Heron Symbolism And Meaning: Unbelievable Facts About These Birds


Sometimes humans tend to overly exhaust themselves, with work, being social, and finding themselves to be restless and unsettled. Again sometimes they feel too restricted and lonely.

A heron, as a symbolism and spirit animal brings balance into our lives and teaches us how to energize ourselves and be patient. 

Herons are predator birds. They feed on aquatic animals, mostly fish. They stand on the margins of, mostly shallow, water bodies, like lakes, ponds, rivers, very occasionally seas, and using smart speed and agility, catch the fishes off the running water.

The commonly used hunting tactic by herons is, they either stand or sit by the edge of the shallow water body very patiently and without moving a muscle until their prey is within range.

When they spot their prey, with the use of high speed, they catch the prey using their long beaks, also known as bills.

This technique requires the birds to be very patient and static because otherwise they will make their prey aware and lose the catch. This characteristic of herons adds to why they symbolize composure and stillness. 

Understanding Heron Symbolism and Meaning

In a general context, a heron represents patience, stillness, speed, introspection, and observance. In western culture, herons are a symbol of prosperity, good luck, self-reliance, and progress. While in eastern culture herons represent change, wisdom, determination, and calmness.

Heron is greatly related to symbolizing the union of the two most important and powerful elements of earth- land, and water.

Herons survive on aquatic animals, meaning there is life in the water body. Therefore herons are also used to symbolize life underwater. 

During hunting, heron symbolizes patience. These birds have to stand still for a long time in water and wait for their prey. This takes a lot of patience and observation.

Since water flows there are chances of missing their catch if they are distracted. Also, for the same reason, they also have to be very spontaneous and swift.

This teaches us to always keep an eye out for good opportunities and never waste time. 

Herons usually fly alone and not in groups or flocks except during mating season. This feature teaches us the importance of solitude.

It symbolizes that between the hackles of life, we need to find time for ourselves and have an insight into our personal growth and healing.

People often lose track of themselves trying to keep up with their goals, duties, problems, and more. Herons help us to realize the importance of balance and find our inner peace back. 

Heron was also believed to represent honor and virtue because, in most Greek art, herons have been witnessed to portray the tension between good and evil. Therefore herons stand for a balance between these two. 

Heron Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilization

According to Greek mythologies, herons were considered God’s messenger therefore hurting or causing them any harm would mean extremely bad luck. In various stories, it was found that Heron was one of Goddess Athena’s messengers.  

Heron was held sacred by an ancient Egyptian city, known as Heliopolis. One of the Greek gods, Bennu was a large Heron of golden and red color. Bennu was considered the God of light and Heliopolis was known as the city of the sun. 

What Does Heron Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

Native Americans view herons as a sign of patience, determination, cleverness, and a symbol of good luck. 

The Great Blue Heron has a lot of stories about itself in Native American history that portrays it to be self-determined and always reaching its goals.

The birds stand-alone for as long as they have to and finish their task and unlike others never give up.

Blue Heron signifies having faith in the process and never letting distraction or any other intervention pull us out of our goals. The meaning focuses on evolving and progressing. 

Apart from that, Blue Heron is also associated with the ability to adapt to one’s surroundings and to rely on one’s own self.

It is used to symbolize self-strength and self-confidence. They are like pillars of stability.

What Does Heron Symbolizes In Celtic Civilization?

According to the Celts, heron symbolizes longevity, independence, and perseverance. They were associated with protection, good luck, and introspection by being placid and having a deep self-reflection. 

Because of the peaceful and calm behavior of herons, some Celtic tales also associate them with God. 

Rhiannon, the Goddess of water bodies, in Celtic culture was said to be reincarnated as herons. Therefore herons are also called the Lady of the Lake.

Rhiannon was also a protector, especially of travelers. This adds to why herons are often also symbolized with protection. 

Christianity Regarding Heron Symbolism

According to Christian spiritual meaning, Heron is related to long life and good luck. They take the long-suffering and content character of herons as an inspiration.

Several hymns are developed which highlight the patience and stillness of herons as one of the key beliefs of Christianity also revolves around patience. 

But along with the good, also comes the bad. As migratory birds, herons are also considered “unclean” and hence inedible.

Because these birds do not travel in groups, they are also considered unsocial and irritable and often self-centered and greedy.

Although the characteristics of this bird are actually interpreted to be deep and introspective, according to Christian spiritual meaning, it has been portrayed as quite the opposite. 

Are You Dreaming About Herons? Here’s the Meaning

Heron in dreams generally means a halt or a pause. Seeing a heron could possibly mean that one should take a break from what they are doing and first dig deep into it to continue further.

Another interpretation of heron dream could mean that we need to have an insight. A black heron means we are backing away from an opportunity due to personal fears.

This heron comes to reassure us that we can do it, we just have to take a deep breath and go for it. 

  • A blue heron signifies reconnecting with our people. 
  • Heron in one leg is asking us to introspect. 
  • A heron in the sky could refer to disputes among family members. 

Basically, a heron dream implies us to slow down and take a look into ourselves, to trust ourselves be patient, and await the good. 

Heron Totem and Omens Explained

Heron Totem

Heron as a totem animal basically means solitude and freedom. People born with the heron totem do not appreciate other people interfering in their personal matters.

They have a unique lifestyle and do not tend to follow any traditional mannerisms. They are adaptable and diverse. They also tend to be emotionally unsettled. 

Heron Omen

Herons are generally omens of good luck. They are related to autonomy, individuality, self-righteousness, stability, willpower, and smart tact.

They are believed to convey the message that people need to have more faith in themselves and profess their own will 

Is Heron Your Spirit Animal?

As a spirit animal heron speaks of independence. People with herons as their spirit animal are either too reserved or too social. They also tend to have a sense of well-balanced partnership.

They also have a fair knowledge about their true self and are very affirmative about themselves. They are often opportunistic and individualistic which sometimes makes them questionable in the face of society. 


Herons are majestic creatures on the planet. They possess grace and help humanity to witness the power of their true self.

They make people see the power of their own self and how it is important to be intuitive, observant, often an opportunist, and never waste time in their life.  

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