Lizard Symbolism And Meaning: Are You Lucky If You Found Them?

Lizard Symbolism And Meaning

Lizards are reptile animals that are known for their patience. Encountering a lizard at your home, balconies, yards, or gardens is pretty common.

However, most of us are not very fond of encountering this animal. But some people pet some species of lizards. Everyone has their perceptions and likings for this animal. 

There are different beliefs related to the lizards in various cultures. However, many people don’t know about the same. With this article, I’ve explained lizard symbolism and meaning in detail.

I’ve also covered lizard meaning in various cultures and the meaning of dreams that are also believed to be true as per some cultures. 

Understanding Lizard Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a lizard is a symbol of resurrection, rebirth, abundance, good fortune. In western culture, a lizard symbolizes strength, magical beings, intuition, and duality. While in eastern culture lizards are a symbol of sexuality, love, good fortune, and rain harbingers.

The symbolism of the lizard is related to the capabilities that this animal has. Many lizard species have the capability of sacrificing part of their tails.

This ability makes these animals escape from their predator when they get trapped. While other species are kept as a pet by humans.

This includes species like bearded dragons, geckos, and iguanas. The symbolism of lizard can be defined as:

  • Lizard symbolizes the idea that one needs to sacrifice one part for protecting the whole body. 
  • Lizards are presented in various human artworks.
  • This animal also symbolizes rebirth and resurrection as it hibernates in winter and reawakens in spring. 
  • The symbolism of lizard in Egyptian Hieroglyphics is of plentiful abundance. 
  • This animal also represents magic and light. 

Lizard Symbolism And Meaning In Different Culture

What Does Lizard Symbolize In Native American Culture?

The symbolism of lizards in the Native American culture is prominent. In the Mogollon, Mimbres, Hohokam, Anasazi, the horned lizard was a common artistic motif.

While the image of the horned lizard was commonly seen on decorated pottery. In some tribes, including Hapi, this animal was associated with powerful healing energies and sacred medicine. The symbolism of lizards in this culture includes:

  • It is often linked to strength which includes spiritual and physical. 
  • As per the Piman people, it was believed that the lizards have the healing power to cure their persistent illnesses. 
  • The Mayans believed that the lizards have cosmic power that confines space and time. 
  • It is also associated with intuitive psychic abilities and Dreamtime. 
  • It is believed to represent cycles, duality, mystery, intuition, psychic abilities, sensitivity, and changes. 
  • As per the beliefs of many tribes, the spiny-tailed iguanas are sacrificed as a part of their rituals. 

What Does Lizard Symbolize In Eastern Culture? 

The beliefs related to the symbolism of lizard is very prominent in Chinese culture. This animal is often associated with dragons.

As per the beliefs of Northern China, lizards can bring rain when there is a lack of rain. Even the lizard icons and images were used to celebrate rain rituals.

The rainmaking rituals also include a ritual where people place water lizards in wooden jars and ten young boys used to beat the jars with green bamboo sticks until it rained. 

As per the Japanese culture, the lizards symbolize sexual activity. Even in the small-scale arts of Japanese people, you will see the lizard’s graceful shape.

In the East, this animal is a symbol of love. However, in ancient times, people also used to distill love potions as lizards were believed to be the symbolism of love. 

What Does Lizard Symbolize In Christianity?

The symbolism of lizards in the Christian religion is not very positive. The traditions in Bible often associate this animal with impurity, deception, and sin.

Generally, the Christian people associate this animal with the devil. There are various kinds of lizards that are mentioned in the Bible, including Arabia and Palestine. 

The wisdom of the lizard is highly related to the negative connotations that are mentioned in the Bible. It is considered a wise animal as it goes unnoticed in various places and can overhear the plans being made by the king. The symbolism of lizard includes:

  • It is believed to represent the wisdom of subtlety.
  • Lizards can even survive in places where other creatures cannot survive. They adapt well in any situation. 
  • It symbolizes that one should work quietly and powerfully. 

What Does Lizard Symbolize In Celtic Culture?

