A workers’ compensation lawyer is essential if your employer denies that your injury happened at work or the insurance company refuses to pay for your treatment. Lawyers can help you with documentation, gather medical records, and second opinions. They can also help you file a claim and support you through retaliation actions by your employer. They can speak directly with your employer’s lawyer and ensure your case is covered.


A workplace injury is stressful enough without adding in the hassle of filing a workers’ compensation claim, juggling medical appointments, and dealing with out-of-pocket expenses. The skilled workers’ compensation lawyers at Finkelstein & Partners can ease the burden by handling the paperwork, appealing unjust decisions, and negotiating with insurance companies. The insurance company has a team of highly-trained lawyers and adjusters on their side, so you want an experienced workers’ comp lawyer on yours, too. Injured workers often make mistakes that can hurt their case, and an experienced lawyer can avoid these errors. They can also help you navigate controversies like utilization and independent medical reviews. They can even help you get funeral and burial expenses covered.

Representation in Court

Workers’ compensation lawyers can be invaluable resources for building your case for workers’ comp. With representation, your employer and insurance provider’s interests will be protected while workers’ comp lawyers help collect evidence supporting your case, such as medical records or witness statements. Lawyers can level the playing field if your claim is challenged in court. Large insurance companies typically employ teams of legal specialists, making navigating courts more straightforward with an experienced lawyer in your corner. Workers’ comp lawyers understand how insurance companies negotiate and can represent your best interests by ensuring any settlement agreement does not compromise future eligibility for benefits like Social Security disability.

Efficient Communication

A skilled workers’ compensation lawyer can explain the details of your case in a way that makes sense. They can help you avoid common communication errors that can sabotage your claim. In addition, some insurance representatives may try to deny your claim or give you short shrift by not thoroughly investigating your injury. A skilled workers’ compensation lawyer can help you strengthen your claim by documenting your medical treatment thoroughly.

Knowledge of the Law

If you have suffered an injury at work, seeking advice from a workers’ compensation lawyer may be beneficial. Such a lawyer can help you file necessary paperwork, find the proper medical care, and deal with complex legal issues. These may include disagreements with employers and insurers over compensation claims for lost wages or the aggravation of pre-existing conditions due to your work-related injury. Additionally, a workers’ comp lawyer can assist you in pursuing third-party liability claims, which may result in larger settlements. Selecting one with extensive knowledge of workers’ compensation systems is crucial when choosing a law firm.

Timely Representation

When a person is injured, the resulting medical bills and loss of wages can be overwhelming. A workers’ compensation lawyer can help ensure that a victim receives the benefits they need to get back on their feet. Suppose an individual can no longer work and needs to transition to a different job or retire. In that case, their lawyer can ensure they receive all the appropriate benefits they are entitled to. This includes ensuring that any settlement is structured in such a way that it will maximize Social Security special needs insurance coverage and other benefits. Whether the injury occurred on- or off-site, a skilled workers’ comp lawyer will ensure that the link between the injury and one’s occupation is established. This can prevent an employer or insurer from denying a bona fide claim for improper reasons.

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