Rabbit Symbolism And Meaning: Do These Creatures Bring Good or Bad Luck?

Rabbit Symbolism And Meaning

When we think of rabbits, we instantaneously picture an adorable, hasty yet unharmful, and friendly animal. These animals are tricky and it is almost impossible to get a hold of them during their flight. 

When humans lose track and are clueless about how to sort a plan or make a decision between two options or realize somebody is trying to take advantage of them, they turn towards the rabbit spirit animal for their rescue.

A rabbit conveys the message of being cautious of our surroundings and being swift and intelligent to avoid problems or difficulties.

It guides us to make decisions quickly yet correctly so that it suits our best interest and plot clever plans to get out of a situation. 

So In this article, I’ll explain rabbit symbolism and meaning in detail. I’ll cover all the good and bad symbolism related to this animal.

Understanding Rabbit Symbolism and Meaning

In a general context, a rabbit symbolizes spontaneity, fertility, sensitivity, good luck, and wisdom. In western culture, a rabbit represents a trickster figure, fertility, and a spiritual guide. While in eastern culture a rabbit is a symbol of cleverness, vigilance, self-protection, and wit.

Rabbits are highly sensitive creatures. Their very known feature is their nose twitching. Rabbits are able to sense smells over 20 times what we humans do.

They also have noticeably big sensitive ears which help them grasp various sounds from their surroundings. This feature always keeps them alert and aware of nearby prey.

Their eyes are also unique and give them a clear, all-dimensional vision. These features of the rabbit add up to why they are a symbol of sensitivity. 

Rabbits remind humans to not lose their sensitivity to the environment. In the process of life, sometimes people do tend to pull up their guards and be unbothered by what happens around them.

Rabbits remind us that though sometimes being sensitive can bring hurt or discomfort, we should never desensitize ourselves because our sensations are gifts and we should cherish them.

Rabbits are extremely spontaneous and witty. It is well known that a rabbit is hard to catch, not just because of its speed but also for its clever, planned moves.

Therefore they are used to symbolize both wit and spontaneity and teach humans how to keep off troubles and use their intelligence to pave a way out and be agile. 

According to many ancient mythologies and tales, rabbits have been heavily associated with the moon.

This could have various interpretations, one especially leading to the fact that rabbits are night-loving creatures.

They are mostly related to the new moon cycle which again relates rabbits to women’s fertility and rebirth and is used as a symbol of fertility. 

Rabbit Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilization

What Does Rabbit Symbolize In Native American Culture?

The Native Americans mostly refer to rabbits as tricksters. In a few regions, they are also considered a symbol of fertility. 

Although there are many theories about rabbits, none of them resemble rabbits to be evil or harmful. Hence, the Natives respect these animals and do not fear them.

The Aztecs viewed rabbits as a sign of self-indulgence and dissipation. The rabbit was a type of alcoholic drink for them and they connected it with boozing. 

The Great Hare, Nanabozho, or the son of the Sun according to the Anishinaabe tribes, was believed to be a teacher and a friend of the humans. 

The Natives also associated rabbits with fear. They said that rabbits usually live in fear and they call upon the thing that frightens them until they notice it.

They named these creatures, “fear-callers”. Hence, they symbolize rabbits to be a sign that humans should not focus on things that frighten them otherwise those things will manifest in their lives even more. 

What Does Rabbit Symbolize In Christianity?

In Christianity, the rabbit symbolizes Easter. Easter originated from a German goddess named, Eostre. 

Eostre is the goddess of spring and fertility, which is one of the reasons why rabbits are considered to be a symbol of fertility. 

The Christian spiritual meaning of rabbits is an association with German immigrants settling and telling stories to their children.

Easter celebration relates to German folktales which tell children that only the good and obedient ones will receive gifts and painted eggs. 

Rabbits are mostly related to fertility, growth, wealth, and prosperity but sometimes also stand for revolution and a troublemaker. 

What Does Rabbit Symbolize In Celtic Civilization?

The Celts consider rabbits to be supernatural, powerful creatures. They oppose the idea of harming rabbits as they believe it will bring misfortune and bad luck. 

A Celtic myth proclaims that a warrior had once hurt a rabbit’s leg and chased it through a door. When we went inside he was surprised to find a young, beautiful woman bleeding from her wounded leg.

Based on this Celts refrain from hurting rabbits and even forbid eating their meat. 

Celt’s associate rabbits with femininity and fertility. They also symbolize rabbits with strength and speed.

Since rabbits live on the ground and have a close connection with the earth, Celts believe rabbits have a connection with the underworld and carry messages between the dead and the living.

Are You Seeing Rabbit In Your Dream? Here’s The Meaning

Rabbit dreams are highly related to fertility, sexuality, and good luck. When someone sees a rabbit in their dream it could basically mean a message that tells them that they will have an arrival of children in their life along with prosperity and good fortunes. 

  • The white rabbit symbolizes love, good luck, growth in relationships, and suppressed feelings of having a child and being a parent.
  • Black rabbit is associated with feelings of emotional insecurities and a hindrance in sexuality or relationships. 
  • Sometimes a rabbit biting in our dreams could also portray a similar meaning. 

Rabbit Totem Meaning

A rabbit totem animal generally refers to a person who is very witty and pleasure-seeking. He/she loves to live life. These people also have a tendency of skipping tasks. 

A rabbit is full of fear. Hence people with rabbit totems are also timid and extremely restless. Their mind is always up to something.

These people are also naturally shy and struggle with anxiety but the rabbit animal spirit helps them overcome these struggles.    

The rabbit totem also adds a seductive and innocent character to people. 

These people are very positive and have mastered the skill of solving situations tactfully. 

Rabbit Omen Meaning

An encounter with a rabbit is an assurance of good luck. Although based on the manner of encounter, there could be different interpretations. 

  • In general, having a rabbit cross paths with us could be an indication for us to follow our intuition and bring about a change in life like starting a family, making children. 
  • A rabbit moving to our left could mean we will encounter masculine energy, while a rabbit moving right could mean we will encounter feminine energy. 
  • Encountering a dead rabbit could mean we have lost our opportunities. 

Is Rabbit Your Spirit Animal?

People with rabbits as their spirit animals are extremely intelligent and swift in making decisions.

Rabbit usually resembles, good luck, wealth, good fortune, and a good luck omen to have a healthy family. The rabbit acts as a useful guide in family making and making calculated financial decisions. 

Rabbits guide us to be quick in taking opportunities and be flexible both mentally and physically. It makes us great at solving problems. 

It also helps us to be less predictable and more tactful in our work. People with rabbits as their spirit guide are very smart at paving their way through life.    


In conclusion, rabbits are cunning, charming creatures that symbolize abundance in life. If we witness a rabbit it is very important to observe behaviors and try to understand what they are trying to tell us.

If we follow the rabbit animal we will live full and be able to take advantage of every opportunity life puts forward.

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