Moth Symbolism And Meaning: Real Reason Why You’re Seeing Them 

Moth Symbolism and Meaning

Moth indeed is a significant animal, rather an insect that has several meanings when in certain situations and has claimed its own position in ancient folklore and certain cultures as eminent symbols, just like its close equivalent butterfly.

And even though beliefs regarding butterflies are mostly about their beauty, beliefs revolving around moths are even further stretched with acute details.

Hence, in this article, we together will extend our vocabulary about moths in the following certain categories so that you know what exactly does it mean when you see a moth next time, either in a dream or in reality.

Understanding Moth Symbolism and Meaning 

In a general context, a moth symbolizes transformation, happiness, and freedom. In western culture, a moth is a symbol of resurrection, change, and regeneration. While in eastern culture moth is a sacred being that brings a new beginning. 

  • Moth in Mythology and medicine is largely associated with the resurrection of life and transformation to death in optimistic approaches. This symbolism of moth is however quite similar to that of butterfly.
  • However, moths are eminently symbolic of drastic change in the lives of anyone who witnesses their presence, which is mostly an optimistic signal towards growth and improvement in the near future. This belief also has a quite spiritual impact when perceived from the point of view that a moth also seeks light. It portrays the approach that changes must be trusted to bring fruitful results of freedom and liberation, if not today, soon and that one should not try to escape change if they are really willing to witness the beauty life has to offer.
  • Have you ever observed how moths tend to dance around a source of light? This is a vivid indication for humankind to go easy on themselves and their lives and let it flow while seeking little happiness from it without pushing hard that snatches away the fun of living.
  • But just like moths have the tendency to seek light and can be a ray of hope and silver lining for your life, it can also speak of the darker side of the story for you. Remember how moths are drawn to light but eventually get burnt by the heat of the same light? Yes, this tendency of moths can hold a mirror to your own efforts to reach out to something that is beyond your league. If you are entangled in such a situation where you keep pouring into something that is unachievable for you, coming across a moth might be a sign that you should stop so that you don’t burn yourself up in the process.

Moth Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilizations 

What Does Moth Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

In the Native American beliefs, the symbolism regarding moths highly resembles that of butterflies because of their similar life cycles of overcoming the average and mundane phases to strive to embrace beauty.

This impactful life cycle of moths and even butterflies is what makes them the epitomes of rebirth, resurrection, change, and transformation.

It also emphasizes the power of regeneration and what capabilities it holds for every living being on planet earth, including human beings.

The Hopi tribes in this culture use moth, their patterns, shapes, and dances for pottery as an extension of the visual tales and folktales of the culture, regarding these insects, that claim a significant position in their ancient stories.

These figures in their history are mostly used to represent sound sleep, beautiful dreams, and peaceful souls of the deceased.

Native Americans refer to moths as symbols of self-validation and embracing the human within with richness, rather than surrendering our own mental affluence on somebody else’s.

Moths being nocturnal insects are also treated as pathfinders for dreams as the reflection of our realities and potentials that are mostly disregarded by ourselves.

It also brings us closer to embracing the darkness we own along with the wisdom it holds for us and brings the real us to the light for our own recognition.

And one of the most interesting Native American beliefs of moths is the symbolism of the stark contrast of moths as nocturnal insects and also moths as an insect that is drawn to light.

This contrast portrays how accurate proportions of light and dark in the soul are the only way to initiate miracles and transformation to its true sense.

What Does Moth Symbolizes In Christianity?

Christianity is a religion where moths are frequently mentioned and talked about in the holy book itself, like in Matthew 6:19-20, famous for its parable of moths, thieves, and rust.

This clause states that moths and rust are both prone to damage to what is dear and precious, i.e. moths eat silk garments and rust perishes expensive metals, all from both inside and outside.

Whereas thieves are always on the hunt for the imperishable. Thus, Jesus here preached the message to protect what’s dear to us in heaven so that none of them can steal it away from us.

Apart from this clause, the Bible talked a few times about cloth moths along with Aristotle and Pliny including moths as agriculture pests.

Moths in ancient Christian culture were referred to as Phalaena, named after Phallos, later considered as soul birds.

And the belief of resurrection associated with moths is rooted back in time when they were found swarming over cemeteries.

What Does Moth Symbolizes In Celtic Civilization?

