Owl Symbolism And Meaning: Here’s What You Need To Know About This Creature


The owl is representative of a strong connection with wisdom and intuitive awareness. When the spirit of this animal guides you, you can see the genuine world, beyond delusion and dishonesty.

The owl also offers for individuals who have it as a personal totem the inspiration and advice necessary to deeply explore the unknown and the enchantment of life.

When the grasp of worldly restrictions gets too tight, we turn to bird symbolism to set us free. These winged beings hoist us in the sky and take our pleadings into the heavens above.

They come back with spiritual lessons from the divine to help us in our difficult times.

So In this article, I’ll explain owl symbolism and meaning in detail. I’ll cover all the good and bad symbolism of this creature.

Understanding Owl Symbolism and Meaning

In a general context, an owl represents wisdom, knowledge, intuition, and courage. In western culture, the owl is a symbol of wisdom and death. While in eastern culture an owl represents courage, bad luck, and harbinger of death.

Unlike how we perceive nature and its life form today, owls do not live for us humans. They exist for themselves. Owls are often associated with conundrums and wisdom.

They also have a touch of paranormal insight and a majestic demeanor to themselves. These birds have been a subject of myths and folklore for various cultures over the centuries.

Owls symbolize independent thinking, observant listening, wisdom, supernatural power, and intuition. Owls are great thinkers and hunters.

The presence of the owl is said to be an announcement of the change. In many cultures, owls symbolize- magic or death, which interprets- life transition or change.  

What Does Owl Represent In Different Civilizations

Over 240 species of owl have coexisted with humans in all countries of the earth except Antarctica over centuries.

Therefore it is only natural that various cultures have unique myths, folklores, and beliefs developed about owls.

For example, some cultures symbolize wisdom and endurance. Their meaning and symbolism vary by culture, historical time period, and geography.  

What Does Owl Represents In Greek Culture?

The meaning of owl as perceived in ancient Greece is carried to the modern western world, as it still symbolizes knowledge and wisdom today. 

The Greek virgin goddess of wisdom, Goddess Athena was always accompanied by a small owl. It came to be known as Athena’s messenger and also warned her of the upcoming changes. 

What Does Owl Represents In Ancient Rome Culture?

Romans associated owls with death. They believed that hearing the hoot of the owl meant that death was imminent.

Interestingly, according to the legend, it is said that the owl had predicted the death of Julius Caesar as well as the emperors Augustus and Commodus Aurelius. 

What Does Owl Represents In Native American Culture?

Even here owls were partly viewed negatively. But the Native American meaning of owl was a combination of wisdom and death.

Owl was believed to carry sacred knowledge like secrets of the afterlife. Some Native American tribes added to this belief, that these birds accompanied the dead to their afterlives. Hence hooting of an owl was like an unlucky omen. 

What Does Owl Represents In Christianity? 

Christianity and the Bible also held a cryptic, negative idea about owls. Owls are generally misunderstood and mysterious hence it is easily feared.

Hence, the owl also symbolizes loneliness and loss in the Bible. Loneliness because owls are generally noticed to be alone and do not live in groups or herds.

Hence, it is perceived that due to the negativity that they carry with themselves, they are also very lonely.   

Owl Celtic Symbolism 

The Celts believed that owls had knowledge about the underworld or the other world. Since owls are night creatures hence they were thought to be the perfect messenger between our world and the other or higher world.

Here, owls also represent fierce defenders of honor and truth and do not tolerate any kind of deception. 

Are You Seeing Owls in Your Dreams? Here’s The Meaning

Dreaming about an owl can mean various things, all of which have a center point- insight of one’s own self.

These birds come to awaken our attention from the unconscious mind to the conscious part and tell us to pay more attention to our feelings.

They make us realize our thoughts, actions, and goals and come as an awakening from our negativity. They could also be telling us to be more intuitive and observe what is important in our life and work towards our spiritual goals.

In general, they are signs of any deceit or deception happening around us. Owls symbolize change. Hence, they could also mean that our life is about to undergo some sort of transition. 

  • Fear and anxiety in the dream might mean that we have to address a situation we have been avoiding in real life when we wake up. 
  • An owl screeching in the dream can also mean that it is asking us to wake up our conscious mind and pay closer attention to specific situations instead of avoiding them.
  • Feeling emotional in an owl dream tells us to handle situations with intelligence instead of emotions.
  • The owl is a symbol of death or transition. Dreaming of a dead owl could mean imminent change as death is the transition between one form of life to another. 
  • Often owls are interpreted as a deceased family member or friend who comes into our dream as a spirit guide.

The owl totem explains the protective attributes of this bird. It is a symbol of wisdom, protection, and intuitive insights into one’s life.

It means independence and portrays insight in oneself and asks to spend more time with oneself. People with owl totems are attracted to the night, quiet and cool ambiance.

These people are energized during the night and prefer to work during the night. They have no fear of darkness, occult, or even magic.

These people are persistent and have the power of finding the truth behind every person they come across. They have a gifted intuition and are drawn to the unknown or mysterious. 

Owl omen can be both good and bad. In this case, the owl acts as a messenger of a certain type of news.

For example, someone hearing the hooting of an owl can experience a death of a closed one, meaning they had been warned of something bad about to happen. 

Is Owl Your Spirit Animal?

Owls have excellent night vision. Their eyes are turned outward, aiding their vision. This characteristic of an owl teaches us clarity and deception, how we should avoid the negative and unnecessary and focus only on what is truly important to us.

The owl spirit explains to have a clear inner vision and stay safe from the evils and wrongs of the world.

The owl spirit animal emphasizes a deep connection with wisdom and intuition. This spirit guides us to true reality and omits any kind of deception or illusion.

It provides us with clarity about ourselves. It opens us to the magical realms of the mysteries of the world. 


The owl is a bird that holds powerful connections to the world. Over centuries they have added both negative and positive meanings to themselves.

They symbolize grace, power, and high knowledge of oneself. These birds bring along with themselves charisma and strength.

They portray to humans the importance of having an insight about themselves and being aware of worldly matters. This helps us to keep away the bad and only accept the good with the help of brainpower and conscience.

But in conclusion, it stands for wisdom, true connectivity of the mind and soul, and superior knowledge of the world’s deep secrets.    

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