Giraffe Symbolism And Meaning: Unbelievable Secrets Of These Giants

Giraffe Symbolism And Meaning

When we ask to imagine an animal with a long neck, then what is the first animal that comes to your mind? It should be Giraffe.

The giraffe is a tall African mammal that is the largest terrestrial animal on Earth. Encountering this animal is not a common thing. We can see this animal only if we visit any national park.

However, there are many beliefs related to encountering a giraffe. But they can be different as per the cultures and religions. 

With this article, we have mentioned the giraffe symbolism and meaning that is prevalent among various religions and cultures. We also covered the meaning of the giraffe dream and what message it conveys to the person.

Understanding Giraffe Symbolism And Meaning

In a general context, a giraffe is a symbol of sexuality, pride, good fortune, and uniqueness. In western culture, a giraffe symbolizes a new perspective, uniqueness, renewal, and introspection. While in eastern culture a giraffe is a symbol of greatness, mystery, and nobility. 

The symbolism of the giraffe has various beliefs in different cultures and religions. However, the representations and beliefs of this animal are very much related to the positive aspects of life.

This animal has a unique appearance and it has big and usual things. Even this animal is used by many artists to represent the domestication of animals and the dawn of civilization.

In the Bible, this animal has significant importance. The symbolism of the giraffe include:

  • Dreaming of a giraffe represents the spiritual awakening of the person. 
  • This animal also symbolizes a new perspective. 
  • It is believed that encountering this animal means that this person will soon get an epiphany. 
  • Giraffes are usually used to represent the natural habitat. 

Giraffe Symbolism In Different Civilizations

What Does Giraffe Symbolize In Native American Culture?

The beliefs among the Native American culture are very vast and it includes birds, animals, and insects. Giraffe is no different from that belief.

However, this animal is not native to North America. The symbolism of this animal in the Native American culture include:

  • This animal represents that the person should act sensibly and symbolizes that they should be tall as energy flows through the spine. A good posture is also necessary for good health. 
  • A giraffe symbolizes pride, calmness, and adversity. 
  • A person should strive for the benefit of the community. 
  • It is also believed that a person sets one’s perspective high like a giraffe. 

What Does Giraffe Symbolize In Christianity?

It is believed that the chamois mentioned in the Bible are giraffes. This animal was important on Noah’s Ark as well. As per this story, Noah asked the giraffe to find a mate to join him at the ark.

After which the giraffe traveled to the ends of the Earth to find her and to complete the task before Noah launches the ark.

It is also believed that the neck of the giraffe kept on increasing in length as it helps the animal overcome starvation.

In the Bible, there is a learning and warning about the stiff necks of this animal. It provides learning that when a person becomes stubborn or rigid necked, things never end well for them.

Therefore, a person should listen to the advice of their elders and keep the neck flexible like the giraffe. 

What Does Giraffe Symbolize In African Culture?

Giraffes are native animals to Africa and they have great significance in this culture. Shamans believe that this mammal is the messenger of God. This animal reminds people about opening their hearts.

It is believed that giraffes symbolize the natural world and they help restore harmony and balance in the world. Even the tribal people of this culture have giraffes in the art forms. 

It is believed that this mammal provides the link between the Earth and the sky. It is also seen as a symbol of fertility and rain.

As per the beliefs of African culture, it is believed that a female suckling is the symbol of fertility and the daily birth of the sun. 

What Does Giraffe Symbolize In Celtic Civilization?

The giraffes are not native to this culture, but they are fascinating to this tribe. They believe that this animal is the messenger of God. It is believed that this mammal can see into the future.

It can be easily interpreted with the fact that they have long necks and they can easily access the leaves of the tallest trees. 

Celtics also believe that giraffes are the symbolism of guardian angels and mothers. It is so because a mother of this animal keeps their child away from the predator. It is also believed that this animal symbolizes fostering good relationships and a loving heart. 

Are You Dreaming Giraffe? Here’s The Meaning

Dreaming of a giraffe is not common but sometimes people used to dream of this animal. But they fail to understand the meaning behind such dreams. There are many beliefs related to the dreaming of giraffes.

But the meaning of each dream is different as per the situation seen in it. It is believed that dreaming of a giraffe symbolizes power, strength, and gentleness. The symbolism of dreaming a giraffe includes:

  • Dreaming of a giraffe symbolizes that a beautiful woman is about to come into the life of the dreamer. This representation is highly believed in Arab cultures. 
  • As per the African culture, it is believed that dreaming of giraffes means supernatural powers. 
  • It is believed that dreaming of this animal symbolizes a new perspective and future. It means that a person is planning for a better future. 
  • Dreaming giraffes also signifies the spiritual awakening. It can also mean that the dream will bring goal-orientation and balance in the life of the dreamer. 

Giraffe Totems & Omens Explained

The giraffe totem animal provides a message to a person that one should keep their neck high. This mammal urges a person to seek balance and has adequate rest, meditate, and good foods.

A person with a giraffe totem animal should set their eyes on the future and enjoy the present. This totem animal represents communication and clairvoyant abilities. 

This totem animal represents that a person should keep his head high and feet on the ground.

It also represents that a person should be social, but they should spend time with themselves as well. People with this totem animal should meditate daily to get the clairvoyance abilities. 

When it comes to the omens related to the giraffe, there are many beliefs related to the encounters with giraffes. However, encountering a giraffe is considered a good and auspicious omen.

It is believed that encountering this animal symbolizes rich harvests, peaceful reign, and good government. It is believed that this animal can bring joy, peace, love, and beauty to a person’s life.

Therefore, encountering a giraffe is a good omen that has symbolism of grandeur, longevity, illustriousness, and felicity. 

Is Giraffe Your Spirit Animal?

People with a giraffe spirit animal always wonder how they will get messages from them. It is so because this animal is not commonly seen.

However, the answer to this is that it can send you a message through dreams, TV, or magazines.

The symbolism associated with this spirit animal means that a person should stand tall. It provides the knowledge that a person’s spine has all the energy centers or chakras. 

People with a giraffe as their spirit animal gives importance to their family. It is represented with the quality of the giraffe where the mother giraffe takes care of their young. 


The giraffe is the tallest animal in the world that is known for its unique size. Encountering this animal is rare but the symbolism of this animal is significant to many cultures.

In this article, we have mentioned the symbolism of giraffes and the meaning of seeing the giraffe dream. Overall, the symbolism of the giraffe is positive and it means power, strength, and balance.

Therefore, whenever you encounter this animal in the future, do analyze the situation and the messages this animal has for you. 

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