Whale Symbolism And Meaning: Here’s What This Gigantic Mammals Mean

Whale Symbolism And Meaning

If we question you to name the largest water animal in the world, then what will be your first guess? No doubt, it’ll be Blue Whale.

The blue whale is counted as the biggest and heaviest water animal. But have you encountered this animal? This can sound exciting but scary as well.

However, encountering this animal is common for the seamen and fishermen who used to visit oceans for their own purpose. 

But do you know there are many beliefs associated with this animal?

Yes like another animal, there are also major beliefs with this animal among various cultures. And with this article, we’ll explain the whale’s symbolism and meaning in detail.

Understanding Whale Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a whale is a symbol of protection, magnificence, wisdom, gratitude, and transformation. In western culture, a whale represents romance, a divine being, and goodwill. While in eastern culture a whale is represented as a god-like figure with great powers.

The symbolism of whales varies as per the different types and perceptions. However, the symbolism of whales is lost nowadays.

Humans used to hunt whales for their own purpose. And the symbolism of whales was very prominent among various cultures and religions.

However, it varies as per the culture, religion, or type of whale. The common highlights of the whale symbolism include:

  • It is believed that the humpback whale symbolizes love, compassion, and peace. These whales are very loud and their song can be heard thousands of kilometers in the ocean. 
  • The sperm whale symbolizes that a man has plenty of resources inside him. 
  • Moby Dick’s white whale is believed to be the symbolism of obsession. 
  • The orca whale symbolizes the reincarnation of humans. 
  • The blue whale is the totem animal of the North-western Natives. 

Whale Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilizations

What Does Whale Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

The whales are used on the crests of their totems and it is believed that this animal is the symbol of goodwill.

In the culture of Native Americans, whales are worshipped as Mama-cocha. In this culture, several tales are prevalent for the whales.

As per one story, a fisherman accidentally injured and killed a whale. After which, that whale overturned the fisherman’s canoe and dragged him to the villages of whales. 

Later on, the fisherman himself turned into a whale. It is believed that a pair of killer whales swimming next to each other is the symbol of a lifelong romance.

It is believed that no northwest coast natives have hunted killer whales. They are part of the ancient art presented by Northwest Americans.

The Americans believed that whales have ancestral ties and they should not hunt them. 

What Does Whale Symbolizes In Eastern Civilizations?

The symbolism of whales in the eastern areas of the world has due importance. It is especially true for the Chinese people of the Southern coastal areas.

These people used to believe that the whales brought the millet seeds which sustained civilizations. They even honor the whales in their special ceremonies.

Not only in China, but Japanese people also have beliefs in the whale’s symbolism.  They believe that whale is linked to conservation efforts. 

As per Hindu mythology, it is believed that the whale is the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu took the Matse Avatar. Therefore, Hindus believe that the whale symbolizes the primal deity. 

What Does Whale Symbolizes In Christianity?

In the Bible, the whale is mentioned in the story of Jonah. Jonah was swallowed by the whale and then disgorged after three days.

It is believed that the whale has spiritual significance and it is related to Christ and his resurrection three days later.

However, artists in the Renaissance period showed Jonah’s whales as a dragon. It was so because they didn’t have clear pictures or sightings of whales. 

In Christianity, it is believed that Jonah’s passing through the belly of the whale is a descent into Hell. Therefore, as per this religion, whales symbolize Devil.

It is believed that when we put our trust in life pleasures, the Devil appears to drag us down. 

What Does Whale Symbolizes In Celtic Civilization?

As per Celtic mythology, it is believed that the Fruich, a supernatural swineherd, reincarnated as a whale. Even the warrior Daire was swallowed by a whale.

In this culture, the whales and dolphins are the symbolism of water’s power. It is believed that a whale helps a person to dive deeper into himself and have a deep connection. In this culture, there is a story similar to that of Jonah. 

As per this story, Jonah was asked not to go on the sea journey. Bit he ignored the call and went up for it. But God relentlessly followed him.

After which he took the form of a whale and swallowed the Jonah wholly. But Jonah didn’t die and he prayed to God for the whole 3 days and 3 nights.

After which the whale spits him out to safe land. Therefore, it is believed that the whale symbolizes womb, darkness, fire, and hire. 

Are You Seeing Whale In Your Dreams? Here’s The Meaning 

Dreaming of a whale is highly associated with motherly love. It is so because a mother whale always protects her calf and the dreams of a whale can be seen when you need motherly love.

It is believed that whale dreams mean that the dreamer is missing his mother, if she has passed away or if he doesn’t see her often.

It can also represent the guilt of a mother who is not looking to her child. Dreams of whales may be a sign that you must take care of your child in a better way.

Many people also believe that whale dreams mean that you are looking up for the guidance of God.

However, there is one more interpretation for the whale dream which represents a threat to the dreamer. It is believed that a big event will bother the dreamer or he is anxious about something big.

This creature interprets as a sign of protection and may ask the dreamer to look for the people as there can be backstabbers. 

Therefore, dreaming of whales is often considered a good omen. The symbolism of the whale dream is associated with spirituality, tranquillity, serenity, and peace. 

People with whale totem animals should concentrate on the sound of the whale if they are sad or lost.

This totem animal can help the person when a person is working on a major project that needs inspiration or creativity.

People with this totem animal should call up this animal when they need wisdom. This totem animal helps the person to connect to the resources that are already within them.

The whale totem animal is always there for the person who needs protection. 

Encountering a whale can be common for the fisherman who is visiting the ocean for hunting fish. However, there are many beliefs related to whale encounters.

Some are positive and some are negative. It is believed that the good whales are helpful for men and they even protect them from bad whales.

It is believed that whales having two black spots on either side should not be killed. They believe that it represents the spirit of the moon. 

It is believed by some fishermen that if the whales lay about blowing and puffing, then it means an upcoming storm.

Even there is a custom among seamen where they threw an empty tub in the water as a way of amusement and to divert whales from attacking the ship. 

Is Whale Your Spirit Animal?

People with whale spirit animals used to be majestic people and they have great communication skills. The personality of such people is also intimidating.

Like the whales, these people also take better care of their young. They are sensitive to sounds, poetry, and rhythm. Such people also can take care of Mother Earth. 

The whale spirit animal helps the person to have better focus and purpose towards their goals. People with this spirit animal have deep spiritual origins and they always strive to look for new ways to take care of the planet.

Therefore, it is believed that if a whale spirit animal shows up to you then you are maybe on the path of spiritual awakening. 


Whales seem to be patient and loving creatures when judged from a distance. But in reality, they can attack ships and may take a human life.

In many religions, there are some symbols related to this animal. With this article, we have mentioned the same to you.

Overall, the symbolism of this water animal is positive and is mostly associated with motherly love and a sign to search for the resource within yourself.

Therefore, if you encounter this animal in any way after this, then do analyze the situation and make good decisions. 

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