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How To Attract Birds To Your Apartment’s Balcony?

Birds are one of the most delightful wonders of the world, and time spent gazing at them as they go about their day is time well spent. 

But if you live in a high-rise apartment block, you might be thinking that attracting birds to your balcony is an impossible task. 

Well, we are here to tell you that you do not necessarily need a lush landscape or a wide backyard to attract and feed birds. 

All you need are some great tips to make sure you are doing all you can to attract these winged buddies to your humble abode.

How To Attract Birds To Your Apartments Balcony?

Compared to the lush greenery that the birds are used to, we can agree that your apartment is not much to compare. 

Increased urbanization has made it so that most apartments have become an obstacle for birds to fly over or fly around. 

You must make sure you set up a beautiful and functional space for the birds to feel safe, sound, and taken care of. 

As always the three main components to take care of in these scenarios are clean water, a surplus of food, and cozy shelter.

Setting Up A Bird Feeder In Your Apartment’s Balcony

Though setting up a feeder and filling it with seeds might seem like the easiest part of trying to attract birds to a place, quite a bit of thinking must go into this step as well. 

When talking about feeders, there are several types like tray feeders, window feeders, hanging hopper feeders, and so on. 

Looking at all the different options might be a bit intimidating especially since they all boast their own advantages. 

All things considered though, our best bet is the window feeder for several reasons.

One is the ease of setup, where the only “technical” part of it is the suction cup, so tough landlords and apartment company heads won’t mind as much. 

And second is that our primary motive, which is to watch birds, is made much easier with this type of feeder. 

Window feeders are also the best for birds as they can spot them from afar and also because they prevent birds from running into windows and hurting themselves.

Deciding On Bird Seeds for Your Apartment’s Balcony Feeder

Once you’ve decided on the vessel to put your bird feed in, you must decide what to actually put inside. There are two ways you can make this choice. 

Either you can go on a research spree and try and find out what birds are native to that area, and then look at their favorite seeds and set that up.

Or, you could go the preferred way of opening the market up to many birds, because not only do you feed more birds, but your chance of getting a flying visitor increases much more. 

When doing this method, it is great to mix up a variety of bird feeds like millet, corn, sunflower seeds, fruits, and even mealworms if you can get your hands on them. 

One thing to remember is that when setting up your first set of bird feed, make sure you do it in small quantities so that no food goes to waste. 

Once you have had some visitors come, you can fill up the feeder to its brim and let the birds eat to their heart’s content.

Clean And Fresh Water Supply Setup In Your Apartment’s Balcony

An essential step when trying to attract and care for birds is providing a clean and fresh source of water.

Birds use water for many reasons like drinking, bathing as well as preening, which is where birds use their beak to clean and tidy up their feathers. 

A simple way to do this is to find a birdbath with a railing that you can attach to the side of your balcony, or if you are a craft person, you can easily make one at home yourself.

If you want to go a step further in attracting the birds though, water fountains are the way to go, especially those designed for birds. 

Not only does it provide clean and fresh water, but the sound of running water will definitely pique the interest of many birds which will ensure the success of your endeavor.

Add Some Plants And Flowers To Your Balcony

Another easy way to set apart your apartment balcony from the thousands of others the bird sees is to set up a gorgeous array of plants and flowers. 

The bright fresh colors and the smell of flowers will let the birds know of the flourishing space nearby and so they will be much more likely to come to check out your balcony. Some beautiful and vibrant flowers you can plant include honeysuckles, bleeding hearts, hydrangeas, and fuchsias. 

You can also buy colorful variations of bird feeders, and fountains or just hang some decorations to add that pop of color to visually entice the birds.

Install Perches and Birdhouses

Last but certainly least, is the shelter part of the equation. Perches are essential for birds as they take a break from flying and work on preening all their ruffled feathers.

So providing these perches on your balcony is a good way to attract birds. 

Another essential factor, of course, is the birdhouses or the nesting spots, especially in the harsher weather conditions. 

Setting up these safe spaces for birds will let them know that shelter and protection is available here and so they will more likely pick your balcony to brave the harsh weather or simply just take a minute off of flying.

In Conclusion

Birds are such delightful little creatures, and a definite way to make your days brighter.

If you have always wondered how to bring those rays of sunshine to your abode when it is an apartment, here are all the ways you can give it your best possible shot. 

If you live in particularly busy areas, it might take a while before some birds make their way regularly, but do not fret! 

We hope this guide helped you out and taught you something new today.

Thank you for reading!

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