Ram Symbolism And Meaning: Do They Really Bring Good Fortune?

Ram Symbolism And Meaning

Imagine you are traveling by your car and you encounter the flock of sheep? Well, that sounds amazing to us.

The beauty that the flock of sheep possesses is very much different and it provides a good experience.

Sheep are usually kept as livestock but do you know they also have symbolism? Yes, there are many beliefs associated with the sheep and especially ram. 

Ram is the male sheep and they usually live in the mountains. They have long fur, curved horns, and split hooves.

They are typically 5 to 6 feet tall. However, the symbolism of the ram varies among culture-to-culture. With this article, we have covered the ram symbolism and the meaning in detail. 

Understanding Ram Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a ram is a symbol of strength, leadership, boldness, and rebirth. In western culture, a ram represents the circle of life, higher power, sacrifice. and Guardian of the herd. While in eastern culture a ram symbolizes respect, fulfillment, determination, and prosperity.

The symbolism of the ram is highly associated with the strongest aspects. It is so because ram usually lives at the rocky edges and abrupt cliffs.

They leap among the slippery terrain and their horns look like a crown. This animal has the strong characteristics of a leader.

The symbolism of ram includes boldness, power, new beginnings, and new paths. It reminds the ancient warriors and their defiant attitude.

Even this animal is the first sign of the zodiac and it symbolizes rebirth, spring, and the circle of life. 

Ram Symbolism And Meaning In Different Culture

What Does Ram Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

In the beliefs of Native Americans, every animal or bird has symbolism and they provide some lessons to the humans.

When a sheep is concerned, it has a great connection with the Navajo tribe and they used to celebrate for these sheep.

However, for the other tribes of Native Americans, the relevance and symbolism of sheep are not prevalent. When it comes to ram symbolism, they are associated with the Bighorn sheep. 

However, this animal was usually hunted for the meat but they have great relevance as a totem animal. It is believed that this spirit animal helps the tribe.

Ram’s horns were used for preserving fire and Pikunii people used to carry fire in horn from one camp to another. When it comes to the symbolism of rams, they are highly associated with their horns.

It is believed that the ram symbolizes the circle of life, i.e., birth and rebirth. It is so because the ram’s horns are usually spiraled which gives this symbolism.

What Does Ram Symbolizes In Eastern Civilization?

The symbolism of the ram in Asian countries is highly related to the make symbol yang and the sun. In the Chinese zodiac symbols, the ram is among those twelve animals in these symbols.

It is believed that the ram symbolizes the sign of indecision which can be derived from its characteristics.

Many people also believe that the primordial instincts of this animal symbolize the insatiable desire for fulfillment and lust. 

However, when it comes to the symbolism and beliefs related to sheep in Chinese tradition, it is believed that this animal symbolizes prosperity. It is believed that persons who are born under the sheep sign are kind, admired, and peace-loving. 

What Does Ram Symbolizes In Christianity?

The symbolism of the ram in the Bible is not highly represented. However, there is a powerful symbolism of lamb in this holy book.

It is believed that Jesus Christ is the Lamb of God and he redeemed the sins of the world by his sacrifice. In Bible, a “horn of salvation” is mentioned.

This refers to Jesus Christ and it represents the idea of salvation through strength. It is believed that the ram in the blush symbolizes that the god is with you and he will always help you. 

The spiritual meaning of the horns as per this religion is highly associated with the altars and worshipping rituals. It is believed that the ram is the first animal that was sacrificed in altars.

Therefore, as per the bible’s meaning, ram is associated with the idea of royalty, sacrifice, and power. The ram symbols in Christianity symbolize sacrifice and protection. 

What Does Ram Symbolizes In Celtic Civilization?

As per Celtic mythology, it is believed that the ram was one of the animals who was treasured by the Brigid. Brigid is the goddess of motherhood, fertility, and protector of the domesticated animals.

It is believed that Cirb, the powerful ram king of sheep was presented in the goddess depictions. Due to this association, it is believed that the ram symbolizes protection, authority, and kingship. Ram is also associated with the renewal and spring season. 

Are You Dreaming About Ram? Here’s The Meaning

Dreaming of ram can have different meanings and messages that nature wants to communicate. At least it is true in many cultures that believe that every ram dream symbolizes some aspects to the dreamer.

However, the meaning of the dream varies as per the situation seen in the dream. It is believed that dreaming of ram may indicate the refusal to obey and the desire to rule. Dreams of ram also represent the natural urges and sexual drive of a person. 

It is highly believed that the dreaming ram symbolizes impulsiveness, aggression, and energy. But the meaning of the ram dream can vary as per the situation and color of the sheep.

Some of the beliefs related to such dreaming include:

  • Dreaming of a white sheep represents the upcoming good days. 
  • Dreaming of black ram means that the dreamer will have to face a difficult period ahead. 
  • Dreaming of a flock of sheep grazing indicates that the life of the dreamer is stable and he will not miss anything. 
  • Dreaming of sheep bleating and butting ram chasing you means gossip about you. You should not share too much about yourself. 
  • Dreaming of a dead sheep or ram represents bad news that the dreamer may have to face in the upcoming days. 

Ram Totems & Omens Explained

It is believed that people with ram totem animals are self-motivated, bold, and creative. This totem animal never lets a person miss the opportunities.

People with ram totem animals are born leaders and they are always ready to fight for keeping their status fiercely. They approach their life obstacles with strength and courage.

However, the characteristics of the people with sheep totem animals are different from ram totems. They are usually gentle and compassionate. 

When it comes to the omens related to ram encounters, there are many beliefs related to this animal. However, the omens vary as per the color of the sheep. The beliefs related to omens include:

  • It is believed that encountering a black sheep is a bad omen and even in Scotland, it is believed that a black-faced sheep’s birth brings misfortune to all the flock. 
  • It is believed that showing lambs to strangers is a bad omen. 
  • In Chinese religion, it is believed that if a child is born during the year of the sheep, then he will have a difficult life ahead. 

Is Ram Your Spirit Animal?

If a person needs the courage to venture on a new quest, then it is believed that the ram spirit animal will come to them. It is believed that the spiritual meaning of this animal is to perform self-reflection.

This spirit animal highlights the toughness. The ram spirit animal teaches a person that grabs life by the horns and leaves the comfort zone. Here, the symbolism of ram horns is related to the mental faculties. 

In other words, the ram spirit animal means that one should focus on his intellectual growth. People with ram spirit animals are adventurous, passionate, and brave.

This spirit animal teaches us to overcome all the obstacles that life has for us. Therefore, one should pay attention to this spirit animal to get essential things. 


Encountering a ram can be common for the people who live nearby their habitat. But it can be rare for others. However, a person can encounter them in dreams as well.

The symbolism of this animal varies from culture to culture. With this article, we have mentioned the ram symbolism and the meaning of ram dreams.

Overall, the symbolism of the ram is associated with strength and the circle of life. Therefore, whenever you encounter a ram after this, analyze the situation and make better decisions. 

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