Tired Of Skunks? Get Rid Of Skunks Fast (Proven Methods)

Get Rid Of Skunks

Even though Skunks are some little cute animals on planet Earth that could have existed in peace and for everyone’s pleasure, it has their foul stinky smell to ruin it all for the creature. 

It’s absolutely disgusting to be around a Skunk, let alone times when our pets are sprayed with these stinky gasses and we are compelled to spend a whole day trying to get the smell off their bodies.

So yes there was this one time when this happened to my pet for 3-4 days in a row when we discovered that we probably are having an unpleasant guest in your house.

And hence, we need to get rid of it as soon as possible. As neither is it hygienic to have a wild animal on our housing premises and nor is it tolerable to survive in such a strong and unpleasant stink. 

And guess what, we did get rid of this creature and that too quite quickly by using some master tips of driving away Skunks. 

Here are those same methods listed for you to help yourself get rid of these awful-smelling creatures without having the threat of them returning anytime soon.

Tried and Tested Methods To Get Rid Of Skunks

Method 1: A Motion Detector Sprinkler Will Work

Skunks are some little creatures who are not as stubborn as some people assume them to be and hence are quite easy to get rid of, especially with the help of some sudden movements like a motion detector sprinkler. 

This is basically a jet water spraying hose that is used to drive skunks away when any movement or shuffling is caused, with a whirring noise. 

Hence, this spray of water in great force backed up with the loud noise is a proven frightening way to get rid of Skunks. 

This method is absolutely non-toxic and you don’t cause any harm to the Skunks in the process.

What you should really look for in a good motion detection sprinkler is a good sensor that will either build or break the game sole-handedly. 

It should be both heat and motion activated to amplify its sensitivity. It can be automated which actually saves you extra time and effort. 

However, if you are well aware of the exact time of the day when the Skunks are spotted in your backyard and would also like to save some water, you can customize the settings to your own convenience. 

Installation of this device is quite easy to perform. The one thing that you should keep notice of is to place the automatic sensor to the height of the Skunks, in order to make the sensitivity stronger and quicker.

Method 2: A Magical Ultrasonic Skunk Repellent 

Skunks have bad or blurry eyesight but have excellent hearing capabilities. And even though the information apparently doesn’t seem quite helpful.

Trust me when I say, it does wonder when you know how to use this strength of the creatures to your own advantage, through an Ultrasonic Skunk Repellent. 

The same instrument that they use to sense danger nearby and hence spray their foul smell can also be a way of driving these creatures out of your property. 

You can use these Ultrasonic sound vibrations that will constantly budge in a high pitch to the unpleasantness of Skunks.

Due to their high audible sensitivity and eventually, they will find your house unfit for their living. This device will also make sure that the Skunks never return.

The installation of this device is easy and feasible as you get to simply place it on the ground and turn it on. 

These are mostly solar-powered and waterproof. They also have LED lights to spot the Skunks and adjust sound rates so as to reach the sensitive ears Skunks.

Method 3: Some Skunk Repellent Granules 

Your garden is the precious happy place that you have built over the years with enough effort and investment. 

Hence, it’s absolutely intolerable to have these foul-smelling Skunks roam around your beautiful garden and ruin the pleasant smell of your exotic flowers.

And that’s where you need some Skunk Repellent Granules.

Skunks tend to dig holes in the garden to create little dens for them to live in, and the Skunk Repellent Granules will definitely not let them do that in your garden anymore.

These granules are in solid forms that blend in with your soil which makes it hard for the Skunks to be able to dig through it.

All you need to do is sprinkle a handful of these granules into the existing Skunk dens at frequent intervals. And how will this stop Skunks from digging in any way? 

By using a smell that Skunks are most likely to repel. This smell is actually as bad as a Skunk smell so make sure you don’t end up inhaling the gas and neither does your pet. 

These are however not chemical but natural ingredients and hence won’t cause any health hazard to either the Skunks or the humans, or the pets.

Method 4: Trash bins can help

We all know that Skunks are some Omnivorous creatures that feed on both plants and animals. 

Hence, your trash bin can be a mighty feast for these creatures every night after you turn the lights off. 

But you don’t really wanna feed these creatures, do you? Hence, seal your trash bins right away to not let these creatures have their treat at all.

This will first of all ruin their regular service of food that they received from your house, which might be the main source why Skunks are visiting your house at such regular intervals. 

Sealing the trash bins will not let them have access to their food anymore and hence will absolutely defeat the entire point of them dwelling in your house.

However, if clearing up garbage at night is not so feasible for you, try using chained disposable garbage bags built of materials that can’t be chewed through and you’re good to go.

Method 5: Don’t Let Them Have The Privilege Of Shelter

Skunks are nocturnal animals that are quite used to living in dark and hidden places, helping them stay away from potential predators and also keeping them and their babies safe from all adversities. 

Hence, if your property provides such cozy dark places from Skunks too, these creatures are most likely to end up staying at your place even after all the repellents just to keep up with the safety offered.

Hence, what can actually prevent Skunks from building a nest at your place is snatching away this privilege from these creatures.

By hunting down all the possible places where these creatures can seek shelter and making them not so cozy or dark anymore. 

You can install lights and use repellants, especially in those areas to keep Skunks fairly far away from these places. 

Also remove piles of junk, overgrown bushes, burrows of other animals, rotting substances, and literally anything that can invite in Skunks. A detailed cleaning process always takes you a long way.

Method 6: Lastly, Summon The Professional 

And if all of this still ain’t working for you and you still can sniff this foul smell around your property, you need a professional. 

Even if it costs you a few more bucks, it is indeed quite understandable because you are not just paying for a temporary Skunk removal process.

But an equipped and expert solution to not only Skunks but any pest infestation on your property, which is most likely to be permanent and reliable. 

It altogether eradicates the possibility of these creatures bothering you again anytime soon and hence is definitely a win-win situation.

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