Ostrich Egg Size: Compared With Other Birds Egg

Ostrich Egg Size

Ostriches are the most giant living birds in the world, boasting a plethora of physical capabilities that are highly impressive. 

Seeing how large they are, it is no surprise to us that they lay large eggs – the largest of any living bird in the world! 

Ostrich eggs are a wonder to look at if you have ever had the pleasure of viewing one directly or even eating it. 

That’s right, some people enjoy a good healthy (huge) ostrich egg meal once in a while. 

So today we will have an in-depth look at ostrich egg size: comparisons to other big birds and more common egg birds, and finally will look at their cost and eating habits.

So without further ado, let us get right into it!

Ostrich Egg Size Explained

Ostrich Egg Size

Ostrich eggs are the largest of any living bird, but interestingly are the smallest when you look at the ratio between birds and their eggs! 

When talking about the size of the ostrich eggs, they make up only about 4 percent the size of the female and they also have one of the most beautiful appearances, which is why they are so often beautified in vases and bowls all throughout human history. 

They have pale cream to cream color and a very thick shell with small interceding pits throughout. The size of an ostrich egg is

Ostriches Average Egg Length5.9 inches15 cm
Ostriches Average Egg Width5.1 inches13 cm
Ostriches Average Egg Weight3.1 pounds1.4 kilograms

The female ostrich usually lays between 12 and 18 eggs in communal nests, that is a single pit scaped 24 inches into the ground by the male. 

Once laid, incubation lasts about 35 to 45 days and is shared by both the male and the female, taking the morning and night shifts respectively. 

This is also where the myth about ostriches burying their head in soil comes from! 

They are actually shifting their eggs and turning them around during the incubation process, and this is probably what we interpreted as burying their heads.

Ostrich Egg Vs Chicken Egg Size 

Ostrich Egg Size

Since the size is all about perspective, it’s only right we do some comparisons. Furthermore, it is only fair we begin with the egg most familiar to all of us, the chicken egg! 

A chicken egg is a protein staple in most homes and is enjoyed in a variety of ways like boiled, scrambled, fried, and so on. 

Chicken egg sizes compared to ostrich egg sizes will truly illustrate just how huge the latter is!

Chicken Egg Size50 grams1.8 ounces0.1 lb
Ostrich Egg Size1600 grams57 ounces3.5 lb

Note: Egg size calculation is done on weight per ton. See Here

In appearance, chicken eggs are of mainly two kinds: white colored eggs, and darker tan colored eggs. 

The eggs of ostrich shells can take quite a bit to break through, while chicken egg shells are much easier to break through. 

Ostrich eggs also have a creamy, more gelatinous texture than chicken eggs.

How Many Chicken Eggs Equals One Ostrich Egg?

Ostrich eggs are the largest of any living bird and so one ostrich egg is equal to about 24 chicken eggs put together! Now that is a big egg!

Ostrich Egg Vs Emu Egg Size

Ostrich Egg Size

Looking next as a fellow cousin from the flightless family of birds, we have a similar-looking emu! 

Emus are flightless birds endemic to Australia and are the second largest bird in the world, so they lay pretty huge eggs as well, only not as big as ostrich eggs. 

Emu eggs have recently seen a rise in popularity for consumption purposes, with many bodybuilders acquiring them for their high protein content. 

Emu Egg Size 700 g 25 ounces1.7 lbs
Ostrich Egg Size1600 g57 ounces3.5 lbs

Finally a worthy opponent! Though emu eggs are certainly smaller just like their parents are smaller than ostriches, the size disparity is not as steep. 

What is most different between these two and the most striking with emu eggs is their appearance! 

While ostrich eggs sport a usual coloration of pale cream, emu eggs are dark emerald green in color with blue specks littered throughout! Emus lay between 5 and 20 eggs.

How Many Emu Eggs Is An Ostrich Egg Equal To?

Emu eggs and ostrich eggs are pretty equivalent in size, with no emu eggs able to fit more than once into it. 

For size comparison’s sake though, an emu egg is equal to about 10 chicken eggs while an ostrich egg, as we just saw, is equal to 24!

Ostrich Egg Vs. Kiwi Egg Size

Yet another fellow member of the flightless bird family, kiwis are the smallest of their group

Fascinatingly though, they have a bigger egg compared to their body size as compared to many other birds, making up about 15 percent of their body mass. 

Looking at their body weight of 2500 grams, their egg size will put this into perspective.

Kiwi Egg Size371 g13 ounces0.8 lbs
Ostrich Egg Size1600 g57 ounces3.5 lbs

Kiwi eggs are also smooth in texture and have a pale greenish white to plain white coloration. 

They are pretty big eggs when you look at their parents and are about six times the size of a chicken egg. 

We can actually look at ostriches and kiwis as sitting on two ends of the spectrum, with ostrich eggs making up so little of their weight, as little as 2 percent, and kiwi eggs being 15 percent.

How Many Kiwi Eggs Is An Ostrich Egg Equal To?

Doing some simple math gives us about 4.3 times! 4.3 kiwi eggs are equivalent to the size of a full ostrich egg.

How Much Protein Do Ostrich Eggs Have Compared To Other Eggs?

Ostriches are certainly an exotic delicacy and not a staple protein dietary supplement in many households. 

It is quite a hassle because of how difficult they are to acquire and, more importantly, how expensive they are. 

But they are great protein providers, with about 176 grams of protein in each egg, which makes up about 45 percent. 

Compare this to the meager 7 grams of your classic chicken egg, and you’ve got yourself a protein-packed egg with ostriches! 

Apart from protein, it also contains iron, calcium, vitamin A, and so on.

How Much Is An Ostrich Egg And How To Get One?

Ostrich eggs are not as popular not because they are any less delicious, but because of the financial and practical aspects of acquiring them. 

Depending on the location you are purchasing at, the size of the egg, the time of the year, as well as the subspecies, the price of an ostrich egg can vary widely. 

Generally, an average Ostrich egg costs between $30 and $50+! 

Moreover, ostrich eggs aren’t something you can simply pick up from the local grocery store. 

Specialized ostrich farms, ostrich breeders, and caretakers sell these big eggs and it is up to you to find one in your locality.

In Conclusion

And that was all about the giant world of ostriches and their eggs. We hope you had a fun time venturing into their world with us, and that you learned something new today!

Thank you for reading!

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