As per the beliefs of the Celtic people, lizards symbolize insomnia or sleeplessness. It is believed that Night Goddess Evaki stole the sleep from the eyes of the lizard and distributed it to all living creatures.

The Celtic Wicca also makes use of lizard wisdom in potion-making. This animal symbolizes conservation and agility. As per their mythology, lizards are sometimes used as adversaries in stories.

During the pre-Christian era, frogs, snakes, and lizards were used in witchcraft. The symbolism of lizards include:

  • Europeans and Greeks view lizards as a symbol of wisdom and hopefulness. 
  • Romans believed that lizards are the symbol of rebirth. 
  • Some stories believed that lizards are associated with dragons and it is a symbol of good fortune, nobility, and wealth. 

Are You Dreaming Lizards? Here’s The Meaning

Often people dream of lizards and it has various meanings that are believed to be true. But most of us don’t know the real meaning of our dream.

You should know that the meaning of every dream can be different as every dream is unique. But there are some beliefs related to lizard dreams.

It is believed that dreaming of lizards has a wide range of meanings. Sometimes, a lizard dream means that you have enemies.

If a girl saw a dream of a lizard, it is believed that somebody will question her virtue. 

Generally, the lizard dreams indicate the problem with more elusive and slippery aspects of the dreamer’s personality. Some of the beliefs related to lizard dreams include:

  • Dreaming of a lizard is believed to symbolize the primitive part of human nature, patience, stillness, and peace. 
  • It can also indicate a situation where the dreamer lacks proper concern or empathy for others.
  • Dreaming of a lizard swallowing, devouring, and harming somebody indicates the worst instincts that are dominating the behavior of the dreamer. 
  • Dreaming of fighting and defeating a lizard indicates the dreamer has fought to dominate his base nature. 
  • Lizard dreams can also be a warning that an enemy is conspiring against the dreamer. 
  • Dreaming of killing a lizard indicates that the decisions of the dreamer will be criticized. 
  • Dreaming of a horned lizard is believed to be a symbol that nature and spirit guides are favoring the dreamer. 

Lizard Totems & Omens Explained

Lizard as a totem animal is related to visions and dreams. This totem animal is powerful for the people who are connected with young children.

Lizard totem is capable of invoking artistic abilities and creativity. The symbolism of a lizard totem animal is adaptability. This totem animal can safeguard the spirit and deflect negative energies.

It is believed that people with lizard totem animals are patient and it is their strength. It is so because the lizards have a lot of patience which helps them to wait for their prey and strike at the right time. 

When it comes to the omens related to lizards, there are many beliefs related to the same. It is common to see a lizard in your home and sometimes it falls or jumps as well.

The meaning of every situation is very different. It is believed that it is auspicious if a lizard falls on the right side of a man and the left side of a woman.

The clucking sound of a lizard and the appearance of a lizard on the thighs is also considered auspicious. 

While a lizard on the knee is believed to represent imprisonment. Encountering a baby lizard is considered a positive sign. You are lucky if you encounter a two tails lizard.

A lizard on the bed is considered a good omen and it is believed that good fortune will come to you. If a lizard falls on the head from the trees above, then it is a good sign. 

Is Lizard Your Spirit Animal?

The symbolism of the lizard spirit animal is deeply connected with the element of fire. It is believed that the red color is connected with the lizard spirit.

With the help of the lizard spirit guide, you can draw several abilities and strengths. It is believed that a lizard spirit animal provides agility, serenity, patience, and fearlessness. 

  • If you have a lizard spirit animal as your guide, then you may have the ability to wait for a great opportunity.
  • You can inspire courage and gain great success in business matters. 
  • The lizard spirit guide is usually unsociable and introverted. 
  • This spirit animal encourages the person to be fearless in all pursuits. 


The symbolism of any animal or bird is different among various cultures. The same stands true for the lizards as well. The symbolism of lizards is highly associated with positivity and good omens.

Therefore, if you encounter this animal/insect in the future, do analyze the situation and try to find out the symbolism behind the same. 

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