Mouse Symbolism And Meaning: Do They Bring Bad Luck?

Mouse Symbolism And Meaning

Seeing a mouse at a house can be the scariest thing for a person who fears it. Even seeing a mouse destroying your clothes or papers can be the most annoying situation for anyone.

We know that we all have faced such kind of situation at least one time at our home. But do you know that all the actions of the mouse can be a sign for you?

A sudden appearance of a mouse at your doorstep can be a bad omen, do you know about it? 

Yes, encountering a mouse can indeed be a sign for you. There are many beliefs related to this animal. However, it varies as per the cultures, tribes, or religion.

The symbolism of the mouse also depends on its color. To add a new thing to your knowledge, we have come up with an article dedicated to mouse symbolism and meaning.

With this article, we have mentioned the beliefs in different cultures and the meaning of mouse dreams.

Understanding Mouse Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, the mouse is a symbol of meekness, cleverness, determination, and cleanliness. In western culture, a mouse is a symbol of courage and persistence. While in eastern culture, the mouse is considered a divine being with cunning features.

The symbolism of the mouse has a common perception where it is believed that this animal/person can accomplish anything in life regardless of its size.

This animal is presented in various tales and it has some myths in different cultures. However, the meaning or symbolism of this animal includes both negative and positive meanings.

In Greek mythology, it is believed that the mouse is a sacred being as it has the power to adapt to any condition. 

It is believed that this animal has a deep connection with the Earth element and references to the spirit animal.

It is concluded with the fact that a mouse takes pleasure in digging holes and moving underground. The symbolism of the mouse include:

  • It is believed that the mouse carries the soul of the deceased person to Europe’s spirit realm. They act as a messenger between Heaven and Earth. 
  • Many people also believe that encountering a mouse is a bad omen and may be related to death and disease. It is because they are involved in devastating plagues. 
  • Mouse spirit animal teaches a person to take care of themselves. 

Mouse Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilizations

What Does Mouse Symbolize In Native American Culture?

The beliefs among the Native American includes symbolism of animals, insects, birds, and mouse is no different from it.

As per the beliefs of this culture, this animal is a symbolism of a creature who is capable of doing anything, irrespective of its size.

In some tribes of Native Americans like the Tlingit tribe, this animal is related to witchcraft. On the other hand, in the Hopi tribe, the mouse is used as a clan animal. The symbolism of the mouse can be summarized as courageous and persistent.

What Does Mouse Symbolize In Eastern Culture?

The symbolism of mice in the eastern parts of the world has some positive aspects. As per the beliefs in the Chinese culture, this animal symbolizes fertility.

Even in this culture, this animal is considered as a sign of a creative person who can adapt himself to any situation.

The mouse is the animal that can suspect any situation and respond in a short time. It is believed that this animal is the messenger of God and can make predictions. 

Even in ancient times, mice is worshipped as a god in the Chinese culture and it was believed that this god can give them success and prosperity.

The Mesopotamian God of mice, Ninkilim is worshipped by the farmers to keep the rats away from their grain field. 

What Does Mouse Symbolize In Christianity?

As per the beliefs of the Christianity religion, and the meaning present in Bible, the mouse is considered as an unclean animal who is not designed to be consumed.

During Moses’ times, mice were present as plague and they were sent to destroy the people’s grain and houses.

But Egyptians respect this animal and acknowledge this animal as a creation of God.  The mouse is believed to be a symbol of jealousy and lost opportunity as per Christianity beliefs. 

What Does Mouse Symbolize In Celtic Culture?

In Ireland, mouse medicine is used for curing baldness. This animal is kept in the marinade for a year after which they are used as an ointment. As per the Celtic beliefs, it is said that a mouse, psalm-sing would chew the ear of Saint Colman when he is praying. 

Are You Dreaming About Mouses? Here’s The Meaning

Dreaming of a mouse may have certain beliefs and symbolism associated with it. However, many of us fail to believe the symbolism that is communicated with dreams.

But generalizing the meaning of the dream is not possible. It is so because every dream is different in terms of the situations presented.

As per the Bible, it is considered a bad omen to dream of a mouse. It is believed that it is a sign of wrong things coming to the person. The symbolism of the mouse as per various beliefs include:

  • If a person dreams of a dead mouse then it is believed to be a positive sign. It is believed that the dreamer should not distract himself from the goal and don’t let little things bother him. 
  • Dreaming of a mouse running around the person represents the analogy to the work that the dreaming is doing in vain. 
  • Dreaming of a white mouse symbolizes the difficulties that the dreamer will encounter before getting success. It also suggests the need to use creativity. 
  • Dreaming of a black mouse symbolizes diseases.
  • If a person dreams of a mouse jumping or if it is a blue mouse, then it means that the dreamer has to change his perspective. 
  • Dreaming of a talking mouse may have a message for you. Therefore, try to listen to it carefully. 
  • If a person dreams of a situation where a mouse is biting him, then it represents that the dreamer is letting the minor things bother him.
  • Dreaming of a mouse eating cheese represents a person who is trying to bring you down. 

Mouse Totems & Omens Explained

People with mouse totem animal generally pays attention to everything around them. Such people describe anything in detail and they are good at noticing finer details.

They can also sense danger quickly. Here, people are rather shy and do not enjoy stage light. This totem animal is present for all those people who are affectionate about their families. It also helps the person to communicate with the spirit world. 

When it comes to omens related to mice, some beliefs are negative and positive. However, mostly this animal represents a sign of evil. They are considered as bad omen and represent destruction.

It is believed that it is bad to say mouse on deck. The omens related to encountering a mouse has major beliefs as per the situation and it includes:

  • Encountering a mouse while eating your clothes is a bad omen and it is considered a sign of death. 
  • Mouse in the house means lousy luck.
  • Seeing a dead mouse represents that the person is giving too much proportion to minor issues in life.
  • Encountering a mouse on the doorstep represents that the person does not need others for validation. 
  • Seeing a mouse boarding the ship is a good omen and is considered as good luck. 

Is Mouse Your Spirit Animal?

If a mouse spirit animal enters your life, then it is considered as a sign that you have to reconsider your behavior. People with mouse spirit animals might be too arrogant, and self-centered.

The appearance of this spirit animal might happen because you may need to balance yourself and this animal will help you in the same.

This animal also helps the person to get prepare for wealth and abundance. It also prepares them for the fertility that they must be trying. 

It boosts the creative energies of the person, especially when the person is working on any project. If this spirit animal appears during your relationship difficulties will guide you in the right direction.

It is believed that this spirit animal is there for you even when there is no one else for you. 


Mouse symbolism is a thing that one should know. It is so because there are many beliefs related to the mouse. The knowledge of symbolism can help a person to make better decisions in life.

With this article, we have mentioned all the beliefs that are related to the mouse and its encounters. Overall, encountering a mouse is considered a bad omen but it represents a person who can adapt to anything, irrespective of their size.

Therefore, whenever you encounter a mouse in the future, analyze the situation and make better decisions. 

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