These 10 Largest Rabbits In The World Could Be In Guinness Book

Largest Rabbits In The World

When you think of rabbits, ‘large’ is not really the word that comes to mind.

What usually does come to mind is the garden variety – which weighs in the range of three to four pounds. But rabbits can reach pretty impressive sizes, and several breeds do so. 

There are around 300 species of rabbits discovered all over the globe as of now. We know mainly of the adorable cuddly ones, and though these are big, some are no less cuddly.

So without further ado let’s get into some of the largest species of rabbits in the world.

List Of Largest Rabbits In The World

Largest Rabbit In The WorldAverage Weight
Flemish Gaint20 Pounds
Contential GaintOver 16 Pounds
Spanish Gaint15-16 Pounds
Blanc De BouscatUp to 15 Pounds
Hungarian GaintUp to 15 Pounds
French LopUp to 14 Pounds
ChinchillaUp to 13 Pounds
Great PapillonUp to 12 Pounds
Silver Fox RabbitUp to 12 Pounds

Note: I don’t have access to the highest-quality pictures of these rabbits. Please compensate for that🙏

1. Silver Fox Rabbit

Aptly named after the arctic silver fox, the most notable feature of this rabbit (apart from its size, of course) is its appearance. 

It has a similar coat to the animal it’s named after, one that is dense and thick.

The coat is often referred to as ‘stand-up fur’, which means that its fur stands upright after you ruffle it and it must be brushed or smoothed back into place.

A rare breed that originated in the U.S., the silver fox rabbit can weigh up to 12 pounds, almost four times the size of what we consider an average rabbit! 

The breed, despite its size, is renowned for its docile and friendly nature and is known to be great for children. They enjoy relentless attention and even don’t mind being handled pretty often.

2. Giant Papillon

The Giant Papillon also referred to as The Checkered Giant, is a rabbit that originated in France and is hailed for its impressive size of 12 pounds. This breed has a luscious, plush, short white coat with black markings

The Checkered Giants have a firm, trim build, with an arched body similar to a hare. They have very powerful hind legs and are an active, energetic breed that requires a lot of exercise to keep healthy and running. 

They are also a great pick for rabbit-lovers to keep as pets, as they are known to not only be friendly but also have a pretty fun and playful attitude that makes them great companions.

3. Chinchilla

Chinchilla is a rabbit breed that first originated in France before it was brought to and domesticated in America. 

Initially, when it was bred in America, the reasons were purely commercial and they were bred for their meat, but they are known nowadays to be pretty good pets, so long as they are handled gently.

They reach an impressive weight of 13 pounds, they are pretty distinct in appearance and not at all similar to the animal its name sounds like. 

They are famed for their lush soft-grey coat and are pretty easy to distinguish from other breeds. It has a body type often referred to as “commercial”.

4. French Lop

The French Lop is a domestic breed formed in the 19th century by interbreeding between the English Lop and the French Butterfly rabbit. 

The French Lop is heavier in stature and can easily reach a weight of about 14 pounds. They were bred for meat and fur initially but now are mainly used as show animals.

They are generally not recommended as pets to first-time rabbit-keepers as their size and stature can be much to handle.

5. Hungarian Giant

Originating hundreds of years ago, The Hungarian Giant is a result of interbreeding between tame rabbits and wild rabbits. 

Fully grown and matured Hungarian Giants have an average weight of about 15 pounds and are mainly bred and cared for their meat. 

The fur is pretty short and dense, and very soft to the touch. They were initially bred in a single color though now there are many varieties found. 

6. Blanc De Bouscat

From the name itself, the color of this breed might be obvious (blanc is french for white!). 

This stunning white rabbit that originated in France weighs in at about 15 pounds.

They are renowned for their gorgeous white coat as well as one of the softest furs of rabbits that exist today and are dense and short. 

They are usually kept as pets because of their aesthetic abilities as well as their calm and friendly behavior.

7. British Giant

A descendant of an upcoming contender, the flemish giant, the British Giant Rabbit weighs around 15 to 16 pounds. For a size comparison, it can rival a small dog pretty easily in size. 

The biggest of all breeds that originated in Britain, it has a large, powerful body with a flat back and a wide front. They are also kept as pets for their calm and patient personality, despite their size.

8. Spanish Giant

Spanish Giants are yet another result of interbreeding with the flemish giant, and like the British Giant Rabbit, weigh an average of 15 to 16 pounds. 

With short, dense, fur and long, upright ears, they have a pretty docile nature and can be kept as pets. 

They will need a lot of room to move and exercise, so that is something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about getting them as pets.

9. Continental Giant

Reaching around 3 feet in length and over 16 pounds in weight, The Continental Giant is considered one of the biggest species of rabbits. 

But interestingly enough, the length of their ears makes up about 25 percent of their total body length!

They have dense fur that grows to about 4 cm. They are calm and curious creatures, but are not the most friendly to human beings!

10. Flemish Giant

And finally, the end of our list and the largest species, the Flemish Giant. With fluffy and glossy fur, the flemish giant weighs in at an average of 20 pounds. 

But despite their size, they are gentle giants and make loving and caring pets for those who don’t mind their size, which can truly be something.

When standing next to a baby goat, it can almost dwarf it – that’s how big it is!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Darius the Giant Rabit Still Alive?

Darius, the giant rabbit who took the internet and the world alike by storm, went missing one fine day and is now presumed to have passed away. 

He was taken from his home and was not found since and his loving mother and caretaker are convinced that he is alive no more.

Is Mick The Rabbit Still Alive?

Mick the Rabbit lived a full and refreshing 16 years of life and passed away in late 2019. Mick has briefly crowned the oldest living rabbit.

What Is An Old Rabbit Called?

The word rabbit itself often refers to young ones and once old they are called adult rabbits at the age of 5 or 6. At this point, they can be called ‘coney’ a term derived from Old Latin.

Are Rabbits Smart?

Though they might not have a reputation for being intelligent beings, rabbits are very clever.

Not only are they intelligent, but they are also generally socially intelligent creatures who can be trained to follow instructions, play games, solve puzzles, and so on.

In Conclusion

The world of rabbits is much more vast that the few glimpses we get of it from pets and parks.

They are intelligent creatures who take in the world around them and we hope you learned something new about them in this article!

Thank you for reading!

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