Gyrfalcon Size: How Big Are They Compared To Other Birds?

Gyrfalcon Height/Length

Gyrfalcon Size

You have surely heard of Falcons and how popular these birds of prey are among humans. Falcons are very fast and are well known for their unbelievable speed during flight.

The Gyrfalcon is the largest Falcon in the world, which is found in the high Arctics, and flies with great speed while catching its prey. 

You can identify them based on their appearance, shades of black, white, and grey bodies with black spotting.

However, distinguishing the Gyrfalcon from other falcons may be confusing based on their appearance. So, you can easily tell them apart by looking at their size. 

The gyrfalcon is the world’s largest falcon and a fierce predator, as well as one of the fastest: during long flights, it can reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. The Gyrfalcon measures 18.9-25.2 in (48-64 cm) or 1.57-2.09 feet in length or height. 

Height/LengthCentimeter Inchfeet
Gyrfalcon 48-64 cm18.9-25.2 in1.57-2.09 ft

Gyrfalcons, like other falcons, exhibit sexual dimorphism, with the female being significantly larger than the male. Males are 48 to 61 centimeters (19 to 24 inches) long, whereas females are bulkier and larger, measuring 51 to 65 centimeters (20 to 25.5 in).

Gyrfalcon Weight

Gyrfalcon Size

Aside from their height, different falcons can also be distinguished by their weight. Generally, birds of low weight are more effective during their flight, as they can fly for longer and with greater speed, but the Gyrfalcon is a large bird of prey. 

The gyrfalcon has been prized as a hunting bird for centuries. Its typical prey includes ptarmigan, fish, mammals, and waterfowl, which it may capture in flight.

Gyrfalcons are solitary birds that hunt in horizontal pursuit. They are diurnal and hunt by fast flight low over the ground.

The Gyrfalcon is quite heavy, weighing around 1,180 to 2,100 g (2 lb 9oz to 4 lb 10 oz). 

WeightGrams Kilograms Pounds 
Gyrfalcon1,180 to 2,100 g1.18 to 2.10 kg2 lb 9 oz to 4 lb 10 oz

Gyrfalcon Wingspan

Gyrfalcon Size

The most fascinating and crucial feature of birds is their ability to fly, which they get from their large wings. Their ability to fly high and farthest with great speed is majorly determined by their wingspan, which is measured from the tip of one wing to the tip of the other wing.

They have streamlined, hard, and compact bodies, smallish heads, and long pointed wings. These birds also soar on thermals from time to time, with slow, powerful, and steady wing beats. 

During their flight, the wings and tail of the Gyrfalcon are slightly wider than those of the Peregrine and Prairie falcons, with more bluntly pointed wing tips.

Gyrfalcons can also fly at high altitudes that only eagles can. Thus, golden eagles are the only natural predators of gyrfalcons, and even they rarely engage with these fearsome falcons. 

On average the Gyrfalcons have a wingspan of about 110 to 160 cm (43 to 63 in) or 3.5 to 5.2 feet.

Wingspan Centimeter Inches Feet
Gyrfalcon Male110 to 130 cm 43 to 51 in3.5 to 4.2 ft
Gyrfalcon Female124 to 160 cm 49 to 63 in4 to 5.2 ft

It is quite interesting to see that the wingspan of the Gyrfalcon is much larger than its overall height.

Gyrfalcon Size Comparison To Humans

Humans are by far the top predators in the food chain. Now that we know about the Gyrfalcon’s height, appearance, weight, hunting ability, wingspan, and more, let’s compare it with other species. Interestingly, some Gyrfalcons are trained by humans to be able to fly and hunt.

But, have you wondered who would win in a fight between a Gyrfalcon and an adult size human? 

This majorly depends on the strength and the size of each of these species. Humans, for instance, have an average height of about 5.5 to 5.9 feet and weigh about 60 to 80 kg (132-176 lb).

However, the Gyrfalcons have a height of about 1.57-2.09 feet and weigh 1.18 to 2.10 kg (2.4-4.6 lb). 

In comparison to humans, these birds of prey are very small and lightweight. However, if we add the length of the wingspan of the Gyrfalcon to its overall height then it may have a length greater than humans. 

