Fed Up With Owls? Get Rid Of Owls Fast (Proven Methods)

Get Rid Of Owls

With a species of around 200, owls are considered wise and intelligent birds that prey at night. 

Owls can indeed be beneficial for us by preying on the rodents at our place. But the presence of the owls at your place can be dangerous for our livestock too. 

I can say this because my livestock has faced that fear. Some years back, I noticed the presence of owls at our place and they constantly tries to attack the livestock at my place. 

I lost some livestock due to these attacks. After which I decided to take steps to get rid of the owls fast. 

With some tricks, I do get rid of them easily. If you are also facing situations, then this article is for you. In this article, I have mentioned all the tips and tricks that can be effective in this matter. 

Tried and Tested Methods To Get Rid Of Owls

Method 1: Remove All The Bird Feeders

The primary reason that owls are visiting your place is the extensive food source available at your place. 

Owls used to prey on songbirds because they are their easy targets. Therefore, if you have feeders installed at your place targeted to attract songbirds, then remove all those feeders. 

This will make them deprived of getting easy targets and they will not return to your place.

But if you still want to feed songbirds but don’t want owls near them, then go for an ultra-sonic bird repellent. 

This repellent device will produce specific frequencies that will target a certain bird and will keep other birds safe. These sound waves can’t be detected by human ears. You can set this device to get rid of the owls.

Method 2: Remove Roosting Areas

Another reason for frequent visits of owls is the abundance of roosting areas at your place. 

Owls spend their day sitting on the perches and they spend their night searching and attacking their prey. 

You have to remove all the perching sires around 100 meters from your yard. If your neighbors have trees, then talk to them about your problem and get them removed. 

You have to remove all the thick shrubs at your place as this can provide a place for rats and mice. 

The presence of rodents at your place can become the reason for owls’ visit to your place. 

Therefore, don’t let the grass grow too much as it can invite rodents to your place. You have to also remove dead and old trees. 

Method 3: Make Use Of Roosting Spikes

You can make use of roosting spikes to prevent perches in your yard. You can remove owls from your place as a long-term solution. 

These spikes are of stainless steel and don’t require maintenance. It is easy to install and lasts for a long time. 

With the help of these roosting spikes, the owls will not get any place to perch. You can cover a large area with these spikes. These spikes do not harm the birds but prevent them to perch on the site. 

Method 4: Make Use Of High Noises And Sounds

You can use high noises and sounds to keep the owls away from your place. Owls are afraid of humans and their intervention. 

You can use this fear to keep them away from your yard. You can use high noises like yelling, shouting, and clapping to keep them away. 

Increase the human interventions at your place. You can also use aluminum tin cans that are tied up together with one loose end. 

When you feel that owls are around, just pull the string and it will create a high sound. With these sounds, the owls will not stay at your place. You can also use ultra-sonic sound repellent to do so. 

Method 5: Get A Rooster For Scaring Owls

If you have chickens or hens in your yard and owls are attacking them, then it is time to find the solution. 

Instead of adopting a dog for this purpose, you should adopt a rooster which is the true guardian of hens. A rooster can fight to the death with the predator to protect the hens. 

However, you need to make sure that you are complying with the local laws and regulations. A rooster will stay alert for any predator’s attack and he can protect 8-10 hens at one time. 

However, a rooster becomes aggressive and will exhaust the hens.

They can also attack the kids in the home. They can also be noisy which can be irritating for your neighbors. 

Method 6: Removal Of Nesting Options

If you want to get rid of owls from your place, then remove all the nesting options from your place. You have to remove all the breeding grounds for them. 

You can look out for holes in the roof-top and trunks. If you find their nests nearby then it is recommended not to approach on your own. 

Owls are aggressive when it comes to protecting their offspring. You can call a professional that will guide you on how to remove the nest safely. 

Always cover your smoke chimney with any transparent sheet to remove all potential nesting options. 

Method 7: Install Net To Protect Livestock

If you are protecting your livestock from the attacks of the owls, then after the rooster, installation of the net is the next best option. 

You can use nylon netting for this purpose as it is effective and inexpensive. It will also last long and can be hanged easily. 

Finding these nets is easy as you can find them in a nearby hardware store. When you cover your livestock with a net, it makes the owls go somewhere else to find some food. 

Method 8: Make use of Hawks decoys

Another way to get rid of owls from your place is to make use of hawks’ decoys. Make use of the red hawk decoy as it is more effective than other birds. 

Some hawk decoys in the market can even move their head just like a real predator. However, some birds will find that it is just a decoy. 

Therefore, you need to move it around a few times a week. You can use metallic decoy models which are more realistic than plastic ones. 

Method 9: Make Use Of A Scarecrow

Scarecrow can be a good option to keep the owls away from your yard. You can install this in your yard, garden, and bird’s net. 

Some scarecrows in the market can move as well. However, if you are using a static scarecrow, then you have to move it around every 2-3 times a week. 

Even some modern electric scarecrows can throw water on the owls. These birds are not that smart to find the reality of these scarecrows. The owls will find other locations to search for their food. 

Method 10: Install Night Lights

Most species of owls hunt at night time. But if there is enough light around the yard, then owls will not appear. 

Installation of night lights at your place can be a good option to keep owls away from your place. 

You can make use of motion-activated light which will activate after detecting any movement at your place. An instant light can scare the owls and they will stay away from your place. 


Owls can be dangerous for your livestock and it becomes important to get rid of them.

All the tips mentioned here are much effective in getting rid of the owls from your place. Therefore, use these measures if you are also facing this problem. 

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