Celtic culture however perceives moths as a dark symbol for their tribe. Moths here are symbolic of death, decay, and everything that signifies destruction. And this belief is further amplified by the skull mark on the thorax of a hawk moth.

This belief in their culture is not only prevalent in the society colloquially but also is mentioned in ancient literature as a curse that signifies death and blindness.

Moths swarming over a dead body are considered to be carrying their unsatisfied souls and hence entertaining them into houses and joyous places are considered certain signs from the dead and extremely evil.

Moth worms are also known to host tree spirits and are believed to possess the curse of lunacy to humankind.

Are You Seeing Moth In Your Dream? Here’s The Meaning

There are certain meanings derived from seeing moths in certain ways in your dreams and the following are some of the most prevalent ones that you can utilize to assess your dreams and work on your life once you interpret the meaning behind them.

Moth in your hair

Dreamt of a moth landing on your hair? That might mean you are surrounded by a group of fake and feigning people who wish no good for you.

It means that people who apparently are your friends and are extremely nice on your face are probably bad-mouthing you behind your back and it’s time you cut them off.

A Moth and a butterfly

When your dream has both a moth and a butterfly together, you are supposed to go through a positive transformation in your life to push you ahead just like the life cycle of these two insects. Hence, you must brace for the goodness to come your way.

Moths eating your clothes

We all know how fond moths are of our expensive silks. So if a moth in your dream is found eating your dearest silk, it probably is a sign that you are afraid to lose what is precious to you and you are always up to escaping anything that causes you pain.

Dreaming about killing moths

When you kill a moth in your dream, it signifies that you are anxiously waiting for an event to come in your favor.

So this might be a simple indication and alarm for your awareness or a hint for you to let that burden off your shoulders and move on.

A Giant Moth or Swamp of Moths

When a giant moth appears in your dream, it reflects the immense state of confusion and uncertainty that you are subjected to deal with.

However, a swamp of moths can signify the same thing except that it is about you being confused and overwhelmed over what other people think of you rather than your own obligation and responsibilities to yourself.

Dreams about dead moths

A dead moth is a symbol that you are most likely to part ways from a romantic relationship that you are involved in, mostly by your fault of disgracing the other or taking them for granted.

If you really want to hold on to them, you must bow down a bit and assess your flaws and work on them.

Totems and Omens Regarding Moths

Some of the totems and omens revolving around certain colors of moths are as follows.

  • Brown moths, the most common ones, specifically symbolize some deep yet routine issues involved in our lives and lifestyle, like interpersonal and financial. It also talks about the significance of simplicity and supports a strong desire to rise as powerful and change dreams into reality.
  • Black moths however highlight the negative sides of your character that need to be altered so as to not stand tall as a hindrance to your path to growth and success. It lets you know that you, yourself are being your obstacle without even being aware of it and that it’s high time you take notice before it’s too late, and do the actions needed to bring on that turning point of your life.
  • Yellow or Golden moths ask you to broaden your visions and manifestations towards your goals and make them your truth through accurate utilization of the opportunities coming your way to fulfilling your dreams. You should perceive them as an encouragement to push you ahead.
  • Green moths or Luna moths are symbols of happiness and success in disguise. It symbolizes that there are concealing opportunities right in front of you waiting to be explored and that you should start your hunt right away.

Is Moth Your Spirit animal?

A spirit animal is an animal that guides you through your life to your desired destination, as guardians and saviors. They are also responsible to bring the higher purpose of our living to light for us to work on it.

So, if you have a moth as your spirit animal, you need to beware of the people around you as they might not have the best intentions and that this wrong company can destroy your potential.

It tells you to believe firmly in your intuition and that it has high abilities to yield results in your favor and hence must be considered.

And lastly, moths signify a prolific journey ahead in life, beaming with positivity and hope only if you recognize it right.


Hence, moths belong to diverse beliefs in diverse cultures and are perceived in their own traditional ways.

But one thing that always must be noted is that it’s all in your head and heart and the world indeed functions in the way you think it would because you are the one who makes it work that way. And this same principle applies to moth Symbolisms.

If you see a moth and decide to see a light of hope, goodness walks in your way, if you fear it’s fatal, you are already half-dead by the fear of it.

All animals are the creations of the Almighty and hence all his creations must be regarded with appreciation and generosity.

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