Scorpion Symbolism and Meaning: Things You Must Know About These Creatures

Scorpion Symbolism and Meaning

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the animal Scorpion? Well, in most cases it is the zodiac sign of Scorpio that we can relate to.

Even though it’s quite obvious that the characteristics of people belonging to this zodiac are comparable to the creatures themselves, the relevance and symbolism of scorpions go a lot beyond that too. 

So In this article, I’ll explain scorpion symbolism and meaning in detail. I’ll cover all the aspects of this creature from meaning in different civilizations to dreams interpretation and spirit animal.

Understanding Scorpion Symbolism and Meaning 

In a general context, a scorpion is a symbol of lust, evil, destruction, and death. In western culture, a scorpion symbolizes greed, evil nature, and medicinal value. While in eastern culture a scorpion represents protective force as well as evil powers.

  • Scorpions are majorly the symbols of death, decay, disease, and danger. These creatures are active at night, symbolizing hosts of darkness, and are also venomous stingers symbolizing poisonous traits.
  • When it comes to its zodiac, Scorpio is a powerful zodiac with some ideal personality traits like a powerful and dominant approach towards life. These people tend to be extremely private and secretive about their own endeavors in life. They mostly tend to be resistant to external cues or distractions and believe in their own intuitions. They are optimistic and certainly cheerful and charismatic with an indomitable level of confidence that is certainly magnetic and strengthens their level of determination.
  • Scorpion jewelry, popular in some cultures around the world represents the intellectual prowess and unfaltering moral approach towards life. Hence, bringing out the ambiguous side to Scorpion symbolisms.

Scorpions Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilizations 

What Does Scorpion Symbolize In Native American Culture?

Scorpions own a noble throne in the culture of Native Americans. But in spite of such high regard, surprisingly enough these insects are still associated with cults, spells, and ancient rituals.

However, they also tend to use scorpion poison as an antidote and medicines for other fatal venoms when entering the human or animal system.

The Shaman tribes besides believing in Scorpion venoms’ medicinal properties also tend to take their venom for its believed psychedelic traits, for higher states of consciousness, and more zeal to work to their utmost potential.

What Does Scorpion Symbolize In Eastern Culture?

The Eastern tribes perceive Scorpion as both symbolic of protective force as well as evil energy, along with high regard for their prolonged survival and evolution on planet Earth, except Antarctica.

Southern Asia widely uses Scorpion symbolisms for their motifs in artworks, especially in the Islamic States. These are also used as charms in pendants and hand bands to eradicate evil energy.

Chinese use Scorpion symbolisms with spider, viper, centipede, and tode, as a group of reptile protectors, especially for families with one child. This charm is used for clothes as well and is also believed to fight illness.

What Does Scorpion Symbolize In Christianity?

Christianity uses Scorpion symbols to signify anything evil and harmful, for its venomous sting of the tail that is fatal to human health.

The Bible has even mentioned this creature in unpleasant contexts in the verses of the holy book for hurtful references.

However, they use Scorpion motifs in creative ways too, especially the artists, depicting male and female faces in deformed nature.

What Does Scorpion Symbolize In Celtic Civilization?

Celtic believes in the mystical capabilities of Scorpions, as an enigmatic creature that is venomous and hence, fatal to the human race. These creatures are often mentioned in their folktales.

These creatures dwelling in cracks and crevices like snakes were compared to snakes for chthonic powers and also used for witchcraft. 

However, Scorpions sometimes were considered of divine and spiritual importance.

African Symbolism of Scorpions 

Africans however do have a different approach towards Scorpion symbolisms, i.e. Logic, or a conclusive argument. This mainly means that these creatures are placed in a chiefly state of authority.

The Egyptians consider the scorpions with their red flashing hearts as ultimate representations of life circles. It is also believed that scorpions were sent to kill the Sun and hence it became symbolic of darkness and death.

Are You Seeing Scorpion in Your Dream? Here’s The Meaning

  • Simply seeing a Scorpion in your dreams means that you are currently surrounded by life threatening enemies around you and you should start confronting them instead of trying to escape.
  • When you dream of a Scorpion biting you, your potential enemy is here to challenge your existence to a great extent and you must be aware.
  • A Scorpion dream might also mean that you are supposed to anticipate a birth or death in your family in near future.
  • It can also mean that you are on your sacred path of spirituality, especially when you see a solitary Scorpion in your dream.

Scorpions Totems and Omens Explained

  • Scorpions represent aggression and violence and hence seeing them involved in such activities are definitely negative omens inviting such traits in your personality.
  • Seeing these insects might also mean that there is going to be a lot of bitterness in your life along with unnecessary sarcasm.
  • A scorpion on a sick man’s bed ensures good health and speedy recovery for them.
  • The Bible establishes a link between Scorpion, Satan, and snakes.
  • Red Scorpions are ways to spiritual development and if you encounter them, epiphany is on its way for you.

Is Scorpion your Spirit Animal? 

If Scorpion is your spirit animal, you are a born protector. Your soul reflects an affinity to protect yourself from all potential threats and also protect your immediate close ones in the same manner.

You have guiding powers in you that make you an ideal leader and pathfinder for your followers.

You have a spiritual depth that will take you a long way in life. Lastly, you are resilient and adaptable to all situations you are made to confront.


Hence, Scorpions are indeed some iconic creatures who mainly represent traits like evil, decay, destruction, death, and unpleasant situations.

However, exceptionally they are also symbolic of lust and sex in some cultures. A tattoo of a scorpion can be a representation of boldness and self-reliance coated with a rough and intolerant nature.

Thus, apart from the quite obvious symbolism, Scorpion symbolisms are spotted to be quite diverse and enriching and obviously something to learn from!

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