Squirrel Symbolism And Meaning: Unbelievable Things You Never Knew

Squirrel Symbolism And Meaning

Life can get dull and boring, often exhausting. We might feel that we are too old or too busy to enjoy life. That is of course not true. There is never age or restriction to having fun. That is exactly what the spirit of a squirrel teaches us. 

We see squirrels running past the road and climbing into a tree and we think of nothing but a fun-size animal with a furry thick tail running and our hearts are full just by their vision.

Squirrels are always running to find nuts, they are always on the chase but they are also always cheerful and provide a moment of laughter to anybody who is around them. 

Understanding Squirrel Symbolism and Meaning

In a general context, a squirrel is a symbol of playfulness, balanced energy, practicality, and planning. In western culture, a peacock symbolizes preparedness, negative omen, and hard work. While in eastern culture a squirrel symbolizes joy and passion.

The characteristic symbol of a squirrel is they are playful. Squirrels are delinquent creatures. They are always up to some mischief.

They are less bothered about the worries in life and more into enjoying the moments. That is something humans need to learn from these animals.

To always be amusing also while living life and fulfilling the necessary purposes. 

These animals might be funny and carefree but alongside they are also thoughtful and preparatory. Throughout summer and other seasons, until winter comes, squirrels gather food for the winter season.

They prepare themselves a safe, comfortable home for winters as well. This adds to why they are symbolized to be well planned and prepared.

They teach humans to calculate their moves and plan for the future and have proper organization. 

Squirrels live in groups. They cooperate, communicate and build groups and work together to gather food and make homes.

Therefore they socialize and are playful with their fellow mates. This is the reason why they are used to symbolize socialization.

They pass the message that humans need to lovingly exist together and build their own community. 

It is pretty evident that squirrels easily multi-task. They know when to draw a line. As fun-loving creatures, it is only natural to expect that they will overdo it. But they do not.

They also work efficiently and take advantage of every opportunity to have fun. This characteristic feature of squirrels is why they are symbolized as balance in life.

Humans should learn from them how to never overdo anything in life and how important it is to prioritize both work and enjoyment. 

It is hard to notice a squirrel who is idle. They are always on the chase, always moving and running.

These tiny animals are so restless, but they are also always full of energy. Their spirit guides humans to always be full of life and act out every move. 

Squirrels’ energy also symbolizes avoiding too much mental accumulation. Since these animals are always in motion, they do not have time to mind unnecessary things.

Similarly, humans should also keep busy and keep their minds off thoughts that are not of importance.  

Squirrel Meaning And Symbolism In Different Civilisation

What Does Squirrel Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

The general relation made with squirrels, according to Native Americans, is that they are abundant in energy. 

They learned from the squirrel’s feature of storing food and planning for a safer and more comfortable future. The squirrels were symbols of preparedness and venture. 

According to the Native, Choctaws, black squirrels were related to the solar eclipse and viewed them in a negative light and considered them unacceptable for humanity. 

Flying squirrels were believed to have a spiritual connection. They used them for rituals related to fertility. 

What Does Squirrel Symbolizes In Celtic Civilization?

The Celts believed squirrels to be a close connection to the Goddess Queen Medb. Medb used a bird and a squirrel as messengers of earth and sky.

Celts considered squirrels to bring rain, water, and snow because they can connect with the sky.

They think squirrels are guard animals because of their high senses that can detect predators around them. They also carry messages in between the two worlds. 

Squirrels were also used as a food source in the northern hemispheres. Therefore the Celts consider these animals to be an important source. 

What Does Squirrel Symbolizes In Christainity?

The Bible does not mention squirrels but it does invoke the need to work hard. Squirrels are also hard workers.

Therefore in Christianity, squirrels are respected and preached as creatures who work hard and are also spiritual.

Are You Seeing Squirrels In Your Dream? Here’s The Meaning

A squirrel’s dream basically highlights all of its symbolism. Seeing a squirrel in the dream means plenty of light and joy. 

  • If a squirrel is seen gathering nuts in the dream, it means abundance and good luck. We will have a lot to share with family and friends. 
  • If we see a squirrel sitting on a large pile of nuts, it means that we are storing something up that will eventually be of no value to us. Therefore, it is better to not hold onto those things and set ourselves free from them. This could mean both emotional baggage or physical entities. 
  • If we see a dream where we are feeding a squirrel it means that we are taking pride because we have put forward hard work with honesty. 
  • Restless squirrels indicate that we need to be more mindful of the present and make investments on the plans and schedules we make today. 
  • Killing a squirrel is unlucky and bad and it generally means that we are hostile and unlikeable. 

Squirrel Totem Explained

A squirrel totem symbolizes beginning a new life, making groundwork, creating strategies, multi-tasking, thinking of smart tactics, and planning for the future. 

The squirrel totem tells us to look into life positively, make intelligent decisions so we have a comfortable future, never be lazy, and always make sure to live life with fun and enjoyment alongside being purposeful.

Life has no room for dullness and gloom, it is very important to be lively. The squirrel totem also implies monetary abundance. 

Squirrel Omen

Encountering a squirrel can have a lot of meanings. Apart from a black squirrel, squirrels mostly have a positive omen. They imply good luck, fortune, abundance, and a better work-life balance. 

Is Squirrel Your Spirit Animal?

People who have the squirrel spirit animal are fun-loving and sharp-witted. They know how to maintain a balance between their social life and work life.

They have a well-planned future and calculate every step they make. They have a close friend circle and stay engaged with their family members. They love to be playful.

They are honest and take pride in the work they produce. The squirrel spirit animal guides people to often have a spiritual reconnection and focus on life. 


In conclusion, squirrels are a healthy, harmless, source of light. They teach humans a lot of things in life in between their playful, jolly character.

Humans sometimes need an animal spirit to guide themselves to be better versions of themselves and be more.

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