The best way to market anything is to go where your audience spends most of their time. Today, that place is social media. There are many social media platforms, but Facebook is unarguably the most popular of them all. 

Hosting a church revival event? Facebook is one of the best tools to start with. It can help you spread your word and make people save the date. However, if you want as many people as possible to come to your church revival, you need to know how to promote your event on Facebook. Here are five tips to help you promote your church revival event on Facebook. 

  • Create a Facebook Event Page

Your church’s Facebook account is good for spreading news about your event, but it is always nice to have a dedicated event page for your revival event. This way, people can visit the page to know the details about the event. The page will include a countdown, date, and everything people need to know to attend your event. 

Fill in as much detail as possible on your event page. You do not want people to have any more questions after visiting the event page. Include information like date, time, event, and who is speaking. Do not forget to post plenty of flyers and post revival Facebook cover photos. 

An event page is not only a good form of promotion on Facebook, but it is also a great way to build excitement for the event among the event attendees. It will increase your event attendance. Hence, making it a successful revival event. 

  • Make Eye-Catching Posts

More than a million posts are being uploaded to Facebook every day. If you want people to see your posts and learn about your event, your Facebook posts should stand out. This time is not for basic text-only posts. You will need to have something that will really catch the eye. That is where templates come in. 

Of course, you are busy planning your church revival event. You would not have time to design outstanding Facebook posts from scratch. With church revival social media post templates on PosterMyWall, you can simply browse through thousands of pre-made posts. Choose the one that fits well with your church’s style. Fill in your information, and your Facebook post is ready. There is a lot of competition on Facebook in terms of marketing. Thus, only eye-catching posts can provide you with good results. 

  • Engage with Your Followers

The term ‘social media’ itself tells you the best strategy to promote on Facebook: be social! The more you engage with people on social media, the more likely they are to attend your church revival event. 

Pay attention to your church’s Facebook account and your event page for reactions and comments. Respond to people in comments and direct messages. Answer questions and help people learn more about your event. You can also comment back to people to create a back-and-forth engagement with your followers. 

Being responsive on social media might seem obvious, but it is the best way to promote your event. The more engaged people feel with your church, the more they will want to come to your events. 

  • Post Photos or Videos from Previous Events

Nobody wants to attend a church revival event that looks unenthusiastic and boring. Keeping that in mind, you should post photos and videos of your church’s previous events on your Facebook page. 

It is a kind of candid content that is perfect for drawing people to your church organically. The right visuals would show how thriving your community center is. This will make your revival event more welcoming to people who are not already part of your church to the revival. 

If this is your first church revival, just post photos and videos of any previous church events. This can include your last Sunday service or anything that can help you humanize your church. 

  • Create a Posting Schedule

Attention spans are getting shorter these days. People easily forget about the things with hundreds of posts they look through every day. Therefore, it is important to keep your revival event on top of people’s minds by posting regularly about it. 

Marketing professionals suggest to post between five to six times per week. This way, you can make your message stick and nobody will miss your church revival event promotions. They will see them enough times to make them add the event to their calendars. 

Using Facebook’s business account manager is best for planning and scheduling your posts ahead of time. It will make sure you won’t miss any important promotional posts and keep your Facebook promotions on pace. Don’t let your followers forget about your church revival event!

Facebook works great to spread the word!

When it comes to Facebook marketing, it is all about using the right techniques. Create a dedicated event page, use church revival templates to make eye-catching posts, engage with your followers, and create a posting schedule. If you can do all, you can boost your event attendance with Facebook. Maybe, your church revival event might become the biggest yet! 

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