Tired Of Pigeons? Get Rid Of Pigeons Fast (Proven Methods)

Get Rid Of Pigeons

I personally had an extremely problematic situation arising from my love for birds for this one bird in my backyard that had me wishing I never placed a bird feeder at all.

A few weeks back I decided to have a window bird feeder right in front of the glass pane of my backyard facing window to have a close view of the birds that pass by and sit on the feeder. 

It went so well with such great experiences watching exotic birds up close until a pigeon parched on our feeder. 

Pigeons honestly speaking are beautiful birds with interesting gestures and I was intrigued by them.

Until I figured that it’s been weeks since I haven’t seen any other bird but only an increasing flock of pigeons on the window feeder, and suddenly I was curious as to why the feeder isn’t attracting any other species? 

On some further examination, I learned that these “competitive birds” with their bullying attitude towards other birds have managed to drive away all other birds trying to approach the feeder and established a monopoly. 

Going a step further, these birds contaminated the entire backyard feeder area with their toxic waste and tried to invade all other feeders as well, making our feeders devoid of any other bird but pigeons.

And that was the moment I knew, I have to take care of this concerning situation before the bird takes over!

Hence, after conducting some detailed research, I penned down the following possible remedies to the pigeon issue that are enlisted below for you to help yourself if you too are a victim of such a scenario!

Tried And Tested Methods To Get Rid Of Pigeons

Method 1: An Ultrasonic Pigeon Repeller

Birds in general are possessors of immense hearing capabilities with a higher pitch range than what is audible to humans, and this is the exact thing that this device right here makes efficient use of. 

This hearing sensitivity of the birds is what makes them survive, find food, and shelter and identify possible threats around them hence it is absolutely reliable to use this means.

This device basically makes use of bird distressing calls emitted through it, especially calls of the nature of their predators that can make them cautious and alarmed and sense a probable danger nearby.

These are basically a series of pre-recorded sounds which makes them even more natural and effective for application within the range of a 1-acre radius. 

When heard, pigeons will find your place threatening and eventually leave. However, some of these devices might also use high-pitched sounds that are disturbing to pigeons to drive them away.

One thing you should always keep in mind is that these devices do not assure quick results.

Because pigeons can’t be convinced in a day that your place is a threat to them. You just need to be consistent until you see the results.

Method 2: Instead Of Just Hearing, Let Them See The Threat (Decoy)

The visual threat is a mightier threat than sounds can ever be. So, the same threats that the Ultrasonic devices create audibly can also be executed visually for a better impact. 

And that is what scare pigeons are supposed to do. These are mainly 3d and active figurines of powerful birds like raptors, falcons, and hawks who tend to prey on pigeons as live threats to the birds. 

Make sure that these figurines look real and not fake and still.

Also, remember changing its places to make it seem real. You can also go for robotic figurines that flap wings and move their heads for a better impact. 

You are hence advised to go for solar-powered figurines as you can simply lay them in the sun and they will function on their own without you having to take up any further fuss.

Method 3: The Mirror Trick, Works

The toxic wastes of Pigeons can be immensely bothersome to a great extent, especially when the filth is all over your property and expensive possessions. 

Hence, to keep the birds strictly away from certain parts of your property, you can install clear mirrors that will reflect light brightly enough to solve your issues. 

Birds in general, including pigeons, hate too much brightness due to the prism effect that disturbs their vision to a huge extent.

Not only a mirror, you can use any bright reflective object to solve this purpose that can be also some cheap departmental store stuff that can also reflect the required amount of light.

You can use reflective scare tapes for this purpose that comes in long strips that you can cut into pieces and fix them at places needed and areas where pigeons tend to roost.

These are extremely durable and you can also keep changing them if needed.

Method 4: A Motion-Activated Sprinkler To Your Rescue 

Motion-activated sprinklers are indeed some life-saving discoveries in the field of getting rid of animals and birds from your garden. 

It is also an absolutely nontoxic and harmless way of driving pigeons away from your garden as it involves no chemical and neither any fatal means.

It is basically a device that identifies motion through its advanced sensors that are capable of distinguishing one movement source from another.

And can also be operated by customizable settings wherein water is sprayed at extreme speed whenever relevant movement is detected with a loud hissing sound to frighten the birds.

Hence, you can set these devices on the ground and direct them upwards at a place where the birds generally fly past within the range of 40 feet and see how these frighten the pigeons away from your property!

Methods 5: Say No To Bird Feeders For A While

In a situation where your garden is heavily infested by pigeons, it’s quite hard to just take up random measures and gain freedom from these clingy birds. 

Hence, what you will primarily need to do in such situations is to eradicate the entire reason why these birds will ever visit your garden. And how can you eradicate the reason?

By simply removing the shelter and possible food resources that your backyard offered, mainly the birdfeeders. 

It is one of the principal reasons why birds are most likely to get attracted to your backyard;

hence, when you remove these, you automatically make it baseless for the pigeons to stay on your property, and hence they will consider flying away to a better-sourced place.

You can also consider sealing all possible places that pigeons can live in or can possibly enter your property for an added assurance that these creatures have no reason to return to your place.


  • What smell do pigeons hate?

Place pomanders, also known as cheesecloth pouches of cayenne pepper, chili powder, black pepper, and some strong spice powder mixes can work wonders in driving away pigeons.

  • Is there a spray to keep pigeons away?

A mixture of chili pepper, water, and vinegar spray can be extremely effective against pigeons. However, you can also use general bird sprays on them too.

  • I want to get rid of pigeons but not other birds.

Pigeons tend to find particular roosting areas for themselves as a part of their habitat. Simply make it unavailable for them to have access to such places and see these birds lose interest in your place.

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