Sick Of Raccoons? Get Rid Of Raccoons Fast With Proven Methods

Get Rid Of Raccoons

Raccoons definitely play an important role in our Ecosystem through their environmental contribution.

And we do understand the functionality of these creatures in human lives, they do not have much functionality inside a human concrete house, do they? 

That is exactly why you don’t need them and you must get rid of a Racoon infestation as soon as possible. They can be quite destructive inside your property premises like in my case.

I remember when a few months back I found a few raccoons leaping around my backyard. I primarily ignored the fact that I am probably petting these creatures.

However, I eventually noticed littered garbage all over my kitchen floor almost every night.

But only when I thought that these creatures would leave our house eventually, did one of our pets catch a severe disease that the veterans diagnosed to have transmitted from filthy creatures.

That was when I realized that this problem must be solved before it takes a larger shape.

Hence, through detailed research, I figured out a few potentially efficient ways to get rid of Racoons that you too can adopt if your property is infested by these unhygienic Racoons to ensure good health for your family and pets.

Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Raccoons

A Motion-Activated Sprinkler Always Helps

Motion-activated sprinklers yield the best results when they have these two particular features.

One is a high technology sensor that detects the slightest movements sharply yet can distinguish between different nature of movements that can actually save you several bucks on water bills. 

And the second one is a basic requirement of customizable settings in order to manipulate the way the sprinkler would work according to your conditions for utmost convenience.

The installation mechanism of the gadget is hassle-free. These mostly come with easy-to-understand instructions manuals for setting up and controlling. 

You just have to place them on the ground of your lawn to the height level of Raccoons to enable the best sensitivity and customize the control and activity settings.

That’s it, now you just have to lay back and see the magic.

These sensors have the expertise to detect the movements of Raccoons and as soon as it does, a gush of water will be sprinkled with a loud buzzing noise, enough to frighten the creatures.

This device is genuine and effective and yields real results. However, if you have too many Raccoons on your lawn, you should try changing the location of the sprinkler from time to time to make it unpredictable.

An Ultrasonic Animal Repeller Also Works

Raccoons have a wider hearing frequency range than humans, inclined more towards the high pitched Ultrasound ranges that are inaudible to human ears.

And this factor is the principle behind these Ultrasonic Raccoon Repellents which are non-toxic and harmless, yet effective.

These devices are of extreme convenience mainly for their customizable features and assured longevity with a solar-powered charging mechanism that helps you charge the device even when it’s employed by simply placing it in the sun-kissed area of your backyard.

Thus, you just need a place that receives generous sunlight throughout the day and is also supposed to be the general entry point for Raccoons as it typically works within a 30 feet range at a 110-degree angle. 

The device will not only emit sound but LED lights too, which is an added way to drive the Raccoons away.

The Strategy of Rodent-Smelling Trash Bags

This is indeed a smart way of keeping Raccoons away. Wondering how this process works?

Well, it’s just an idea wherein you combine every possible thing that a Racoon hates in a trash bag and use it as a strong instrument to stop offering Raccoons a reason to visit your place. 

These rodent-smelling trash bags consisted of substances like corn mint oils, camphor oils, methyl salicylate, eucalyptus oils and etc. along with the formulation of its specially curated plastic bags.

The combination of all these smells works as an excellent deterrent for Raccoons.

These are also not at all a threat to your health or that your pets as it’s absolutely organic and you can also choose certain modifications.

Trash Bags are the places of ultimate attraction to Raccoons and hence keeping them away from these creatures will ultimately help you get rid of these creatures.

Secure Your Trash Cans

If you find it troublesome to stuff so much into your trash bags, simply replace your trash cans with zippered trash bags.

And do you know the reason why this can help you keep Raccoons away from your house? Because these creatures can’t even reach your trash anymore.

These trash bags are zipped hence the Raccoons can’t even reach the waste inside. They are also built of materials that can’t be reached or dug through by the Raccoons.

They also can help you maintain the overall hygiene of your house due to less exposure of waste products to the air you inhale.

Hence, with no available garbage, these Raccoons have nothing to eat in your house and thus clearly have no reason to stay on your premises anymore.

Raccoon-Proof Bird Feeders Are A Necessity

Many of us have bird feeders in our backyards simply because we love the inflow of exotic birds into our backyard every season.

But that might not always be just birds that are coming for your feeders but can also be an attractive spot for Raccoons.

They would feed on bird grains that you had for the season also resulting in your backyard running void of birds. So how can you prevent this disaster from happening? By using Raccoon-free bird feeders.

Raccoon-proof bird feeders are also quite easily available in the market as this is a rather basic problem that the bird feeding population wants to strictly avoid.

But in case you don’t want to spend any more bucks on it, you can DIY it too!

Firstly, you can try suspending these bird feeders from a tree or firm and strong bar or pole instead of placing them somewhere that is feasible for Raccoons. 

Remember to keep them fairly above the ground to restrain them from jumping onto them as well.

You can also try to attach an obstacle to the other end of the wire using which the feeder is hung so that they can not reach the feeder through the wire either.

A baffle on a bird feeder, a slinky on the wire end, or anything that works best for you will serve the purpose. 


  • What do raccoons hate the most?

Hot pepper, onion, garlic, peppermint oil, and Epsom salt are some substances with strong smells that Raccoons are absolutely repellant of.

  • What smell will keep raccoons away?

Scents of hot pepper, onion, garlic, peppermint oil, and Epsom salt will keep Raccoons miles apart from your house.

  • What to spray to get rid of raccoons?

You can prepare a strong-smelling spray of the above-mentioned items mixed with vinegar to create a Raccoon repellant spray.

  • Where do raccoons go during the day?

Raccoons are generally nocturnal creatures and hence, they are mostly found resting during the daytime.

  • Does human urine keep raccoons away?

It’s ammonia, the substance that is present in urine that particularly acts as a Raccoon deterrent. However, the effectiveness of particularly human urine in such cases is unclear so far.

  • What time of night do raccoons come out?

Raccoons are typically found to be the most active from the span of dusk to dawn. It’s the complete state of dusk when these creatures come out and then the first light of dawn when they get back to their dens.

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