Unicorn Symbolism And Meaning: What You Must Know About This Mythical Creature

Unicorn Symbolism and Meaning

There are some animals that certain beliefs and Mythologies talk about that humans haven’t witnessed through their own naked eyes so far.

They are believed to be either living in the shelter of God in the heavens, to have been extinct, or to exist in invisible forms, only visible to the ones who are closer to the Spirits.

And one such animal is a Unicorn. Has humanity ever seen it? No. But do we talk about it? A lot.

And not quite surprisingly enough, many of us are still not aware of what exactly does a Unicorn stand for in the books of the people who believe they exist.

Hence, this article will do that task for you; we’ll cover Unicorn symbolism and meaning in detail.

Understanding Unicorn Symbolism and Meaning 

In a general context, a unicorn is a symbol of mystery, romance, change, magic, and good fortune. In western culture, unicorn symbolizes masculinity, virginity, mystical powers, and purity. While in eastern culture unicorn represents justice, transformation, and good fortune.

Unicorns, even if imaginary, have some powerful symbolism in the beliefs and mythologies of several cultures around the world.


These animals are the absolute epitome of innocence. They are considered divine creatures who are created by God Himself as an Angel and hence there is no evil or even problematic intention associated with the messenger of God.


Unicorns are believed to be of pure milky white skin. And hence, this white skin of Unicorns is a representation of their purity.

As they are born from the womb of Gods and Goddesses, and not from the usual reproduction process in mammals, they are considered absolutely pure.


However, even though these animals are innocent creatures, they represent God and are hence a bold species.

They are believed to be variants of the structure of Horse and hence just as to them, the Unicorns are believed to display traits that are as bold as Horses.


Horses were once associated with Royalty for multiple factors like their speed, strong build, loyalty, intelligence, and war skills. And with such Royal symbolism brought pride and honor to these beings.

Being even more splendid creations of God and of the same family as Horses, Unicorns carry great pride and honor.

Healing Powers

Unicorns are Angels of the Spirits. And what do we regard the Spirits as? The center of healing powers. Hence, being Angels of the same Almighty, Unicorns are believed to bring healing powers to their existence to bless humankind in its rarest forms.

Joy and Hope

God Himself is the essence of happiness on Earth and hence, all His magnificent creations and messengers are entitled to bring and establish Joy, Hope, and Happiness among the believers.


Being the ones who carry the power of the divine, these creatures are believed to exhibit excellent intelligence that has been bestowed to serve their children.

Unicorns Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilizations 

What Does Unicorn Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

People from this culture believe that Unicorns sent by God were fierce animals that exerted immense power and were epitomes of the ultimate ideal spirit of creative masculinity.

They also believed that such a spirit could only be handled by a virgin pure spirit.

Unicorns in their ancient culture have been associated with legends and great doers and accompanied with protector symbols of lions, eagles, and even dragons.

What Does Unicorn Symbolizes In Eastern Culture?

Eastern symbolisms of Unicorns are mostly derived from what the Chinese perceive of these mythical creatures.

Chinese tend to believe that Unicorns are symbolic of Justice as associated with the just Unicorn legend. The men’s spirit always claims justice and that is what a Unicorn stands for. 

They also initiated the idea that Unicorn symbolisms cannot be uniform throughout the world as these creatures appeared in different areas during different phases of human Civilizations by the virtue of the Almighty.

Being God’s messenger, Unicorns are capable of transformation and are ought to appear in different forms in different areas.

They also believe in the good fortune of Unicorns as they treat them as a noble gift on auspicious occasions as a token of heartfelt blessings or wishes.

What Does Unicorn Symbolizes In Christianity? 

The Bible mentions the Unicorns as the one-horned creatures that are fierce and are meant to be tamed by a virgin, like Mother Mary.

These creatures are believed to identify virginity and develop a special relationship with the untouched ones for a lap to lean their heads on, also used in paintings as signs of Christian Incarnation.

It eventually emerged in the culture as Christ Himself in disguise for its affinity towards virginity and purity, the source of his own appearance on the planet.

This symbolism eventually brought glory, power, and salvation to the names of Unicorns.

Celts and Unicorns

Celts in Europe had special beliefs regarded as the Unicorns. They firmly believe in the mythical and divine existence of Unicorns in heaven who reside on Earth when a noble being appears by the order of the God Himself on Earth. It assists the Universal power in protecting humankind. 

They tend to associate the creature with impeccable virtues of endurance, power, gentleness, innocence, purity, and fertility.

They also tend to believe that Unicorns rule the world of nature, dreams, and magic. These creatures are believed to be blessed with God’s psychic vision and power of identifying the real virtue of an individual.

They also have Unicorns as their Zodiac signs, which was later called the Cancer zodiac exhibiting the holy and noble traits of the Unicorns.

Africans about Unicorns

These tribes believe that Unicorns are the symbol of high, noble, and loyal ranks and are the symbols of power and ethics, often worshiped as the Sun.

They believe that Unicorns are a physical and behavioral manifestation of some of the most powerful and impactful creations of God like the body of a horse, the horn of a rhinoceros, the legs of an antelope, and the tail of a lion.

Catching a Unicorn in your dream or reality might mean that you will have all your wishes granted.

Are You Seeing Unicorn In Your Dream? Here’s The Meaning 

  • When you see a majestic Unicorn roaming around in a beautiful place in your dream, it might mean that an ideal form of love, lust, and mystery is about to happen to you.
  • If you see a Unicorn in your dream with its angelic powers and aura, it might mean that you too have a magical aura and hence indicate magical consciousness and introspection of immense divine powers.
  • When you see a Unicorn emerging from a void in your dream, it interprets that you are going to meet your higher spiritual self soon and you must start the spiritual drill to get there sooner.
  • It might also indicate that the power of the Spirits is with you and it’s a sign of motivation for you to keep moving ahead.
  • When you dream of sitting on the back of a Unicorn, it might mean that you are going to gain freedom from all the emotional and spiritual barriers that you are trapped in right now and you will achieve love and establish faith in the Universe and interpret its verses.
  • The horns of Unicorns are considered phallic and are believed to be the aphrodisiac or cure to impotence.
  • Unicorns are the symbols of beauty and grace and are messages to bring beauty into the life of the ones who get such prompts from the Universe.
  • It is believed that in dreams or in reality (which is a myth) only the purest souls can witness the existence and beauty of a Unicorn.
  • These creatures also foretell good times and ensure physical, mental, and spiritual stability.

Is Unicorn Your Spirit Animal? 

If you have a Unicorn as your Spirit Animal, you exhibit incomparable and splendid beauty. And such beauty is not only superficial for you but you also have it deep down in your heart and principal character traits.

It also means that you have a high sense of the true form of spirituality that connects you with God, and you seek knowledge and mental wealth of peace and sanity.


Hence, even though Unicorns are some hypothetical beings, they still constitute a huge chunk of human beliefs, symbolisms, and mythologies.

People collect hints from ancient history to interpret what this certain organism might mean to a human in a dream.

They also have definitions of omens and totems for these creatures even though it’s less likely for humans to ever have the fate to visualize a Unicorn in your dream.

Even though the chances are low, people tend to see the silver lining of hopes to witness this Angel Spirit in their own imaginary shape. Hence, Unicorns are nothing but sources of hope to humankind’s spiritual upliftment and happiness.

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