Tired Of Sparrows? Get Rid Of Sparrows Fast (Proven Method) 

Get Rid Of Sparrows

Birds are a beautiful part of nature. It is pleasuring to see a bird in your backyard, especially if it is a songbird or a sparrow. 

However, sparrows can be irritating for most of us. I have gone through the situation.

I have feeders in my backyard and I used to purchase expensive bird feed for the songbirds. 

But a lot of sparrows used to come to the backyard and kept on destroying the feeders. 

Their droppings as well made the backyard messy. To keep the sparrows away from my backyard, I used some methods that works effectively. 

And In this article, I have mentioned all the methods with the help of which you can get rid of sparrows easily. Let’s get started. 

Methods I Used To Get Rid Of Sparrows

Method 1: Install Sparrow-Proof Feeders

If you have feeders in your yard, then you have to make sure it is sparrow-proof. If you want to feed other birds excluding sparrows, then you have to install sparrow-proof feeders. 

There is a variety of feeders that can make it impossible for the sparrows to get food from the feeder but it will provide food to the other birds. 

You can use a clinging mesh feeder which works best for protecting food from sparrows. This feeder doesn’t allow these birds to sit comfortably but allows other small birds to grab the food. 

You have to clean the seeds that might have spilled during the day. It is important because sparrows can eat the seeds from the ground. 

Method 2: Build a Decoy Sparrow feeder

If you want to keep the sparrows away due to the cost of food that you are incurring, then this solution is for you. 

If you are purchasing costly food for the songbirds but sparrows are attacking them, then build a decoy sparrow feeder. 

You can feed the sparrows something different so that they will feed on the bird feeders.

You can use cracked corn and bread scarps by placing them on the ground. You need to put the food at a distance from the bird feeders. 

This will satisfy the sparrows and keep their bellies full. It is advised to place this food at least 15 feet away from the bird feeders. This food is much cheaper than the expensive songbirds’ food. 

Method 3: Make Use Of Electronic Sparrow Sounds 

One way to keep the sparrows away from the yard is to make use of an electronic sparrow sound device.

The electronic bird repellers can detect the nesting and sparrows in your yard and can help you in keeping them away. 

This repellent device emits the actual distress sounds of the sparrows or the sounds of their predators. This will make them feel scared. 

You can also use ultrasonic animal repellent devices that will emit frequencies of different animals’ sounds. 

You can set the right frequency on the device which will make these birds unnerved and leave the area. 

For better results, you can install several electronic bird repellers across your property to keep sparrows away from your yard. 

Method 4: Install Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Birds get easily scared off by any unnatural events. You can install a motion-activated sprinkler in your yard to scare the sparrows with water. 

The motion-activated sprinkler works by detecting the movement of the sparrows near it. It has an inbuilt sensor that can detect the same. 

With this device, you can water your plants or veggie patches and keep the sparrows away from your yard. 

When this device senses any motion in the yard, it splashes water in that direction.

However, each device has a particular range that can be covered. Therefore, you may need to install several sensors to cover the whole yard. 

Method 5: Installation of Bird Spikes 

Sparrows used to rest and sleep once they get tired of flying. If your yard has some potential roosting spaces, then you have to cover them with bird spikes. 

It is one of the best methods to keep the sparrows away from the yard. It works on most birds including sparrows and pigeons. 

You have to install the bird spikes at the place where you have noticed sparrows gatherings. 

You can install them on and under the edges of your roof which will prevent nesting in your house.

You should use stainless steel bird spikes, else they will get rust and will leave nasty traces on your walls. 

Method 6: Installing A Decoy Kite Predator 

One way to keep any bird away from your yard is to install a decoy kite of their natural predator. 

This method is suitable in the case of sparrows as well. Some kites are similar to the natural predators of the house sparrow bird. It includes the hawk or the owl. 

Some kites are of boast flashy colors or scary designs. This imposes a threat on the sparrows which will make the birds maintain a distance from your property. 

These kites are safe to use and non-toxic. A predator decoy kite is the best sparrow deterrent for everyone. 

You can install several kites on a large surface which will be more efficient. The results of this method can be easily visible in a short time. 

Method 7: Use Reflective Items 

One effective way to keep sparrows away from your yard is to make use of reflective things or surfaces. 

There is a variety of designs available in the market that can serve this purpose. This includes scare rods, reflective tape, and wind-activated models. 

You can cover your fruit trees with reflective tape. Even the wind-activated models can work efficiently and you can install them on the roof or the areas where sparrows might do nesting. 

These kinds of reflective things will make the sparrows feel that the spot is occupied by other birds and it can be dangerous for them. 

Method 8: Installation of Bird Shock Tape

You can install bird shock tape on the roosting areas. These bird shock tapes can be installed on surfaces where sparrows can sit or roost. 

These shock tapes give a tiny shock to the birds when they land on them. The bird shock tape is transparent and it doesn’t attract too much attention to them. 

Once a sparrow will experience shock at a place then it will not come again to the spot in the future.  Don’t worry this will not hurt the bird as the shock is not too strong. 

Method 9: Install Bird Net

If you want to keep the sparrows away from nesting, then make use of netting. The droppings of the sparrows are acidic and can cause a variety of problems. 

You can cover your veggies, fruit trees, or flower beds with see-through netting. Make use of Agfabric netting as it is non-corrosive and non-toxic. 

You should ensure that the netting is perfectly sealed so that sparrows can’t get inside. You have to simply cover the places where they can lay their eggs. 

Method 10: Make Bird Feeder Perch Shorter

One way to keep the sparrows away from the yard is to cut the perches of the feeder shorter. 

This will make the perch uncomfortable for the sparrows and they will not be able to grab onto it with their small feet. 

There are many bird feeders available in the market that boost short perches. If you make the perch shorter by yourself, then use a scissor or saw to shorten them. 


Above listed tips are one of the best methods to get rid of sparrows from your property. You can use two methods at one time or use one method after the other, in case one method fails to work.

Thank You For Reading!

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