That is, the wingspan of a Gyrfalcon is about 3.5 to 5.2 feet, the largest Gyrfalcon would have an overall length of about 6 feet (if we account for the length of its wingspan). This way, the Gyrfalcon is much bigger than average humans.

Gyrfalcon Vs Peregrine Falcon Size Comparison

When it comes to comparing different species, you might have to look at them from different parameters, but while comparing the same species like the Gyrfalcon and the Peregrine Falcon the task becomes less complicated. This is because you can make a fair judgment simply based on their wingspan. 

Peregrine Falcons are large birds, and have a body length of about 34 to 58 cm (13–23 in) or 2.42 – 3.93 ft and weigh 18.7-56.4 oz (0.53-1.6 kg). 

On the other hand, the Gyrfalcon has an average height of about 1.57-2.09 feet and weighs 1.18 to 2.10 kg (2.4-4.6 lb). In terms of both height and weight, the Peregrine Falcon is larger and heavier than the Gyrfalcon. 

Additionally, you would know that because of their large and powerful wings, Peregrine Falcons are among the fastest animals on the planet! 

A Peregrine Falcon’s wingspan ranges from 74 to 120 cm (29-47 in) or 2.42 to 3.93 feet. Whereas, the wingspan of a Gyrfalcon is about 3.5 to 5.2 feet. The maximum wingspan of the Gyrfalcon is larger than that of the Peregrine Falcon. 

Birds Length WeightWingspan 
Gyrfalcon1.57-2.09 feet1.18 to 2.10 kg (2.4-4.6 lb)3.5 to 5.2 feet
Peregrine Falcon34 to 58 cm (13–23 in) or 2.42 – 3.93 ft18.7-56.4 oz (530-1600 g)2.42 to 3.93 feet

Gyrfalcon Vs Golden Eagle Size Comparison

Another strong and fast birds like the Falcon are the Eagles. So, why not compare these two as well? 

The Golden Eagle is a large and fast raptor with gleaming gold feathers on the back of its head and neck. It is also considered one of the most powerful birds, thanks to its enormously long and wide wings and tail. 

The Golden Eagle stands 33.1 inches or 2.75 feet tall on average and weighs about 0.483 kg (7.2 lb). Contrarily, the Gyrfalcon has an average height of about 1.57-2.09 feet and weighs 1.18 to 2.10 kg. 

Unlike the Gyrfalcon which has a wingspan of about 3.5 to 5.2 feet, Golden Eagles have long and vast wings and have a wingspan between 1.8 to 2.34 meters (5 ft 11 in to 7 ft 8 in). 

While the Gyrfalcon is heavier than the Golden Eagle, it does have a shorter wingspan. Therefore, during flight, the Golden Eagles are much more effective. 

Birds Length WeightWingspan 
Gyrfalcon1.57-2.09 feet1.18 to 2.10 kg3.5 to 5.2 feet
Golden Eagle 33.1 inches or 2.75 feet0.483 kg (7.2 lb)1.8 to 2.34 meters (5 ft 11 in to 7 ft 8 in)

Gyrfalcon Vs Snowy Owl Size Comparison

Other quite interesting species of birds are owls. Snowy owls are large owls, which are covered with a lot of feathers on its body, in order to keep their body insulated from the low temperatures of the Arctic. 

The snowy owl is quite significant in terms of its length and weight. These owls have an average body length of about 20.5-27.9 in (52-71 cm) and weigh 56.4-104.1 oz (1.6 -2.9  kg). 

The Gyrfalcon has an average height of about 1.57-2.09 feet and weighs 1.18 to 2.10 kg. The overall length and weight of the snowy owls are slightly bigger and heavier than the Gyrfalcon. 

Talking about the wingspan of these two birds, the snowy owl has a wingspan of 116 to 165.6 cm (3 ft 10 in to 5 ft 5 in) and the Gyrfalcon has a wingspan of 3.5 to 5.2 feet. 

Birds Length WeightWingspan 
Gyrfalcon1.57-2.09 feet1.18 to 2.10 kg3.5 to 5.2 feet
Snowy Owl 20.5-27.9 in (52-71 cm)56.4-104.1 oz (1.6 -2.9  kg)116 to 165.6 cm (3 ft 10 in to 5 ft 5 in)


So that was everything you need to know about the Gyrfalcon size. And I hope that this article was informative enough and you got something useful from it.

Thank You For Reading!

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