How to bet on soccer How to choose good bets from the bookmaker and receive big bonuses. If you are new to soccer betting and do not have much experience in betting, don’t miss this article. Below are detailed shares about soccer betting and how to bet correctly for newbies to refer to.

Some details about football betting

Soccer betting is one of the terms in soccer betting, the bookmaker gives numbers and odds so players have a basis for choosing bets. There are many types of bets in football. Before the match takes place, the bookmaker will release a odds table based on the correlation of strength of the two teams. There will be odds for players to choose from.

Introduction to soccer betting

How to bet on soccer To increase the probability of winning, people need to rely on many different factors. First, you must understand the available types of bets, the bets you will participate in, the house odds and information related to the team. Specifically, this article will share experiences from experts in the content below on how to bet.

Types of bets in soccer

Before learning How to bet on soccer Then you need to understand what bets are often offered by the house. Currently, according to statistics, there are more than 100 different types of bets, but in short, there are the following types of bets:

Types of soccer bets

  • 1×2 odds: European odds, players bet on the home team winning, the away team winning or the result being a draw.
  • Handicap: Asian handicap, players bet on the handicap team or the handicapped team according to the odds given by the house, this bet does not result in a draw.
  • Over/under bets require players to predict the total number of goals greater or less than the number given by the house.
  • Penalty card bet: this is a side bet in football related to the number of yellow and red cards drawn by the referee during the match.
  • Corner odds: this is also a side bet in soccer, based on the number of corners taken in the match.

Details on how to bet on soccer at Hi88

Hi 88 is one of the most prestigious and greenest soccer betting addresses on the market. When participating in this playground, you should try to apply it How to bet on soccer below to increase your odds of winning.

Cat the right time

Betting at the right time is one of the soccer betting methods many bettors apply. Bookmakers usually release odds about a week before the match and make changes a few hours in advance. You can refer to the odds table and think carefully before placing a bet. Follow the fluctuations in the odds table to get the most accurate betting odds.

Based on side odds

In addition to the main odds such as Asian odds, European odds, and over/under odds, those participating in soccer betting also need to pay attention to the secondary odds. The match score depends heavily on related factors such as number of cards, number of corner kicks… That’s why How to bet on soccer The standard at Hi88 is to rely on the odds given by the house to predict the score more reliably.

Instructions on how to bet on soccer for new members

Based on the team cycle

How to bet on soccer Effectiveness requires players to grasp the team’s performance. Based on competition history to grasp the team cycle and make the most accurate decisions.

You should spend time researching a specific team and evaluating their performance in recent matches. Then find relevant information to make sure the team will win. From there, you can make the most accurate betting decision and receive the most rewards.

How to bet on soccer cWin depending on the importance of the match

The two basic factors for making accurate soccer bets are the time of the match in the season and the importance of that match. If calculated from round 1 to round 12 of the first phase of the season then:

  • If the lower team has a score greater than or equal to the upper team, you should choose the upper team.
  • If the lower team has a lower score than the upper team, choose the lower team.

In the middle of the season you should choose the underdog (from round 13 to 25). In the period from round 26 to 30 at the end of the season, cfootball betting as follows:

  • Choose the upper team if that team has a higher score than the lower team.
  • If the lower team has points greater than or equal to the upper team, you should not participate in this bet.

Hopefully the above article has shared useful information with readers How to bet on soccer. Also for more detailsBetting methods are based on other factors Then you should visit Hi88 Bets for more details. Here, experts and experienced bettors will evaluate, comment and guide you to make the most accurate bets.

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