Hawk Symbolism And Meaning: What Does It Really Mean When You See this Predator?

Hawk Symbolism And Meaning

Preying for food is difficult for every bird or animal. Be it lion or eagle, every living organism has to find prey for getting food for themselves.

But, wait a minute, if preying is concerned, how can we forget about “Hawks”. Hawks are large birds that prey on small birds for food. However, these birds may vary greatly in size.

Many people find hawks harmful to them. But, not all hawks are harmful to people. There is a common perception related to these birds that they can be harmful. 

But, the symbolism related to hawks is very positive. Yes, symbolism. Symbolism means beliefs or representations related to anything.

For instance, if you see a crow, you feel that something bad may happen. This is what symbolism is all about. There is some symbolism related to hawks. But, it can vary widely. 

Symbolism in the case of hawks varies because of the situation in which they are seen or dreamt. For instance, seeing a feather of a hawk may have different symbolism.

While if you dreamt of a hawk, then it may represent different things. With this article, we have covered all the common perceptions, and different beliefs related to hawks. 

Understanding Hawk Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a hawk represents adaptability, independence, wisdom, patience, and courage. In western culture, hawks are considered as messengers from our ancestors and god. While in eastern culture hawks are described as divine beings with courage and intelligence.

Like we symbolize love with a red rose, there are some common perceptions to hawks as well. As we mentioned above, these preying birds are large in size and the symbolism related to hawks are:

  • In the Osage and the Invisible World, the author had symbolized the hawk very beautifully. Here, the black hawk represents night. 
  • Even in the poem of Rattle Song, the different hawks are talked about. Here, the black hawks symbolize the night while the red hawk symbolizes day. Thus, these two hawks represent both day & night. They symbolize the endless recurrent movement of life. 
  • Hawks also symbolize strength and courage. 
  • As per European mythology, hawks are the messenger or representation of God’s Hours. God Hours was the Sky God in European mythology. 
  • Some other common perceptions that are related to hawks include intelligence, adaptability, independence, and spiritual awareness. All these symbolisms are related to the actual nature of Hawk. 

However, these are common perceptions related to hawks. Whenever we hear hawks, the intelligence symbolizes comes first to the mind. That is because of the wisdom of hawks that they used for preying. But some beliefs persist in religions and tribes. 

Hawk Symbolism And Meaning In Different Civilizations

The symbolism of Hawks can be different for various tribes and religions. Some of them are listed here:

What Does Hawks Symbolizes In Native American Culture?

The beliefs related to hawks are very strong in the Native Americans. It is believed that these creatures of nature are the messengers of their ancestors.

Even the Native Chiefs believe that hawks give them warning during the tough times. Apart from this, there is some other symbolism that is prevalent among Native Americans. 

Hawks represent clear vision and honesty. This symbolism came from the belief that this bird is the gatekeeper of the East. However, here is the symbolism of hawks as per the situation: 

  • If a hawk is crying overhead, then it is believed that it is a warning or challenge. 
  • If a person sees a shadow of a hawk, then it means that the concerned person is in danger. 
  • If a hawk is starring at a person and sitting at a low branch, then it represents the death of the concerned person. 
  • A hawk flying over your head simply means a check on you. 

These beliefs and situation-related symbolism are very persistent among Native Americans. Even a red-tailed hawk symbolizes that the person has to clear the mind.

While if you are seeing a white-feather hawk, then it means that something scary is going to happen in your life. 

What Does Hawks Symbolizes In Christianity?

The symbolism of this bird in the Christianity religion is related to the messenger of God. The biblical meaning of Hawks states that if a person sees hawks then it means that God has a message for you.

Here, it is forbidden to eat hawks and falcons. It is so because both these creatures are represented as ‘cruel in temper’, ‘gross in the manner’, and ‘birds of prey. 

Even Israelites don’t eat any bird of prey, be it a hawk or other preying bird.

However, in Christianity, this creature is represented as the birds of passage. It is said that hawks’ migration is guided by superintending and upholding of God.

What Does Hawks Symbolizes In Celtic Civilization?

The symbolism of hawks in Celtic is very much positive. In Celtic mythology and folklore, there is a mention of hawks, where some characters convert into hawks.

The representation of hawks is related to perspicacity, and clear-sightedness. The association and symbolism of hawks in this belief came from the sport of capturing hawks or falcons that prevails in past. This sport has a major contribution to this belief. 

  • As per this belief, hawks are considered a symbol of aloof demeanor and natural pride. 
  • Hawks also symbolize cruelty and pitilessness because they are often cruel towards preying for food. 

Are You Seeing Hawks In Your Dreams? Here’s The Meaning

Seeing various things in dreams are very common and many times we see the hawk in dreams. But hawks in dreams can symbolize something.

This symbolism can be related to your real life. Here, it becomes very important to associate your dreams and real-life for better understanding the signs. If you see the hawk in dreams, then it represents:

  • Hawks in dreams sometimes mean that you are going to face business losses.
  • It can also mean that you should not speculate just now.
  • If you see hawks repetitively in dreams and they are circling your house, then it may symbolize a sense of affirmations and blessing.
  • It is also believed that seeing hawks in dreams may mean divine blessing. 

Totem animals basically help a person to communicate Nature’s messages. Hawks can also be a totem animal for a person. If your totem animal is a hawk, then this animal will never fail to help or guide you. 

  • If you are traveling, and ask the hawk totem to guide and protect you on the trip, then this creature will never fail. 
  • People with hawks as totem animals usually initiate and lead. 
  • Hawk totem people provide a better vision and bright future to the other people. 

Now, when it comes to hawk omens, there are many beliefs to this. There are many symbolisms of hawk omens may include:

  • The hawk facing you with its white breast is a good omen.
  • Hawk showing back to you is considered a bad omen.
  • Hawks facing the opposite direction from you means a sure defeat. This is true in the case of wars. 
  • The repetitive sight of hawks means that you have a flow of ideas
  • This creature symbolizes freedom. 

Is Hawk Your Spirit Animal?

Hawk as a spirit animal also symbolizes many things. The symbolism of the hawk as a spirit animal represents that the person is focusing on too many details.

It means that the person needs to step back or should eliminate distractions to stay focused. The symbolism related to hawk spirit animal includes:

  • If you see a hawk spirit animal, then it means that you have to observe and study the situation. The universe is telling you to focus on the situations and important messages. 
  • You can call a hawk when your plans do not work and if you want to raise your spirit.
  • It is also believed that you can also call hawk if you are overwhelmed by the emotions, or being physically assaulted. 
  • If a hawk spirit animal shows up, then it means that you are a strong person and leader. 


Birds are part of nature. Many birds are beautiful & calm, while some birds are aggressive. One of that aggressive and wise birds is Hawk.

In real life, many beliefs are related to birds. Every bird has symbolism associated with them and a hawk is also among them.

With this article, we have mentioned the symbolism of hawks. We have covered all the beliefs among different tribes or religions, and hawk spirit and hawk totem animal.

In short, the hawk symbolism is related to strength, courage, guidance, and wisdom. These beliefs are different among various people and stand true for others as well. 

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