Horse Symbolism and Meaning: Unbelievable Things You Never Knew

Horse Symbolism and Meaning

Horses have gained major significance in several cultures around the world over a long period of time, for quite obvious character traits that they exhibit to the benefit and pride of humankind.

They have some straightforward symbolisms that are directly associated with what they do, however, some of these are quite deeply rooted in the spiritual meaning of the animals, sometimes along with scientific explanations. 

And in this article, I’ll explain horse symbolism and meaning in detail. I’ll cover all the positive and negative aspects in detail.

Understanding Horse Symbolism and Meaning 

In a general context, a horse is a symbol of endurance, speed, beauty, freedom, and determination. In western culture, a horse symbolizes independence, motility, strength, and power. While in eastern culture a horse is a symbol of a divine being with courage and integrity. 

Determination and endurance 

Horses have accompanied humans no matter what, through all their tough times in battles and have faced all challenges with their owners without giving up or being scared of death.

Hence, these creatures depict how to be determined on your purpose and endure no matter what the threats are.


Horses have earned reverence from various Civilizations around the world for their undefeatable significance, bringing pride to the animal’s existence, hence being symbolic of pride and Godly associations.

Freedom and Spirit

A horse running across large patches of land is a sight of utmost freedom. But it isn’t just a sight, it’s the truth of horses.

They symbolize freedom through their careless movements and jaw-dropping beauty. They can be controlled only if they are willing to be and serve only to one whom they worship and love. Such freedom, spirit, and self-identity are what a horse stands for.

Beauty and magnificence

How breathtakingly beautiful and manly horses are! They are indeed the representations of bold and beautiful and teach humankind how much beauty is associated with confidence and boldness.

Horse Symbolism In Different Civilizations

What Does Horse Symbolize In Native American Culture?

American symbolisms majorly revolve around the spiritual significance of Horses, representing freedom for their contribution to freedom wars.

They have also witnessed how tribes that used to have more horses tend to win more battles, and hence both their strength and good omen created an impact on the minds of the tribes.

They have certain Blue Horse symbolisms that are believed to save white men in battles all by themselves and the stories are even mentioned in their folktales.

They majorly look up to these animals as a sign of motility, power, strength, and stamina, all regarded with a deep respect for these war companions. They are even compared to the deity of Big Dog or God Dog.

What Does Horse Symbolize In Eastern Culture?

Japanese consider horses as divine beings, serving brave souls both on Earth and in the heavens. They are also believed to be the animals that carry God Himself on their backs.

Chinese and Buddhists tend to have the same beliefs around Horses wherein they believe that Buddhism was invited to the East through the means of Horses themselves. They symbolize courage, perseverance, integrity, nobility, faithfulness, and power.

These animals accompanied humans in ancient times through all the phases of their lives as warriors and workers, for justice. Hence, they are considered the heroes to defeat evil energy, with their honesty and reliability.

What Does Horse Symbolize In Christianity?

Biblical symbolism of Horses is dependent wholly on what colors they are of.

White horses symbolize death, black horses however also symbolize death along with devilish impact. However, both of these black and white horses together are symbolic of the cycle of life and death.

Other than these colors, horses, in general, signify bravery, speed, generosity, purity, and nobleness in their culture, along with the sacred duty of helping.

Red horses symbolize the carrier for the creator of war, and Green horses again signify death and decay, sent to Earth for the judgment of the doomsday.

What Does Horse Symbolize In Celtic Culture?

They tend to believe that the first deity that their Civilization ever worshiped was that of a horse, as a creature born with the virtue of the Sun.

They also have several rituals and folktales that bring up the nobility residing in this animal and also some evil sides to it. 

In the Celtic Zodiacs, the symbol of Horses is used to identify people who appreciate attention and admiration from others and belong to a state of novelty.

They are meant to be people who make a move, which might be for ethical or unethical realms, and are born to lead and work.

They are also prone to sports, fitness, and warfare and are real conquerors in nature.

What Does Horse Symbolize In African Culture?

Egyptian beliefs of Horses are not much different from what they are in the general beliefs around the world, like fortitude, confidence, divinity, and so on.

However, they never put horses to any other use rather than on battlefields. For their spiritualization associated with horses that symbolize victory. They represent wealth too as only the rich ones in ancient Egypt could afford them. 

To this date, these animals are treated with high respect and are rode on as good women for weddings and ceremonies.

Are You Dreaming About Horses? Here’s The Meaning

  • A white horse running in your dream might mean that you are wholeheartedly loved by the people around you and wealth is in abundance for you accompanied with success and achievements. It means that you are involved in a deep love affair or a peaceful marriage.
  • Black horse dreams are also associated with luck and good fate, especially in romantic relationships, symbolizing unrequited love.
  • Brown horses in your dream might mean that you are going to propel forward rapidly in your career from now on under someone’s huge influence. However, a brown horse can also appear in your dream when you are in a difficult situation.
  • When you are riding a horse in your dreams, it means that you are soon going to attain independence, fornication but also incomplete love life.
  • When it’s a lonely horse in your dream, mostly a sad solitary horse, it means that you are under the negative influence. You might see the darker side of your fate soon in your life.

Horse Totems and Omens Explained

  • It is believed that one should never try to rename their horses once they are named. It is believed that it hurts the spiritual ego of these animals and you might fall prey to their wrath.
  • When you meet a white horse in person, it might predict a death in your family or near ones and a huge loss for you. However, such bad omen can be overcome if you manage to make a quick wish of optimism once you see one of these beauties.
  • If you want to invite good luck into your life, you should try hanging a horseshoe at your door, pointing up, to gather all the goodness for you and your family.
  • Horsehair is believed to be of high spiritual medicinal capabilities. On ingestion, it is believed to eradicate all diseases from your body and bring back good health to you. But honestly speaking I don’t really believe in these type of claims (without a solid medical/science facts)
  • Seeing a grey horse on your wedding day symbolizes that you will have a happy, peaceful and enriching marriage that will last for long.
  • If you see a horse lingering near your property, this might invite bad omen into your house and you must beware.

Is Horse Your Spirit Animal? 

If a horse is your Spirit Animal, it might be time for you to realize and study closely the hints that the Universe is trying to drop on you.

You should concentrate on yourself and pay heed to your problems over the ones of others. Because doing that you not only find yourself in constant problems that you don’t have enough time to solve.

But also invite in mental distress for yourself out of nowhere trying to help others. This way you might be losing your own strength and freedom.

Yet, it believes that you have what it requires to stand tall and you should practice more confidence to reach there and discover more of who you are.


Hence, a horse is mostly symbolic of good omen, bravery, pride, and all high-ranked spiritualities.

This animal has managed to leave an impact on the lives of humans since ancient ages, be it through its symbolisms or its contribution to the expansion, consolidation, and glory of war and victory.

Horses display how respect has to be earned through actions and not by mere spirituality. No matter if you have a horse as your Spirit Animal or not, you still have a huge scope to learn from these beings.

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