Grasshopper Symbolism and Meaning: Here’s What You Need To Know

Grasshopper Symbolism and Meaning 

Grasshoppers are some not so rare insects that have plenty of symbolisms established in the world so far that talk about them and their significance.

Even though they are just some small insects, they are of huge significance in various cultures and mythologies to have certain meanings.

They can be both symbolic of good luck and bad omen, but that’s not enough for you to know if you really want to get into its true symbolism.

Hence, In this article, we’ll explain grasshopper symbolism and meaning in detail.

Understanding Grasshopper Symbolism and Meaning 

In a general context, a grasshopper represents fertility, courage, abundance, patience, and good luck. In western culture, a grasshopper is a symbol of hostility and bad luck as well as wisdom and magical power. While in eastern culture a grasshopper represents fertility, happiness, and prosperity.

  • Grasshoppers are symbolic of good luck in general. However, when hurt, either intentionally or involuntarily, it is believed to invite some fatal curse into your life that drives extreme misfortune.
  • The Grasshoppers are also quite well known for their strong and accurate instincts and extreme sensitivity to any vulnerable situation.
  • Its presence guarantees happiness in your life and grants you success and accomplishment.
  • Grasshoppers are also linked to our inner voices and higher selves as act as a source of communication for the two worlds in us and approach us when it tries to convey a message.
  • It also asks us to keep faith in our own intuitions rather than foreign forces and work accordingly for true betterment.
  • Its high leaps signify that it’s time for us to take that great leap in our life too to reach that ultimate goal we have been taking baby steps towards for too long.
  • It also signifies that you have or are involved in a relationship that has to be revised thoroughly for the betterment of the partners.

Grasshopper Meaning In Different Civilizations 

What Does Grasshopper Symbolize In Native Americans Culture? 

Native Americans believe and perceive grasshoppers as a sign of destruction and pessimism as these locusts destroy lands and harvests of farmers.

They term these insects as greedy, deceiving, and careless creatures. They have several myths in their tribes like Hopi tribes that include these insects as bad omens.

A Grasshopper omen can also mean a change in weather and are believed to have magical capabilities to control precipitation.

What Does Grasshopper Symbolize In Eastern Culture? 

Chinese culture perceives Grasshopper as a positive omen, like good luck, good health, happiness, prosperity, and virtue.

Asians tend to nurture Grasshoppers as their pets as they believe that these creatures are reincarnations of the ones they used to love but are no more.

In Feng Shui, Grasshoppers symbolize wisdom, royalty, immortality, pride, and nobility. They are also placed on the death bed of the deceased for their safe journey to heaven. The Japanese also have beliefs about these insects.

Koreans have a festival dedicated to grasshoppers as a rural food, as a sign of progress from the time they had nothing to eat but Grasshoppers till their present state of affluence.

What Does Grasshopper Symbolize In Christianity?

Christians are also used to eating grasshoppers, like the John the Baptist himself.

They believe that grasshoppers are some small creatures that have some share of wisdom and power borrowed from God and are an analogy for humans.

However, the prophetic meaning of Grasshoppers is correlated with the eighth plague that God sent for the Pharaoh Aaron against the condition of letting Jewish people go back to Canaan and free them of their slavery.

What Does Grasshopper Symbolize In Celtic Civilization?

Celt’s term Grasshoppers as the emblem of Sir Thomas, the one who created the Royal Exchange in their land.

They also use the symbol in heraldry as symbolic of wisdom and nobility and picturization of coats and arms.

Africans and Grasshoppers

Grasshoppers in Egypt somewhat have some negative symbolisms in their culture that revolve around the ten plagues during Moses’ time.

Some African folktales also talk about the friendship of a toad and a grasshopper.

Are You Dreaming About Grasshoppers? Here’s the Meaning 

  • When you simply see a grasshopper in your dream, it mostly means good luck, success and prosperity in your life.
  • When you see a brown grasshopper, it is a symbol of a potential connection to be established between the Earth and Nature wherein you will find you true roots.
  • White grasshoppers are symbolic of a potentially enriching friendship or fulfilling relationship in your life. 
  • The albino grasshoppers are symbolic of finding satisfaction in your life, either through career or through your partner accompanied with utmost delight and enthusiasm.
  • When you see a bright green grasshopper in your dream, there are possibilities that you will have some hard time to deal with scandals in your married life.
  • When you see a dream of a grasshopper in your house, it means that doors to new career opportunities are going to open to you for you to pursue.
  • When you dream of killing a grasshopper it is a good symbol and it predicts inflow of wealth in your family.
  • When you dream of grasshopper coming out of your mouth, it signifies treason.
  • When you see a new born grasshopper, you are at a high frequency of gaining knowledge and achieving excellence.
  • When you see a dead grasshopper in your dream, brace yourself for a financial disaster.
  • Grasshoppers are believed to work as a  motivational push in your life once you encounter it to extract your utmost productivity and potential out of you.
  • When you see a grasshopper hop, its time that you take that massive leap in your life too to start something brand new or take a challenge that you were took scared of.
  • When you see a grasshopper in your bedroom or your bed, you must see yourself for who you truly are rather than letting your apparent limitations take control over you.
  • Also, seeing a locust when you are expecting or trying to have an issue is a good news as it symbolises fertility and hence pregnancy.

Is Grasshopper Your Spirit Animal? 

If you have Grasshopper as your Spirit Animal, you must brace yourself to be the one who takes the leap of faith every now and then and deals in the higher stratum of risks that changes your life forever in different aspects.

You are an expert in taking disguises to get your task done. You are social and make friends quite easily. You are adjustable and adaptable to any circumstances as long as you know that the intentions are clear. People enjoy your company a lot.

You are an avid daydreamer and less doer. You are a believer in your intuition and always follow them for exact results.


Hence, Grasshoppers do play a huge and significant role in the symbolisms world as it deals with mostly positive omen that brings faith in the human heart.

Be it real and impactful or not so logical and baseless, such beliefs and symbolism bring a lot of hope and courage to the hearts of the believers and automatically act as a strong force of motivation and inspiration for the ones who took the impact.

Hence, it has always been, and always will be, about what’s in our heads.

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