Hummingbird Symbolism And Meaning: Here’s All the Things You Need To Know

Hummingbird Symbolism and Meaning

The hummingbird is one of those beautiful creations of mother nature that has been leaving a significant impact on humankind since its inception.

Too tiny to be a bird, the exotic and unique features that these birds exhibit are not only amusing but also have a certain meaning and charm associated with them.

These features and the mythological stories regarding them make the Hummingbird a symbol on its own that represents certain attributes to life in diverse realms.

In this article, we will explain the hummingbird symbolism and meaning in detail.

Understanding The Symbolism And Meaning Behind Hummingbirds

In a general context, a hummingbird represents beauty, healing, joy, agility, and good luck. In western culture, hummingbirds are considered as messengers sent to help people. While in eastern culture a hummingbird represents freedom, prosperity, success, and good luck.

Their cheerful flight represents radiance and happiness

Hummingbirds emit high levels of energy that are mostly derived from their hearts that beat beyond 1200 times per minute, quick movements, and the buzzing sound it makes from its wings that flap for around 80 times per second.

Hence, a flying hummingbird is a symbol of speed, action, fluidity, and positive movements in the lives of people who witness the same.

Its colors represent vibrance and beauty 

Nobody denies the jaw-dropping beauty of the splendid colors that mother nature decides to paint the precious Hummingbirds with.

They come in diverse vibrant colors depending upon the subfamilies they belong to. Hence, this array of metallic vibrant colors and shades, each of them unique and simply beautiful, portray vibrance in human life and bring the message of a hint of it in the one who witnesses the creation.

Hummingbirds feeding on nectar from diverse flowers is a symbol of diversity 

Diversity is always considered of foundational significance in human life. And Hummingbirds are the most appropriate representation of the same.

Not only does it convey the message of the beauty of diversity to our content but also represents variety. How?

Because the vibrant flowers they get their nectar from tends to pollinate, thus bringing variety and growth to mother nature and symbolizing the same for humankind.

Seeking pleasure and letting it flow, just like Hummingbirds do when choosing the blossoms to feed on for nectar

Hummingbirds portray movements, as discussed earlier, but also portray the ecstasy of seeking pleasure until it feels right and seems tailor curated to serve you.

Such flow can be reflected on human life in the realm of commitments, wherein a Hummingbird preaches among us the approach to seek what’s best for you and not settle for anything less than what feels perfect.

It also conveys the importance of having fun in the course of life and relationships and keeping it light and beautiful to retain the pleasure for longer than a monotonous seriousness that may ruin the spark.

Practice stability and endurance like the Hummingbirds do on a windy day

Even if these birds are small, they display extreme agility to persist on an extremely windy day, which is scientifically proven.

They are known for being capable to suspend themselves in midair while feeding or continuing flying even in extremely windy weather conditions.

This unique trait of the bird is treated as a symbol of agility and stability for humankind and also that no matter how small is the area that you occupy in this humongous Universe, you can always choose to endure and continue to stick to your purpose through all the odds that life puts you through to keep going and reach your destination.

Its contribution to the Global Ecosystem tells us that none of us are insignificant, irrespective of where we belong

We know how tiny Hummingbirds are, yet it plays a hugely significant role in the supreme balance of the Ecosystem on planet Earth. How?

Through the previously mentioned process pollination that Hummingbirds participate in, or rather involved in.

Pollination is one of the most important growth factors for a balanced environment and Hummingbirds, besides bees and butterflies, help the environment maintain such balance.

The magnificence of halts to boost back to life like a Hummingbird on a torpor

Just as much as motion, movement, growth, and hustle is important for survival, so is a break from all of that to bounce back with all your might to bring the zeal back.

Breaking the flow is always not a negative side of the story, especially when the flow is exhausting. This message is conveyed by the Hummingbirds when they hibernate, namely torpor, due to lack of availability of food, slowing down their usually rapid mechanism.

Hence, instead of flying for long hours in search of food, these birds decide to take a small break in this starving situation and save up all the energy till their metabolisms support the action needed to fetch food for themselves.

Live la dolce vita, says the Hummingbird 

Lastly, this bird is a breeze of joy into the busy and monotonous lives of humankind. Just a sight of this beautiful creation can make your day better.

And that is exactly what this bird symbolizes, good luck and happiness. It wishes “la dolce vita” i.e. a sweet life for anyone who comes across the Hummingbirds’ buzzing energy and life.

