Spider Symbolism and Meaning: The Real Reason Why You’re Seeing These?

Spider Symbolism and Meaning

So many of us are scared of spiders while so many of us are actually fond of these little insects for some of their interesting features.

Besides that, the spider had a significant role to play in our childhood tales too, be it Anansi the trickster, the cunning web-spinner of Mary Howitt’s poem who was the culprit to invite a fly into its parlor, or Robert The Bruce, the king of Scotland being inspired to victory for a spider, it all revolved around this one small insect.

Hence, deriving from these stories and mythologies, let’s look into the actual spider symbolism and meaning.

Spider Symbolism and Meaning Explained

In a general context, a spider represents evil power, manifestation, artistry, feminine power, ancient wisdom, patience, illusion, and balance. In western culture, the spider is represented as a wise creature that traps its prey. While in eastern culture a spider is an evil entity and sacred animal.

  • Spiders are the epitomes of creativity. Ask why? Definitely because of how effortlessly it uses its own saliva to spin a web of definite shape and size for itself without having to rely on anything else for its habitat.
  • It also indeed symbolizes self-sufficiency and power through its acute, detailed yet effortful process of spinning a web. It shows how hard work indeed has fruitful results.
  • It also symbolizes channelized aggression that is evident when a spider switches to its predator form in its skills and method of trapping, attacking, and killing its prey.
  • The spider web has a center point in its structure, and when a spider sits on that center, it symbolizes being the center of the Universe, the Universe that one creates thyself.
  • Spider is considered as the supreme symbol of illusion or Maya, the Hindu term for illusion.
  • Also, the web spun by a spider is considered a sacred form of geometry and to have holy references.
  • Spider webs also preach uniqueness as not a single spider in their lifetime spins two similar webs, as proven scientifically.
  • Spiders also portray the cycle of life as they can create, destroy, kill and create again, the cycle that defines the Universe.

Spider Meaning In Different Civilizations 

Spider Native American Symbolism 

Native Americans speak quite highly of spiders as they look up to these creatures as their teachers for living a fruitful life, as they are symbolic of living life with pride and strength. 

Some American myths even say that spiders are the ones who first taught alphabets to humankind along with the shapes of the web, strange!

They say that spiders taught humans how to spell just so that they could record their journeys through life.

Americans also believe that the act of a spider spinning web is symbolic of continuity because of how the process looks like an eternal long process of weaving patterns with a boundless possibility of creativity and capability.

Spider web can also symbolize web-like complications in life that can be overcome and fought with.

Lastly, Americans believe spiders as wise and are born instructors and leaders.

Spiders In The Eastern Culture

Spiders in the East symbolize illusion just like in Hindu Mythology. The Indian Rigveda says that spiders spin webs at night because the moon is the strength of a spider.

Japanese have a lot of myths revolving around spiders like in the tale of Raiko. They believe that spiders are evil beings that had to be defeated by good and great men. However, the Japanese also study spider webs closely and pray to spiders for safe childbirth.

Chinese Mythology also has similar beliefs to that of Japanese culture where they are treated as saintly and also regarded as the romantic guardian spirit of young women.

They also believe that female spiders kill male spiders with whom they are bored after sexual intercourse.

Christianity Spider Symbolism

The Bible perceives spiders as nasty insect that is miser in nature and bleeds dry poor and miserable people to death just like their victims.

Spiders are also correlated with devils because the web of a spider resembles the trap of a vicious devil. And it also means that just like the web of spiders, one day the web of a devil is supposed to perish too. The cobweb also represents human frailty.

However, there’s a story in Christianity where the spiders serve the Lord and hence carry a cross symbol for the service.

In this scenario, these spiders are supposed to invite cosmic energy and awareness regarding lifestyle and death patterns and make you familiar with the realities regarding them.

When a spider descends by its web, it’s a symbol of gifts being brought down from heaven by His messengers for humankind.

Spider In Celtic Culture

Celts anciently believed that spiders are the symbol of good fortune and witnessing them symbolizes that good things are about to come your way.

Small spiders are believed to spin money wherever they spin their web and hence are considered pious and holy.

Irish ideology however relates spiders with witchery and witchcraft extensively. Hence it’s believed that Ireland is devoid of spiders as St. Patrick got rid of them for the welfare of the subjects.

Cobwebs are also regarded as pieces of fabric in their culture to symbolize and embrace the art of creation and development.

Spiders in their culture are the Goddesses of the Matrix who bind all the destinies together and are believed to connect our pasts with our futures.

Spiders also are symbolic of Halloween as they are sacred to Arachne, Ariadne, Anansi, and Macardit.

What Does Dreaming Spiders Mean?

Caught in a spider’s web In Your Dreams

This red flag distinctly symbolizes that you are entangled in an unpleasant situation for too long and that it’s hard for you to get out of it. So, you can also take it as an inspiration for you to try your best to get out of this situation at all costs.

Spider trying to feast on you after having you wrapped like a bug

This means the same as the above situation, only that there are chances that this situation might eat you up if you don’t find a solution for the same as soon as possible.

If you see a group of spiders or one single gigantic spider in your dream

This situation might mean that you have a lot to deal with in your life and you can’t even escape a single one of them if you want to reach your destination. This might seem overwhelming but is a compulsion in your life that you have the potential to combat.

Spider crawling on you Dream Meaning

This means that you are not receiving enough air in your life and you feel that there are too many people around you, sticking to you and looking at you. You highly need some space to yourself to breathe back to life with energy and willingness to work.

If you dream of catching a spider

Good news is on your way. It means that you have sealed a deal for yourself and have overcome your barriers in life and hence now it’s time for you to grow and let go of your fears.

Spiders Totems and Omens Explained

  • A spider web in a brand new property is believed to invite in bad Omen and must be cleaned immediately.
  • Seeing a black spider on an important day might mean that the day won’t go successfully and you may encounter failure.
  • Spiders crawling up on your skin might be a good or a bad Omen depending on whether you are scared of them or are you quite fond of these creatures.
  • Spotting spiders in your food or in your bed might mean that you are supposed to fall sick soon.

Spiders As A Spirit Animal

If you have a spider as your spirit animal, it’s time that you observe your own potential and take initiative to spread your web far and wide for people to identify your true self.

Spiders will guide you to your deserving life and help you establish strength and beauty with your own retained individuality and high self-esteem. You are also someone who must be beaming with energy and motivation.


Hence, spiders are what you perceive them to be? Do you see the good in them? Or are you scared? Or the sight of these insects irritates you?

Whatever it is, the impact spiders bring on your life is wholly dependent on that one factor.

They can both be positive and negative, just like there are a lot of positive traits to learn from them and negative ones to avoid. Thus, you need to identify what to incorporate into your lifestyle and what to beware of.

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