Vulture Symbolism And Meaning: Here’s What These Fierce Animal Mean

Vulture Symbolism And Meaning

A world without vultures could be filthy gardens with rotten stains. These perspicacious birds are the sole bearers of keeping the environment clean. But is this the only fact we are considering?

Each species of animal has a symbolic presence in this world with ranging facts and figures. Vultures stand a bit differently over it, with clever comprehension they possess awareness towards the surroundings. 

So In this article, we’ll explain Vulture symbolism and meaning in detail. We’ll cover every aspect of this bird its meaning, vulture as a spirit animal, seeing vulture in dreams, etc.

Understanding Vulture Symbolism And Meaning 

In a general context, a vulture symbolizes intelligence, protection, trust, death, and rebirth. In western culture, a vulture is a symbol of filth, death, bad luck, and judgment. While in eastern culture, vulture represents reincarnation and sacred being.

Vultures are the chief of the gale, having strong relations with air elements. These creatures roam around in the air, flying high up to 15,000 feet from the ground.

Vultures value patience, reminding us to be patient. In the other world where vultures rule there is no room for the rush. Vultures never kill, they look for something already dead.

They clean the carcass of the remains. Vulture symbolism speaks for perception, variability, and this creature is praised for his intelligence and awareness. 

Their perception is brought in by their sense of smell, each passing wind brings them closer to their next meal. Evoking in us the actual importance of sensual promptness.

With every sunrise vultures welcome the morning with open wings, letting the remains of the last dews evaporate with the rising sun.

They perform a cleansing ritual of leaving behind the scraps of yesterday and beginning afresh connection they have with the sun. The vulture also symbolizes death, rebirth, perception, trust. 

Vulture Meaning And Symbolism In Different Civilization

In different cultures and civilizations, the vulture symbolism varies, some of the most interesting is given below:

  • Zoroastrian culture performed the ritual of giving away the bodies of the deceased to the vultures as a process of burial. The procession is believed to help the soul get through the spiritual path without any trouble. It symbolized continuation and revitalization.
  • In Egyptian culture, a goddess named Mut had a sacred bird none other than a vulture. Vultures are very protective of their juveniles and hence symbolize the essence of motherhood. Signifying the importance of maternal instincts and the actions of care, vultures were recognized for their power of maternity. 
  • Greeks and Romans have a special place for vultures. Saturn, the god of justice rode a vulture, emphasizing the significance of the bird in their culture. The bird is sacred to both Mars, god of war, and Apollo, god of prophecy. In both cultures, the bird holds a sanctified position. 
  • While in native America the bird is a carrier of omens. Sometimes their flights reveal the weather that is ahead of shamans. Vultures also represent polarity- our spiritual nature and our body, life, and death, heaven, and land. 
  • The Quran mentions a pre-Islamic god, namely Nasr, the god known to be a vulture. Nasr was worshiped at the time of Noah. Ancient Hebrews always saw these birds in pairs, resembling love and commitment.

Are You Seeing Vulture In Your Dream? Here’s The Meaning

Seeing an animal in your dreams could mean a lot more than you can think of. There could be multiple reasons why one saw an animal in their dream.

Similarly seeing a vulture in the dreams also means something. It often remarks as an insight of something you might have escaped from in your past. It is important to focus more on the specifications to get a clearer idea about the insight of your dreamscape. 

  • If dramatically you turn into a vulture in your dream it signifies a longer life with fewer enemies. 
  • If you see a vulture circling above your head, it means someone is keeping a close eye on you. 
  • If you see a bunch of vulture feathers it means you will soon receive wealth and prosperity. 
  • A baby vulture in your dream could bring a new baby boy into your house. 
  • If somehow a vulture attacks you in your dream you might get into trouble with someone at a higher authority than yours. 
  • A flock of vultures nearing your house could mean wreckage reaching you soon. 
  • If you see yourself catching a vulture that implies an omen where you can fight with someone close to you. 

Vulture Totem and Omens Explained 

Vulture Totems

People with vulture totems are never in need, they get whatever they will for. Their needs are always fulfilled due to their efficient creativity and effective usage of assets.

Vulture people have very strong insights and remain loyal even when things test them. Through the tough times, they remain with you.

The vultures are offbeat and witty, keeping people near them on their toes. If your birth totem is a vulture then you are very patient.

If you are determined to wait for someone, you can wait for as long as you want. The patience factor is higher than expected.

You are a very social person, who loves working with others and values good friends and neighbors. Sharing and cooperation are your sport.

The vultures must use all their senses to avoid creating random mistakes. It is very common for vulture totem people to become leaders. 

Vulture Omens

Vulture omens can be both good and bad. In a few cultures, they are considered a good omen as they resemble rebirth.

While in other cultures they could be a sign of death, pushing them more into the negative light. Vulture hanging about the roof could symbolize the death of any family member or it could mean healing.

According to ancient African beliefs, the smell of a vulture’s brain could improve our intuition and help in problem-solving skills or win gambling games.

They are symbolized as death, misfortune, disease and are said to bear messages from the Otherworld. 

Is Vulture Your Spirit Animal? 

Vulture is your spirit animal when your life is taking new directions. Vulture remarks rebirth, so a lot of drama with a tint of confusion is very normal in your case.

Let yourself free and fly with the vulture. As a creature of air, vultures may come into your life as a messenger bringing signs to make better decisions and changing your perspective about life.

You need to get rid of your baggage from the past and move ahead with your life. Make sure that you are investing yourself in good aspects for your well-being.

Vultures are at risk of having no voice, they have no intentions of their own, they never speak for themselves.

Vulture teaches us to keep our words and stay true to ourselves and everyone near us.

Vultures route you through the opportunities. It guides you along the way making difficult situations a little less of worry. 


Vulture is sensible and comforting. The sense of morality determines the true value. The creature brings totems and omens and every culture has its ways and reasons to believe and follow the rules.

The creature is supposed to enhance your luck and symbolize rebirth and revitalization. This article brings you all the related information you would require.

From spirit animal to totem animal, it also focuses on the symbolism of the vulture. The creature is a symbolic representation of care and genuine trust as well.

The creature is embarked for being a leader as well. With social skills and the idea of walking with the herd, the quality makes them stand above all others.

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