts are the favorite food choice of crows. It is observed that crows bring human gifts in receipt of food.

These gifts can be pieces of shiny materials, plastic, stones, and glass. Even a girl from Seattle has a vast collection of crow gifts in return for peanuts. 

Do crows eat squirrels?

Crows feasibly hunt squirrels and especially the younger or injured or dead squirrels. But it is difficult for them to hunt fully grown adult squirrels. 

Do crows eat other birds?

Crows can commonly eat other birds. They are known for killing other birds, especially baby birds. Magpies are well-known for preying on baby birds. They are brutal and merciless. 

Do crows eat other baby birds?

Yes, crows and other corvids are known to eat baby birds such as fledglings and nestlings. They can attack an unattended bird’s nest as there is an opportunity to eat the eggs and baby birds.

But it may vary as per the species of crows. These birds are opportunistic for consuming other baby birds. They don’t actively seek them out. 

Do crows eat mice?

Mice and other small rodents & mammals are a part of crows’ diets. Crows are capable hunters but they aren’t specialized in hunting fast-moving prey such as mice. But crows still feed on mice. 

Do crows eat rabbits?

It is difficult for the crows to hunt an adult rabbit. It is so because rabbits are very fast-moving and crows aren’t specialized in catching such kinds of prey.

But crows can kill a rabbit when they undertake mobbing. It is easier for the crows to hunt and eat sick or injured rabbits or dead rabbits. 

Do crows eat corn?

Yes, crows do eat corns. Corns are solid nutritional food for birds and crows do eat them if it is present in their territories. 

Is it illegal to feed crows?

In most countries, it is not illegal to feed the crows. But in the UK and US, it is illegal to poison them. There are very few instances where any person is fined for bird feeding in the UK.

However, one woman in Glamorgan was fined £3000 for breaching a community protection notice that restricted her excessive feeding of birds.


Crows are of the Corvus genus and often feed on small rodents and mammals. But the diets of these birds depend on their species and habitats.

These birds are also good at preying on small mammals but it is difficult for these birds to prey on rabbits or mice. 

At last, I hope you get something informational from this article. Thank You For Reading!

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