Shark Symbolism and Meaning: Unbelievable Things You Must Understand

Shark Symbolism and Meaning

Shark symbolisms can be both ancient as well as new to human Civilizations. Beliefs around this creature have been there since ancient ages.

But some have been newly induced too after certain behavioral traits of this creature have been discovered by scientists.

Being animals whose oldest fossils are as old as 450 million years ago, which is way before humans and even trees’ appearance on Earth, it’s definite that these ancient creatures will have some interesting symbolism associated with them.

So In this article, I’ve covered shark symbolism and meaning in detail. I’ve covered all the good and bad aspects related to this creature.

Understanding Sharks Symbolism and Meaning 

In a general context, a shark is a symbol of efficiency, protection,  mystery, superiority, and knowledge. In western culture, a shark represents catastrophic weather, a protector of the ocean, and danger. While in eastern culture a shark is a symbol of good luck, protection, and prosperity.


Sharks are powerful creatures, and dangerous as well. The South Pacific dwellers perceive Sharks as their protector angel.

This is because there are multiple threats that these island inhabitants face in the middle of the Ocean, but all these threats seem to be threatened by the existence of Sharks, hence the symbolism.


Not only protectors, but Sharks are also the Guardian Animals. The fishermen had a firm belief that if they ever got lost in the sea, a shark wing would appear and guide them on their way home.

They are also believed to guide them to the best places to catch fish for their underwater familiarity and hence the symbolism.


Sharks indeed are some epitomes of focus. They are extremely interest-oriented creatures. Their capabilities of smelling blood from afar and sharp hunting skills are a clear reflection of the same. Hence, they preach the importance of focus and how sweet the fruits are which it bears.


Sharks do have their own authority. Other sea creatures and even humans are dead scared of a hungry shark because anyone can fall prey to its wrath of hunger.

Yet, when fed, these animals help humans and guard and protect them. In both ways, these creatures earn their respect and authority among everyone.

Sharks Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilizations 

What Does Shark Symbolize In Native American Culture?

Native Americans do not perceive sharks as something too distinct and significant and hence categorize them generally under the broader head of fishes.

However, some tribes of California believe that Sharks are human-eating monsters which however is scientifically wrong as sharks tend to abstain from eating humans and only consume them as a last resort.

Sharks there are also symbols of predictions for storms, hurricanes, and other catastrophic weather conditions, especially when spotted off the shore.

However, Hawaiian Mythology has mentioned Sharks with some associated meanings of human transformation into sharks after death.

The role of such transformation is to bless ocean life with a pathfinder. They also talk about the seven Shark Gods who are responsible for protecting the sea.

What Does Shark Symbolize In Eastern Culture?

Sharks were animals of honor and delicacy in ancient Chinese culture. These animals were hunted and served on auspicious occasions. However, such a delicacy eventually became a threat of extinction for the sharks.

They also believe that Shark fin can boost your sexual capabilities and immunity if consumed in the right ways as prescribed medicine. Chinese folktales also talk about certain hybrid sharks that make duck sounds.

Japanese fishermen worship Sharks as a symbol of good fortune, wealth, and prosperity. Their storm God is also a representation of Shark, as profoundly believed by them.

What Does Shark Symbolize In Christianity?

The Bible however disqualified all the positive notions of Sharks and firmly believed the devilish side to the creature. It is referred to as the demon of the underwater world, who is unclean and hence not fit for eating.

Its spiritual significance is that of a being who has been a sinner all his life but if prays to the Spirit of kindness with faith and honesty begging for mercy, God will take away his sins. “Jesus Shark” is also an emblem of Christ’s perfection.

Also in christianity shark dream interpretations and spiritual meanings are mostly about vulnerability and danger and the need to stay cautious about your surroundings.

What Does Shark Symbolize In Celtic Culture?

Sharks in Irish culture are referred to with the Gaelic name of “loving.” Scotland however spots mystery and myth in Sharks, believing that these Sharks pull boats underwater to drown and kill people.

The symbolism of the animal in ancient arts displays a monstrous shark surrounded by snakes resembling the interpretation.

However, they tend to use the oil from the liver of Sharks as a cure for rheumatism.

Are You Seeing Sharks In Your Dream? Here’s The Meaning

  • Shark dreams are principally believed to be an indication that you are still in the phase of your past trauma and it is taking you much time to be normal around your friends and family. It’s a sign you should start approaching ways to get out of this phase.
  • When you dream of swimming with sharks, it’s a positive omen that you have the innate capability to not only face challenges courageously but also to be able to calculate solutions and overcome the challenges efficiently.
  • When you simply dream of a shark in water, it means that you are eventually losing control over your own aggressiveness and it’s time you put a check on it.
  • When you dream of a dead shark, it’s a sign that life will finally settle down for you and you will have a phase of happiness soon.
  • When you dream of being attacked by a Shark, it means that someone extremely close to your heart is going to stab a knife at your back, i.e. deceive you. However, if it’s someone you love whom you see being attacked, that person might be at threat.

Sharks Totems and Omens Explained

  • When you encounter a shark in the sea quite often, it’s a sign that your mind is too invested in money and materialistic possessions and the real values of your life are seemingly slipping off your palms.
  • It might also mean that you have evil and deceptive intentions of your greed for money to reach an extent where you tend to lay your hands on other’s hard earned money.
  • When a shark is following a ship in the sea, it is a prediction of someone ending up dead during the voyage. However, the shark itself might not kill anyone, but can sense the death occurrence through its instincts.
  • If you manage to swim with Sharks without ending up harmed, good fortune is on its way for you.

Is Shark Your Spirit Animal?

If a Shark is your Spirit Animal, it’s time you start to face your own fears rather than constantly trying to escape them.

You should also take a stand for yourself more often, especially in front of the people who tend to bring you down.

Having a shark as your Spirit Animal ensures that you are going to recognize your self-worth rather than letting someone else do that for you.

You must practice independence and self-reliance because you definitely have a high potential to be that person who suffices oneself. Your energy, spirituality, and divinity are all within you, waiting to be explored.


Hence, sharks are essential symbols around the globe with their own importance and impact on our lives.

Living on both sides of the coin, positive and negative, these animals are both worshiped by some cultures while despised by others.

These animals have managed to build their own kingdom under the water and through their own actions preach a lot of crucial lessons to humanity that we should actually learn.

You are definitely lucky if you have a Shark as your Spirit Animal and must put this aspect of your life to its optimum utility.

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