Peacock Symbolism and Meaning: Do They Bring Good Fortune?

Peacock Symbolism and Meaning

God has certainly created some breathtaking sights and creatures on earth that are epitomes of beauty and grace symbolic of what a splendid creation of God can be.

And definitely, the bird peacock has its name at the top of the list. But is it just the beauty of the peacock that elevates its significance or is it there more to the bird that humankind talks about?

Well, there’s a lot to it beyond just apparent beauty and this article is here to enrich you and take you through all of that. We’ll explain peacock symbolism and meaning in detail.

Understanding Peacock Symbolism and Meaning 

In a general context, the peacock symbolizes psychic vision, dignity, love, beauty, and pride. In western culture, a peacock is a symbol of wellness, positive energy, sexuality, and self-confidence. While in eastern culture a peacock is considered a sacred being with good fortune.

Peacocks have some extremely impactful symbolisms that preach several crucial lessons and room for introspection and improvement to humankind that has been observed and appreciated by people for ages. 


The beauty of peacocks seems to be a drop of spiritual happiness and relief in a busy concrete world. It undoubtedly is the most beautiful bird discovered so far to exist on planet Earth.

The marvelous royal blue feather on their body perfectly complements the blue and green hues of their inexplicably beautiful feathers on their huge wings along with its own feather crown to mesmerize. Peacocks hence definitely are symbolic of royal beauty!

But the most interesting part is that Peacocks are not born with all these metallic hues, but they become so eventually as they grow and transform.

Hence, the beauty of peacocks revolves around the idea of identifying its best potential of attaining and earning beauty and that’s the message they preach.

Power of masculinity 

Masculinity to its true sense is what the Peacocks dutifully display with grace.

In this world where both men and women are constantly striving to establish a balance when strength is not only in men and beauty is not only in women, Peacocks celebrate and display that men can display beauty too just like women can portray strength too.

Peacocks also display the significance of brotherhood and men bonding as a major part of ideal masculinity.

Protect and prosper

As beautiful as beastly. Just like peacocks can spread their wings of delicacy, they can fight for their own territory and family too.

They are ready to take up an aggressive fatal fight if it’s on their family and loved ones. And this is the protectiveness they preach, that goes way beyond materialistic possessions and is about heart and soul.

Pride and showmanship 

Peacocks flaunt what they got, to other fellow Peacocks, animals, and also while finding a mate.

They are built with that confidence and ego that they take pride in the beauty they own and believe in showing it off rather than trying to hide it. 

Versatility at its best

Peacocks are some of the most versatile birds out there. They can adjust to most weather conditions even if they are extreme, are not monogamous and hence go for multiple options when it comes to mating, and can eat a wide variety of edibles provided in any situation.

It preaches the idea of adaptability and versatility for humankind to diversify our interests.

Good luck

If you came across a peacock and specifically witnessed them spreading their majestic wings, you are here to anticipate a lot of positivity and inflow of wealth and prosperity in your life in the near future and good things are coming your way slowly yet steadily. You must keep doing your task.

Peacock Symbolism In Different Civilizations 

What Does Peacock Symbolizes In Hinduism? 

Hinduism is the religion that solely belongs to the land of India and Bangladesh, among which India has named the Peacock as their national bird, which vividly reflects the honor this religion pays to this majestic bird.

The ethnolinguistic group of Dravidians in India and some other parts of Southern Asia looks up to peacocks as a sacred symbol of Mother Earth herself.

Called Maurya in Sanskrit, this bird is found associated with a number of deities in the religion as their careers or messengers.

The Gods and Goddesses that are associated with peacocks mostly represent pride, wealth, and good luck.

What Does Peacock Symbolizes In Chinese Culture?

Peacock in China is symbolic of splendid beauty, God’s divinity, protection, and victory. Their mythologies associate Peacocks with Goddess Guan Yin, with the power to turn the devil into a deity.

Peacocks in Buddhism 

Buddhism highlights the capability of Peacocks to shed their feathers and undergo transformation and reincarnation.

It is termed as symbolic of the significance and beauty of transformation and how it’s an important process of the life cycle to keep growing and learning and balancing life.

It also symbolizes enlightenment to what’s new or unknown, hence related to bodhisattvas.

African About Peacocks 

The Yoruba tribe of West Africa is symbolic of the goddess Oshun who is the deity of love, fertility, sensuality, purity, and water. They believe that a Peacock saved the world from destruction.

Ancient Egypt about Peacocks 

Peacocks in ancient Egyptian cultures symbolize protection from what’s evil and healing from damage and maintaining the state of well-being. It’s a positive symbol that everything that’s bothering shall pass and whatever is good shall prevail.

What Does Peacock Symbolizes In Christianity? 

Peacocks have for once appeared in one of the verses of the Bible where it signified wealth and poshness.

However, Peacocks also hold great significance in their culture as a sign of Christ’s resurrection due to their seasonal shedding of feathers.

Yazidi Faith and Peacocks 

Yazidi believe in the spirituality associated with Peacocks, as one of the seven angels with responsibility for the sacred being of God on Earth to whom the world was entrusted. They worship Peacocks even if the bird doesn’t belong to their land natively. 

Islam and Peacocks

The Islamic religion has certain controversies revolving around Peacocks. They say that these birds have the divine power to have access to Paradise even as mortal beings. However, he as an angel defied Adam and hence lost his trustability. Peacocks are nonetheless a symbol of majesty and good luck.

Are You Seeing Peacocks In Your Dream? Here’s The Meaning

  • When you see a Peacock with flowers, it means that beauty and overwhelming wealth is on its way for the dreamer and one must brace for it and manifest it before it bestows upon you.
  • When you dream of a peacock majestically walking into his nest, it simply means that your fate is wishing you good luck and prosperity.
  • When you dream of a peacock dancing, it conveys the message that many eyes are on you and your progress as a striving individual. It might also indicate pregnancy for a woman and finding the right woman for a bachelor man. A businessman can however anticipate profits for such a dream, and a patient can expect speedy recovery.
  • A peacock lying on the ground may mean unemployment and dismissal in life or simply reflect your exhaustion and anxiety.
  • A chirping peacock may bring the message of setbacks arriving your way and that you should beware of them.
  • A peacock out on a hunt might signify that you are overworking and you must take rest to get back to life in its normal routine with the desired energy.

Peacock Totems and Omens Explained

  • Peacocks are known as the harbingers of rain and fertility, especially when they are spotted to spread their wings and dance happily.
  • Peacocks are known to bring trust and loyalty into a relationship and strengthen bonds.
  • Sight of a peacock on your property might mean that something suspicious is about to happen to you.
  • Seeing a Peacock eat however may mean that you will soon see the end of all your enemies and walk out of life victorious.
  • Seeing two Peacocks fight may mean that good fortune is on its way for you.

Is Peacock Your Spirit Animal? 

If you have Peacock as your Spirit Animal, you are supposed to be an extremely loyal being who is true and specific to every word uttered.

You have a deep sense of ethics and values and implement your intellect and sensibility while making decisions rather than being emotionally biased.

However, you are egoistic and beaming with confidence which makes it hard for you to admit your mistakes yet makes you bold enough to be defeated by someone’s vicious intentions.


Hence, Peacocks are extremely symbolic in several areas of life and clearly worth of huge impact in your life if you ever encounter one of these jaw-dropping creations in your dream or in your reality.

You should certainly pay attention to the details to identify what exact message it has for you as Peacocks never fail to preach humankind of its associated ideologies.

And if you gather that there is nothing much to bother about, you still have its beauty to appreciate, adore and learn from.

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