Pig Symbolism and Meaning: Things You Must Know About These Creatures

Pig Symbolism and Meaning

Pigs are the kind of animals that have diverse sides associated with their symbolism that induce diverse interpretations of the creature and its impact on humanity in different ways.

Its symbolism can go from negative aspects of greed and uncleanliness to the brighter side of the creature. 

Hence, In this article, I’ll explain pig symbolism and meaning in detail. I’ll cover all the positive and negative aspects of this creature. 

Understanding Pig Symbolism and Meaning 

In a general context, a pig is a symbol of uncleanliness, stubbornness, greed, and good luck. In western culture, a pig symbolizes prosperity, filth, and rain harbingers. While in eastern culture a pig is a symbol of good luck, fertility, and abundance.

  • Pigs, mainly in the east, are important symbols of good fortune and hence used as charms or worshiped as God of fortune in several regions.
  • Hawaiian culture is noticed to have a great appreciation for pigs and their symbolism. And it is largely reflected in their artforms with reference to God and also economic power.
  • “When pigs fly” is a popular proverb used by people to signify that an event is impossible because as we all know, pigs can’t fly.
  • Some Eastern cultures perceive pigs as symbolic of traits like sincerity, tolerance, honesty, but also naive nature, also associated with astrology and pig horoscope.

Pigs Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilizations 

What Does Pig Symbolize In Native American Culture?

Native Americans do have some exclusive importance of pigs in their culture, mainly as the harbingers of rain and symbolic of fertility on Earth. Hence, a dream of a pig can also mean a year of a good harvest for the Shamans.

Besides being symbolic of a good harvest and hence good money, these creatures’ propensity to reproduce leads to their association with fertility and good fortune.

Hence fertility, good fortune, and money are major symbols of pig for Native Americans.

Pigs being symbolic of good fortune are considered Gods in their culture and hence are worshiped and medicine evoked to achieve success on their hunts.

However, all the symbols of pigs in their culture do not belong to only the positive side but also highlight the negative side of the story, wherein it is believed that these creatures are one of the principal reasons that induced the misunderstanding between Native Americans and foreign settlers.

And that they also consumed the food items that generally humans tend to depend on back in that time, like nuts and seeds. 

Pigs started to consume any and every available food in the forests, starting from clams, oysters and deers to even young indigenous wild animals, almost deserting all their essential forest resources.

This mainly led natives to start consuming pigs as their edibles themselves for survival, also taking proper care of them.

What Does Pig Symbolize In Eastern Culture?

In China, pigs are symbolic of great value for how dear it is to the people for its expensive flesh. The God of Swines is evoked in case of diseases like Chinese piggy porcine. 

This creature in their Zodiac is also one of the symbols included in their 12 signs of the zodiac. The year of the pig in their culture is a time that one should spend with their friends and family, letting go of the ugly sides of the past and moving ahead.

This symbolism used in the Zodiac is considered one of the most sociable signs. They also tend to associate pigs with the idea of “home.”

Pigs are also used as good luck charms ensuring success in the family business. Its symbolism of hidden agendas and wealth is also a reason why they are believed to bring good fortune.

What Does Pig Symbolize In Christianity?

Pigs in the Bible are mostly referred to as the wild nature of pigs rather than the domesticated ones, as a sign of unholy virtue, i.e. unfit for sacred places of worship and an abomination to the Gods.

Jews are allowed to consume anything but pork for the same belief. Pig’s blood is also given for sacrifice in several rituals of the Christians.

That is why pigs tend to be associated with uncleanliness in the Bible. However, eventually, these creatures were domesticated, inducing its association with Gentiles.

It also refers to a beautiful woman who lacks discretion, a reference between beauty and uncleanliness.

What Does Pig Symbolize In Celtic Culture?

Celtic associates divine feminine traits with that of a pig, symbolizing the idea of the great initiator. Goddess Ceridwen is the great Celtic pig, with unique symbolisms in their mythologies.

In many ancient tales, people tend to treat pigs as gifts, also regarded highly as appropriate for great feats on auspicious occasions.

Pigs were also later treated as the primary symbol of battle and hunting, specifically imprinted on helmets of warriors on horseback.

This was mainly to show the warrior traits of leadership, strength, speed, direction, warrior spirit, and shear force on the minds of the warriors.

What Does Pig Symbolize In Africans Culture?

Pigs perceive Africans as a symbol of transition. Islam in Africa however restricts the consumption of pork as mentioned in their culture. But in the hotter parts of Africa people tend to hunt and consume pork.

These creatures were also used as a tool of oppression hence symbolizing the same along with wealth.

Raising pigs was considered as a competition between women and hence more and more pigs were nurtured during the phase which was however to their own huge benefit.

Are You Seeing Pigs In your Dreams? Here’s The Meaning

  • Pigs in dreams are largely symbolic of arrogance and associated traits like stubbornness and greed. Such dreams can also reflect on the uncleanliness of your life or the people around you.
  • If you dream of a pig bogging through garbage, it means that someone near and dear to you is trying to make a living out of you without having themselves take their own responsibility. You shouldn’t let them take such advantage of you.
  • A pig in a civilized society in your dream might highlight your lack of manners. It however is not necessarily you who needs to work on your manners but it might be someone around you as well who lacks basic manners.
  • Dreaming of a baby pig is a sign of good fortune and is a prediction of good news, like money and wealth appreciation.
  • Dream interpretations of the pig can also mean sexual orientation, especially if that’s of concern to you at present.
  • However, if you end up dreaming of pigs repeatedly, it is a symbolism of stubbornness or obstinate aspects of your inner self.
  • Also, a pig in your dreams can portray male chauvinism, basically an arrogant man. Such a dream to a man might mean that he himself is that arrogant man and hence should put himself in check whereas such a dream to a woman might mean that she is tackling an arrogant man.

Pigs Totems and Omens Explained 

  • Pigs encounter symbolizes good fortune in most cultures that are mainly symbolic of wealth.
  • Some cultures also tend to cast light on the negative side of pig encounters, like garbage, dirt, and filth.
  • Eating pork is frowned upon in several cultures because these creatures actually eat “everything” that they find which can be unhygienic.
  • Encountering pigs in Hinduism is symbolic of an encounter with Lord Vishnu with a message from the Universe.
  • Europe tends to perceive a pig encounter with the destruction of crops and harvest for the year, especially if they are spotted in the field.
  • A pig crossing your path on the left side is a good omen, especially of fertility and good fortune.

Is Pig Your Spirit Animal? 

Having a pig as your Spirit Animal might mean that you are deprived. Not deprived of resources but the credit of the work you do.

People tend to not recognize your good qualities deliberately to bend you down. You have a wild spirit, allowing you to explore your own mind, thoughtfulness, and desires.

You are wise and have immense potential to survive every challenging situation. You have a beautiful connection to the Earth and hence you must recognize who you are and reach your highest self eventually.


Hence, pigs have quite diverse symbolism associated with them, reflecting on both their positive and negative aspects. From traits like greed and lack of manners to wealth and good luck.

Thus, it’s you who decides which symbolism of pigs are the ones that suit your culture and your own way of perceiving this creature and accordingly build your beliefs around the same.

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