Rooster Symbolism and Meaning: Unbelievable Things You Never Knew

Rooster Symbolism and Meaning

In a general context, the Rooster is a symbol of vigilance, dawn as a morning alarm, hope, new day, resurrection, and defiance.

These traits when discussed will dig out some explanations as to why a rooster is symbolic of these traits, exactly what we are doing in this article. 

This article will take you through the rooster symbolism and meaning in detail. I’ll cover every aspect of this creature like what it means in different Civilizations, what it means to see it in your dream, and so on.

Understanding Rooster Symbolism and Meaning 

  • Roosters are largely symbolic of the Sun, signifying light. It belongs to everything optimistic and reflects on the lighter side to everything.
  • These creatures are also the emblem of France as a sign of hope in a dark night and assurance that a new day is about to arrive soon.
  • Also symbolic of incest, roosters also are associated with masculinity and its beauty and significance in society.
  • It also is a symbol of attributes like resurrection, insolence, self-confidence, inordinate, and also frustrated desire, along with good fortune and an optimistic approach. However, to some cultures, it might be a sign of foolishness.
  • Black roasters however are symbolic of death, danger, evil, and darkness, which obviously arises from the color of their feathers.
  • When fighter roasters have a white color in their tales, it is symbolic of negative traits like cowardice and disinclination to fight.
  • These creatures are also symbolic of vigilance, guard, and alertness, whereas the red roosters also are linked to fire and protection from fire.

Rooster Symbolism In Different Civilizations 

What Does Rooster Symbolize In Native American Culture?

The Lakota tribes of Native American land use the symbolisms of roosters as a sign of empath and assertiveness. Such belief also arises from its association with the Sun, dawn, hope, and vigilance.

Rooster medicine is a cue for you to be more vigilant, aware, and observant of your surroundings, prioritizing what’s good and overlooking, rather than eradicating what’s bad and negative.

It also is believed to fetch strength, guidance, immense wisdom, affection, and insight from the members of the clan who are named after them. Some of them also have a few rituals associated with the belief.

Besides the rooster energy being symbolic of spiritual and religious significance, it is also used to display the significance of strength in games that deal with masculinity.

What Does Rooster Symbolize In Eastern Culture?

Chinese tend to perceive Roosters as a good omen with an important symbolism of charm, wealth, and good luck.

They also tend to find the association of the Rooster God and Fire Rooster with a focus on work and organization of time and money. These creatures are also mentioned as a phoenix, crane, or wild goose in their culture.

When talking about a Rooster year, it means it’s the year for one to take that huge leap of faith, aided with hard work and genuine efforts towards their goals in life.

It means it will be a great year for you if you decide to put in those extra efforts. However, the specifications of prospects of an individual in this year are often associated with the Zodiacs of people. People born this year are supposed to have great fortune in life.

What Does Rooster Symbolize In Christianity?

Roosters in the Bible are considered the landmarks that signify the passage of time. In all the four gospels, this creature displays the denial of Jesus by Peter, as per the prediction of the Lord Himself, before the rooster crows. However, this symbolism of Roosters is somewhat contradictory too. 

Roosters in Christianity also are symbolic of an evangelical preacher, i.e. the one who brings good news and also is associated with the first ray of light in the morning.

Also associated with the human soul clock, some mystical traits are also found in their culture that mentions roosters, mainly regarding the limited time people tend to have with them.

What Does Rooster Symbolize In Celtic Civilizations?

Celtic perceives Roosters quite deeply in their culture, like that of a holy animal that is eaten by some regions with the same sacred belief associated with it.

It is believed to announce a new day and hence symbolic of an active lifestyle wherein every sunrise would mark a new journey.

These creatures in their culture are also symbolic of fertility and believed to be signs of romantic and lustful relationships, along with their association with God of abundance and financial success, Mercury.

They are also referred to as a bird of battle, often used as an emblem. This reference is mainly due to how lustful these creatures are to be involved in a fight. They are the national emblem of France.

What Does Rooster Symbolize In African Culture?

For Africans, the sexual aggressiveness of roosters makes them a powerful symbol of fertility and sexuality, also a powerful voodoo symbol and rooster icon as a symbol of cults and clans.

These creatures are also used and sacrificed for several rituals in somewhat brutal ways as a precious part. A homestead rooster however is never sold in their culture as it is an omen of masculinity and sexual potency in the household, that ensures continuity of the lineage.

These creatures are also meant to purify, cleanse and bless wherein their blood is mixed with other substances to create a holy mixture of cure.

Red roosters are believed to be the source of thunder and lightning on Earth.

Are You Dreaming About Rooster? Here’s The Meaning

  • Rooster in your dreams can be believed as a source of hope, vigilance and dawn, especially if you are going through a bad phase in your life, it’s a sign that you should keep going as the silver lining awaits for you.
  • A rooster in its sexually active state can also signify male aggression,masculinity and virtility. If you think you are lacking back in any of these traits, it’s a cue for you that it’s not the case and you are hence just away from exploring yourself. 
  • For a female such dream might mean that a sexually dominating men in going to step foot into her life in near future.
  • When you see a solitary rooster making its way through life alone, it might mean that the Universe is asking you to trust your intuition and let your guts lead you to your desired destination. 
  • If you dream of fighting a rooster, good fortune awaits you and from now on your life will start to look far better than you probably have ever imagined.
  • A rooster cocking might mean it’s a reflection of your cocky and arrogant nature wherein you find interest in indulging in futile gossip, a definite red flag.
  • Having a rooster dream might also mean it’s a wake up call for you to stop being just hopeful and start acting accordingly to achieve the desired goals.

Roosters Totems and Omens Explained

  • In the UK, it is believed that when trying to find something under water, a rooster should be carried on a boat around the water body, and as soon as the boat will reach the place where the thing is, it will crow, hence helping one find what’s lost underwater.
  • Encountering a crowing rooster early in the morning is a good omen of good fortune and optimism.
  • When you unexpectedly and unconsciously end up killing a roaster, some unexpected good news is believed to be on its way for you. 
  • Seeing a rooster at doorstep early in the morning is however considered as a negative omen and it is believed that to eradicate such evil energy, one should kill the rooster right away. However, a crowing rooster at doorsteps means that you will have a guest that day.
  • A rooster crowing at night is a bad omen but crowing at dusk might predict good news again.

Is Rooster Your Spirit Animal? 

If a rooster is your Spirit Animal, you are a person who is inclined towards human traits like vigilance and keen observation skills, hence symbolic of spiritual vigilance as well.

You carry luck and fortune with you, as mentioned in Chinese Culture. You are a resourceful person and if you are a male, you have a high sense of masculinity.

Whereas, if you are a woman, you have a strong sense of attraction towards masculine men. You tend to let your actions speak more than you do, as you believe in the power of actions.

The only thing that pulls you back is your struggle to let go of your old habits, which must be overcome.


Hence, a rooster stands for multiple symbolism, most of which are optimistic and bring in the light of hope. These creatures preach pride and forecast a new day along with the ability to resurrection.

It is symbolic of good luck as well that brings wealth and fortune. Also referred to as a symbol of prayer, it’s vivid how this creature is filled up to the brim with spirituality for us to learn and accept it into our own lives.

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