Tired Of Squirrels? Here’s How I Keep Squirrels Out Of My Bird Feeders

How I Keep Squirrels Out Of My Bird Feeders

Feeding the birds through bird feeders is equally difficult and easy. Because offering a food source to birds also attracts other animals like squirrels.

Hanging the bird feeders on trees often attracts squirrels. 

Just like any other animal, squirrels also search for the food source and their search ends with bird feeders. 

However, it can be annoying for an owner like me who kept the food for birds but was eaten by squirrels. 

I also faced such issues during the initial days of feeding the birds. But I used some methods to keep the squirrels away from the bird feeders. 

And In this article, I have mentioned the most effective tips for keeping squirrels away from bird feeders. If you are also facing such issues, then this article is for you. 

How I Keep Squirrels Out Of Bird Feeders

Method 1: Installation Of A Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

If you want to keep the squirrels away from the bird feeder, then you should install a bird feeder that is squirrel-proof. 

Some bird feeders in the market can be the best choice in this situation.

There are weight-activated bird feeders that come up with a weight-sensitive mechanism that automatically closes the seed port when a squirrel arrives. 

After the return of the squirrel, it instantly opens the ports again. This device is suitable if you want to hang bird feeders on the trees. 

Another option can be a pole-mounted bird feeder which is not hung on trees but is hung on a pole. With this option, squirrels will find it tough to reach the bird food. 

It is very simple in design but you need to have a pole to hang it. You can also use caged feeders which are made of a chew-resistant cage made of steel. 

They are effective in preventing food from squirrels. However, it can be quite heavy. 

Method 2: Use Foods That Squirrels Don’t Like

If you want to keep squirrels away from the bird feeder, then use food products that are not liked by squirrels. 

Squirrels usually like all birdseed, but some bird seeds aren’t liked by this animal. You can use Nyjer seeds, safflower seeds, hot peppers, and White Proso Millet. 

It is so because these food items are not much liked by the squirrels. However, it is liked by many birds. You can also use capsaicin. 

Thus food product affects squirrels only but birds can easily eat them all day long without getting spiced up. Therefore, offer a food source that is suitable for the birds but not for squirrels. 

Method 3: Change The Feeder Location

The location of the bird feeder can also affect the reach of the squirrels to the bird food. You need to choose the feeder location wisely. 

When choosing any location, you need to know that squirrels cannot jump more than 5 feet above in the air, and not more than 7 feet across from one point to another.

They also avoid jumping onto a feeder from above more than 9 feet. Now, when you are choosing the right location for the feeder, remember these things.

You should also remember that the place of the feeder should be more than 10 feet away from any trees or walls in the surrounding areas. 

If you do not have any place to hang the feeder in such a position, then you can also use a string to place the feeder in between either trees or walls.

It will be difficult for the squirrels to walk on the bouncy string. 

Method 4: Installation Of A Squirrel Baffle

You can also use a squirrel baffle to keep the feeder safe from the squirrels. The baffle is a plastic and dome shape or pole-shape device which is installed under the feeder. 

Due to the curved barrier, it will be difficult for the squirrels to reach the bird seed. This baffle can be installed either above or below the feeder. 

You need to ensure that the baffles are 15 to 18 inches long and wide. It will prevent the squirrels from reaching around the feeder. 

You can also install a baffle to the existing pole to protect the feeder attached to the pole. 

You can use either torpedo baffle or wrap-around baffle which will be attached below the feeder. However, you should keep it high enough so that squirrels will not reach the feeder. 

Method 5: Greasing The Pole That Has A Feeder

In case your bird feeders aren’t hung in the trees and if you keeping them on a pole, then this method can work for you. 

You need to grease the pole to make it slippery for the squirrels. Due to slippery poles, the squirrels will not be able to climb on them and reach the feeder. 

You can also add plastic layered tubing around the pole. However, greasing it with oil can be more effective. However, you should remember that no chemical products should be used for this purpose. 

The use of petroleum jelly, grease, or glue can be dangerous for squirrels. It is so because squirrels cannot keep them off from their fur. 

Method 6: Make Sure To Keep The Ground Clean 

It is necessary to keep the area of the bird feeder clean and tidy. You have to clean the spilled seeds or debris on the ground. 

It is so because it is a source of attraction for the squirrels. The squirrels will try to eat the seeds on the ground and they will try to reach the feeders. 

Therefore, it is necessary to keep the ground underneath the feeders clean. You can also use a large-sized tray under the feeder to catch all the falling seeds directly into it. 

Method 7: Dogs Can Be A Good Option

For keeping the squirrels away from the bird feeder, you can make use of your pet dog. 

A large breed dog can be very effective in keeping the squirrels, and rabbits away. Dogs will chase the squirrels and scare them off the bird feeders. 

Method 8: Make Sure To Remove Potential Shelter

You also need to ensure that the squirrels will not find any potential shelter in your yard. 

Any potential shelter in your yard can be a major source of attraction to the squirrels. You need to prevent squirrels from nesting in old sheds, attics, and under eaves. 

The shelter of the squirrel should be far from the feeder so that they will not come to your place to steal the bird seed. 

Method 9: Offering spicy food

You can also offer spicy food to the squirrels as they are not very fond of such kind of food. 

You can offer hot peppers in the birdfeeder which will work as a repellent product for the squirrels. 

You can use a squirrel retardant spray directly on your feeders which will keep them away from the feeder. However, birds will not notice the spray. 

Peppers are the natural retardants of squirrels and are very effective in keeping them away from the bird feeder. 

Method 10: Use Another Feeder To Feed Squirrels Only

The primary reason to invade the bird feeders is the food source. Squirrels always try to get a food source for feeding themselves. 

You can install a separate feeder for the squirrels. Make sure to make access to it easy for the squirrels and you have to make their access difficult for the bird feeder.

You can use inexpensive food like corn or sunflower seeds for the squirrels’ feeders. This can be a very efficient solution to solve this problem. 


Bird feeders should be protected from animals like squirrels to provide a better feeding system for the birds. 

The above-mentioned tips can be very effective in keeping the squirrels away from the birds. Therefore, use these methods to solve this problem. 

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