Raven Symbolism And Meaning: Here’s What To Do If Seeing Them

Raven Symbolism And Meaning

The knowledge and beliefs related to the symbolism of a thing or animal are not a new tradition. The symbolism of animals or things is prevalent from the past.

There are many beliefs related to birds or other things. With this article, we have discussed the symbolism of the raven. Raven is a bird from the genus Corvus family.

Many times a person is confused between crow and raven. It is because of the appearance of both of these birds. 

However, it is important to rightly identify the bird with which you have an encounter. The benefit of symbolism will only come when the bird is rightly identified.

To make it more clear, a Raven is a bird that is big as compared to a crow. Ravens are of the size of a red-tailed hawk.

Even the sounds made by both these birds are different. Crow makes a cawing sound while a raven makes a croaking sound. 

Therefore, it is important to see and listen to the bird which you have encountered. Now, coming back to symbolize.

With this article, we have mentioned the raven symbolism and meaning that is commonly believed in the world.

Even we have mentioned the specific beliefs of different civilizations and if you see a raven in a dream, then what does it symbolize? You will find everything with this article. 

Understanding Raven Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a raven is a symbol of prophecy, fertility, wisdom, and ill omen. In western culture, a raven symbolizes transformation, filth, black magic, and courage. While in eastern culture, a raven represents protection, wisdom, and a divine messenger.

The symbolism of the raven is different in many cultures. In many cultures, it is believed that ravens symbolize the sun.

It is so because ravens shine bright in the sun. It is believed that they can survive the sun. However, the Greeks believes that the white raven was the Apollo bird.

But God had blackened the bird’s feather because it had revealed secrets. 

In Hinduism, food is prepared for ravens or crows after the death of their family member.

It is believed that if a crow or raven touches the food, it means that the departed soul is happy and resting in peace. The symbolism related to ravens includes:

  • Raven symbolizes the change in consciousness
  • In many cultures, the raven is also symbolized as a scary bird
  • Symbolism like death, fertility, healing powers, longevity, affection, and wisdom are common perceptions related to the raven. 

Raven Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilization

What Does Raven Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

Native Americans’ beliefs related to ravens are prevalent from the past. Most of the tribes of Native Americans believe that ravens relate to the sun.

The symbolism as per Native Americans includes shapeshifter and a change in consciousness. The beliefs as per Native Americans include:

  • It is believed that ravens possess the power of drawing secrets from shadows. 
  • Symbol of temptations
  • A messenger from the great void beyond time and space. 
  • Ravens can change their outlook and allows a person to have the courage to enter the realm
  • The black emptiness of the raven symbolizes that a person will find all the answers to the questions within themselves. 

What Does Raven Symbolizes In Christianity?

In Christianity, the beliefs related to the raven are mentioned in Noah’s story. It is believed that the raven hadn’t returned to the ark and fed on corpses killed by the flood.

Due to this instance, the symbolism of the raven in Christianity is negative. Here, the symbolism related to the raven include:

  • It is believed that the raven is an evil beast who is driven by its appetite. 
  • Ravens are shameless and arrogant
  • It is believed that ravens are tied to impure men. 

In Bible, it is mentioned that Noah argued with a raven. Even some experts mentioned that the raven declined to go on Noah’s mission. Therefore, ravens do not have a very positive symbolism in Christianity. 

What Does Raven Symbolizes In Celtic Civilization?

In Celtic, the symbolism of the raven is very much related to wisdom. It was mentioned in the Hebrides that if a child is given a drink of raven skull, then it is expected that the child will gain wisdom.

However, the Celtic warriors considered ravens as cruel and carnage of war. But in some Celtic, ravens symbolize war while in Whales, this bird symbolizes protection. Therefore, the symbolism is different in Celtic traditions. 

Are You Seeing Raven In Your Dreams? Here’s The Meaning

The symbolism of birds in a dream is highly prevalent in many cultures. It is believed that if you tie a raven feather near the bed, then it will filter out negative dreams.

The feathers of the raven are believed to trap the spirits in the dreams. However, there are misinterpretations related to dreaming raven. It is believed that dreaming ravens means death.

But, dreaming ravens signifies the uttering of truth or attaining sovereignty. However, the symbolism of dreaming ravens as per situations includes:

  • If you dream raven falling on someone, then it means no thieves anymore. 
  • If you dream of hunting a raven, then it means attaining gains
  • Dreaming to catch raven means false arrogance.
  • Dreaming of eating raven means that the dreamer will obtain money from thieves. 
  • If you dream of a raven near the door, then it means death or committing a crime. 

Raven as totem animals encourages the person to move to the spiritual realm and connect with the physical plane. This bird is highly sensitive and may ask the person to observe from all angles. This bird can provide supreme insight, hindsight, and foresight. Raven as totem animal represents:

  • This animal asks the person to connect directly with them. 
  • Ravens will be able for the person whenever they will face the transformation.
  • Ravens can help the person to fly into the world of the deceased person. 

Now when it comes to omens related to the raven, then the history of raven omens is well associated with negative things. In many cultures, still, it is believed that the raven symbolizes the death of the person. Raven feeds on the dead and decaying animals. Therefore, this bird symbolizes diabolical evil. But raven also symbolizes transformation. Some omens related to raven include:

  • If more ravens are found dead in a church, then it is a bad omen.
  • Finding a dead raven is considered a good omen in Great Britain.
  • One raven flying over the house is a bad omen and symbolizes death. 

Is Raven Your Spirit Animal?

Raven as a spirit animal has different meanings and there is something that a raven may want to convey to the person.

The nature of ravens is playful and they are considered intelligent birds. It is so because they can use stones or sticks to crack shells and nuts.

These birds are fast and they never let any other birds intimidate them. Due to the nature and intelligence of this bird, many beliefs are related to the raven as a spirit animal. This includes:

  • This bird may tell you that you are on the verge of manifesting something. This can be a thing on which you are working for a long time. 
  • It is expected that the person will change soon. A person should look into the changes and speak in case of injustice. Raven may direct you to a future event that may be impacting you directly. 
  • You can call the raven spirit animal in case you feel that someone is tricking you. They will guide and teach you. 
  • Therefore, the spiritual meaning of raven is to use the resources available and get what you need. 


Birds are part of nature and symbolism related to birds is prevalent from the past. However, many birds possess a positive symbolism while some birds possess a negative meaning.

One of those birds is the raven. The symbolism of the raven is used to be negative for many cultures and tribes. 

But with this article, we have mentioned all the aspects that are related to the symbolism of the raven. Many tribes believe that the raven is a symbol of wisdom.

While some religions believe that this bird can be evil. Therefore, the symbolism can be different as per the culture and tribe. 

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