Sick Of Turkey Vultures? Get Rid of Turkey Vultures Fast

Get Rid of Turkey Vultures

Spotting turkey vultures at your place can be the worst and scaring thing. These vultures are scary and no one wants to keep them coming to their place. 

Not only being scary, but these birds also create a mess around the place. From making loud sounds to destroying property, turkey vultures can be the most annoying birds for anyone. 

However, the removal of such birds is difficult if they are visiting your place more often.

But there are some tricks with the help of which you can easily get these birds away from your place. In this article, I have mentioned such tips which are effective and easy to adopt. 

13 Proven Methods To Get Rid of Turkey Vultures

Method 1: Installation of Shock Tape/Track

If you observe a high number of turkey vultures near your yard, always observe the areas where they used to hang. 

These areas can be parapets, air conditioning units, roofs, or other parts of your home. If this is your case, then you have to install some deterrent devices to keep the vultures away.

However, these birds are heavy and strong and they can easily destroy anti-bird devices. 

In this case, you can install a bird shock tape. This bird shock tape is similar to the regular adhesive tape that you purchase from the supply store. 

However, this tape can be conducted with electricity. This tape has metal leads throughout its length. But you will need a bird shock charger that can be connected with this tape. 

Just unroll the tape and paste it to the roosting spots of the vultures. Turn it on and done. Vultures will not roost at your place. 

Method 2: Installation of motion-activated sprinkler

Birds do not like water when it comes unnaturally. This is true for the vultures as well.

Water can be the best and safe repellent to keep the vultures away from your yard. However, a constant shower of water will not affect these birds. 

You need to throw water surprisingly. For this, a motion-activated sprinkler can be the best option. 

A motion-activates sprinkler is a sensor device that can sense movements from up to 30 feet away. This device can protect 1200 square feet. 

You can also adjust the sensitivity, spraying distance, and distance of the device. This will help you to protect yourself from being wet. You can also install multiple sprinklers to cover the whole yard. 

Method 3: Installation of sonic cannon

You can install sonic cannons in your place to keep the vultures away from your yard.

This device releases loud blasts of sounds to scare the birds or pests away from your property or yard. These devices can produce 130-decibels loud sound that can scare the birds up to 10 acres away. 

This means that you may disturb your neighbors as well with this device.

However, these devices are not adjustable. You can set the time range between each shot and you need to manually turn it on. 

When you see a vulture roaming around your yard, then you can start this device which will scare them off.

They will not come back to your home because of the blasts they heard from your home. You can either choose a 1-10 minute set or a 5-30 minute set. 

Method 4: Make use of a scarecrow kite

Making use of a realistic scarecrow kite can be an effective solution to scare the vultures away from your yard.

These kites are designed to scare away the vultures. These kites have visual cues that remind the vultures of their bird of prey. 

Such kites are designed for outdoor use and it has a 6-meter long, stable, and strong telescopic pole.

It has an aerodynamic design that allows it to stay flying even on less windy days. However, you need to take it down during the bad weather as it may blow away. 

Method 5: Installation of spikes

There is another way to keep the vultures away from the roosting areas. You can install roosting spikes at the areas where you have noticed frequent vulture visits.

These spikes can work for big birds like vultures. They have weak feet and they need a large piece of a ledge to grab.

These roosting spikes are thin and it becomes difficult for the vultures to grasp. This makes it uncomfortable for these birds to spend time in such areas. 

You need to attach these roosting spikes to the roosting areas. However, you can space them on a ledge to cover more area.

But you need to ensure that there should not be enough space for the vultures to perch on. You can use outdoor or caulk glue to paste the roosting spikes to the base or ledge. 

Method 6: Installation of devices with vulture distress sounds

You can install devices that can produce the distress sounds of vultures. Birds have the sense of hearing that they use to listen to sounds which can make them aware of the upcoming danger. 

Making use of threatening sounds from their predators and distress vulture calls can be effective in keeping vultures away from your yard. 

Install an electronic anti-bird sound repelling device that emits the pre-recorded sounds of different predators and birds in distress.

You can adjust the volume setting as per the size of the area that you want to protect. The sounds are in rotation which makes the vultures sense danger in your home. 

Method 7: Make use of reflection devices

Birds are scared of the bright flashes of light and it is true for the vultures as well. You can use reflection devices to scare the vultures away from your yard.

Either you can make such materials at your home or buy reflection devices from the market.

You can use crushed balls of foil and can hang them on the top of tree branches. Even CDs or small mirrors can work well in this case. 

You can also purchase hanging reflective spirals or sleek reflective bird deterrents to scare the vultures.

The sleek reflective deterrents will act as a wind vane and spin with the help of wind and reflect the sunlight. 

Method 8: Make use of Anti Bird Net

If your yard has more trees and due to which vultures are visiting your place more often, you can use this tip. You can put the bird net in your gardening and home improvement sections. 

Vultures are large birds and you need to choose an appropriate material for the same. You can choose polyethylene twine material for bird netting. 

This net can handle the strength and weight of this bird. You can also put these nets on the trees where vultures are roosting more often.

It may take time, resources, and effort but it will last for a long time. You have to make sure that you are installing the bird netting to the tent over the structure which you are protecting. 

Method 9: Make use of a laser deterrent

Another option to keep the vultures away from your yard is to make use of laser deterrent devices. 

Such devices emit points of light that move unnaturally. This flow of points of light will make the vultures assume danger at your place and they will stay away. 

Many devices have different light movement patterns. Some have timers as well which makes it automatic to turn on and off every 1-15 minutes. This range will make it unpredictable for the vultures to guess the movement. 

Method 10: Make use of predator mylar balloons

One effective solution, in this case, can also be mylar balloons. These balloons are made of a heavy-duty and reflective material that can stay afloat for several weeks.

You can use the vulture predator’s mylar balloons by hanging them with a string and letting them move unnaturally in the wind. 

These are made of reflective material which catches the light and makes the vultures confused about the same.

You can place these balloons in an area where you find more vulture poop. This will prevent them from doing the same and you can keep your yard clean. 

Method 11: Make Sure To Keep Garbage Away

Vultures always fly in search of food or prey. If you are keeping your garbage outside your house and that too uncovered, then this can be the biggest reason for the vulture’s visit to your yard. 

You need to remove all the meals for these birds. They can attack open garbage to find their meal. Therefore, it is important to keep all the lids of your trashes closed tightly.

Always put your garbage in a plastic bag. This will contain the smell in it. You can also purchase lockage trashes to keep the garbage away from the eyes of vultures. 

Method 12: Remove all roosting areas

You have to remove all the roosting areas to keep the vultures away from your yard. You can solve this problem by installing spikes but if your yard has trees, then still vultures can roost at your place. 

You need to find out the areas where vultures often hang out at your place. Remove all the clusters of old and dead trees to keep them away.

If they are hanging out electrical lines next door, then sonic cannons can be the best option for you. 

Method 13: Install owl Decoys

Vultures and owls share a predatory relationship. You can install scarecrow owl decoys at your place to keep vultures away. It is so because no birds stay in a place that has the presence of their predator. 

You can find the owl decoys at gardening and home improvement stores. Some brands also sell 3D and realistic-looking decoys that serve this purpose perfectly.

Some owl decoys can also rotate their head with the help of wind or solar energy. Therefore, it can be an effective solution to keep vultures away. 


Turkey vultures are predatory birds that may be annoying for most of us. It becomes important to keep such birds away from our place.

Therefore, all the listed tips can serve this purpose effectively. If you are also facing such issues, then do try these tips for fast results. Thank You For Reading!

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