Harpy Eagle Wingspan: How Does It Compare With Others?

Harpy Eagle Wingspan

The three main factors that we always use to characterize a bird’s size are its length, weight, and wingspan, What’s a harpy eagle’s wingspan like? most importantly how are these characteristics measured?

What apparatus and procedures are employed? 

Let’s get the answers to many more such curious questions related to the Harpy Eagle wingspan, size comparison, measurement analogy, etc. in the depths of this article.

Harpy Eagle’s Wingspan

When spread out to its maximum extent, the wingspan is the distance between the tips of each wing.

Harpies’ size varies depending on their sex, like most raptors. Even though males and females have the same plumage, females are larger.

The wingspan of the male Harpy eagle can hit the maximum mark of up to 6.5 ft while the females can wide spread their wings up to 7.4 ft.

As a result of their varying sizes, they can feed on diverse prey types and avoid fighting.

furthermore, because males are smaller than females, they may easily catch a lot of little prey during mating season, which helps to feed the family and protect the health of the young.

How Bird’s Wingspan Is Measured?

Measuring a bird live in the field is undoubtedly difficult as they are of course threatened by us and don’t remain in a steady position to conduct any research.

Thus the research for measurement is carried out on the recently dead species of bird.

These measurements may not be accurate as birds’ sizes vary depending on their breeding season, habitat, and contraction may occur after death.

To measure the wingspan a dead species of bird is laid down on the ruled or on a simple table on its back.

The wings are outstretched and using the ruler the length from the bill to the tail is measured and noted.

This measurement is bound to be inaccurate due to the variation in the posture of the wings. 

Usually, this type of measurement is roughly used as an indicator of size.

To conduct the measurement of a live bird, instead of ruling the wing from its wingtip it is compared with the hand and later the hand size is measured, also the live measurements are not accurate.

Juvenile and Immature harpy eagle’s wingspan

The immature or newborn harpy eagle is very little covered in all-white feathers and does not have any wings.

They develop into fledglings in five to six months but they remain around the nest for the next 1 year. Around this time most fledglings have a wingspan of about 4-5ft.

Despite attaining a large size in just 2 months or so, young eagles mature slowly. 

The development of full adult plumage can take up to 4 years, by which time the juvenile eagle will have grown to adult size and established its territory.

Harpy eagle vs Bald eagle Wingspan

Bald eagles have a larger wingspan as compared to that harpy eagles. It ranges from 5 to 8 feet, which helps them fly as they are frequent fliers and travel a large distance.

According to their habitat, the wingspan of a bald eagle may vary.

While the wingspan of the harpy eagle is quite small compared to the bald eagle. It is about 7.5 ft long and broader, this broadness helps them travel through the dense forest where they mostly habitat.

ParametersHarpy eagleBald eagle
Size35 – 40 inches,11-20 lbs28-38 inches, 6-14 lbs
WingspanUp to 7.5 ft5.11 – 7.7 ft

Harpy eagle vs Condor Wingspan 

Condors have the largest wingspan among the prey birds with a whooping maximum length of 10.5 ft.

Their size also varies according to their habitat.

While the wingspan of a harpy goes maximum up to 7.5 ft which is comparatively very smaller.

ParametersHarpy eagleCondor
Size 35 – 40 inches,11-20 lbs39 – 52 inches, 17 – 33 lbs
WingspanUp to 7.5 ft8.8 – 10.5 ft

Harpy eagle vs Golden eagle Wingspan

Compared with the golden eagle the size of the harpy eagle is less

The golden eagle’s wingspan ranges to 7.66ft while that of the harpy eagle reaches 6.5 feet

But the analysis gets false for females.

The female harpy is bulkier than the female golden eagle, resulting in a bigger wingspan.

The wingspan of a female harpy is 7.5 to 8 ft while that of a female golden eagle reaches up to 7.5 ft

ParametersHarpy eagleGolden eagle
Size35 – 40 inches,11-20 lbs26 – 40 inches,  7.9 – 11 lbs
Wingspan5.9-7.55.8 to 8 ft

Harpy Eagle’s Comparison To An Average Human

Harpy eagle despite being the largest prey bird, is still smaller compared to other larger birds.

But the harpy eagles are bigger than humans.

The average of a human is about 5.3 to 5.9 ft while the wingspan and height of a harpy eagle are 6-5 to 7.5 feet and 35 – 40 inches respectively. 

Harpy eagle when kept alongside a human seems bigger, bulkier, and horrifying.

Their sharp claws are sharp enough to kill humans.


That was everything you need to know about the Harpy eagle’s wingspan. I hope this article was informative enough and you got something helpful.

Thank You For Reading!

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