Mythology, Cultures, and Traditions That Revolve Around Hummingbirds 

The Hummingbird Symbolism in Native American Culture

In this particular culture, Hummingbirds are referred to as tiny creature that symbolizes a spirit or is a messenger of a spirit, sent to planet Earth for healing and helping the ones that are devastated and in need of an extended helping hand.

It’s when God decides to be himself the rescuer of the one grieving that a human witnesses the joyfulness of a Hummingbird.

This culture also comprises clans wherein the Hummingbirds are carved on totem poles and displayed with pride and honor.

They also believe that Hummingbirds are created from the diverse colors of flowers and hence why every spring, these Hummingbirds pay gratitude to their creator.

Some other beliefs regarding Hummingbirds are that it signifies fertility and brings the light of hope to humankind.

Eastern Symbolisms revolving around Hummingbirds 

Geographically, the roots of Hummingbirds do not belong to the Eastern parts of the world and hence they are barely mentioned in the ancient mythology of the Eastern States.

Yet, these cultures have eventually adopted the beliefs from the west and incorporated them into their own culture.

The beliefs in the East are not extremely distinctive or are associated with any folktales as such, but are more mainstream, like any other bird, like freedom, good luck, beauty, peace, and prosperity.

However Chinese culture has eventually made a significant impression of the bird in their beliefs, like the attraction of purity and fortune through wall hangings of the ancient art of Feng Shui, used widely in houses and offices in southwestern directions to ensure and attract fruitfulness and success.

Christianity Symbolism Regarding Hummingbirds 

As the Bible says, Hummingbirds are symbols of preaching joy and bringing playfulness to the ones who practice faith.

However, there is no verse in the holy book of Christianity that relates to Hummingbirds, a lot of sayings in the religion vividly reflect the traits of the tiny bird.

The Bible also says that Hummingbirds bring the message of peace beyond death and teaches the learners to move on from the grief as they are happy now and wish them happiness too from heaven. 

Moving on and living in the present is also an associated message noticed in the sayings, that depict the sweetness of today rather than the bitterness of yesterday.

Celtic Symbolism Regarding Hummingbird

Ancient Celtic culture includes Hummingbirds in their folktales and mythology that is descended from ages from one generation to the other.

They are treated as the Angels of the realm and their existence is a bridge between God and humankind to preach the love and mercy of the Almighty.

Birds, including Hummingbirds, in their culture, also represent the Air element, i.e. wisdom and depth, associated with endurance and bravery.

Are You Seeing Hummingbirds In Your Dreams?

Hummingbirds’ dreams are mostly positive and hence always symbolize something positive that is about to happen, some specific examples signifying the same are as follows.

  • A feeding Hummingbird dream signifies that it’s high time that you start finding happiness in every little thing in your life rather than suffering in constant anxiety.
  • A flying hummingbird indicates that you are failing to commit to a relationship and hence it’s time you bring positive changes.
  • A Hummingbird sitting on your palm can tell you that you are about to develop some new goals and standards for your life that you will achieve through hard work.
  • A yellow Hummingbird in your dream ensures an upcoming opportunity to be recognized and achieve success.
  • It foretells a positive upgrade in your life shortly to your advantage.
  • It preaches healing and a way out or light of hope from difficult times.
  • After death, it symbolizes that the ones grieving will heal out of the pain and find peace and solace.
  • It also symbolizes patience and the fruits it will bear even if it seems impossible at present.
  • Eye contact with a Hummingbird is a ray of optimism into your life with joy and peace.

Hence, Hummingbirds have no significant negative Totems or Omens associated with them.

Is Hummingbird Your Spirit Animal?

If this tiny magnificent bird comes into your life as your Spirit animal, it must remind you of finding pleasure in all the tiny realms of life and finding significance in everyday endeavors.

You should enjoy every acute thing coming your way and embrace and savor the sweetness it brings along.

It asks you to cherish life and open doors to emotional and romantic relationships for you to thrive and grow with love.

You should also look for opportunities around you because it ensures success in little ways for you to find them in their right ways.


Hence, Hummingbirds are all about positivity, optimism, and goodness, irrespective of cultures or purposes.

It barely displays the ugly side of evil superstitions and false beliefs that ultimately cause harm to humanity.

All this tiny bird does is make lives better and leave a positive impact for whoever is coming across them, either by coincidence or by fortune.

It teaches valuable lessons to humankind through its unique traits and brings the light of hope and knowledge to this world in its ways of divinity.

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